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Article FS09/jun1
- a Preliminary Note and Announcement

Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 1st June 2009

Special articles from Dr. Ong's monumental scientific astronomical research into Chinese astrology.
Gui Management Centre is making available preliminary findings of our highly scientific research into Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, backed up by intensive analysis of the ancient texts. The series of articles on Zi Wei Dou Shu are:

Mystery of Zi Wei Dou Shu

This article announces that the GUI Management Centre scientific research has finally unlocked the scientific astronomical origins and basis of Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star astrology and its format. A 1,000 years mystery is unlocked!

Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star astrology was first recorded by master astrologer Chen Tu Nan (Chan Tze Yee) during the Sung dynasty (AD 960-1280), although it was supposed to be already practised in the Tang dynasty. In contrast, Ba Zi Eight Character astrology was invented during the Tang dynasty by imperial censor Li Hsu-chung. Both Zi Wei and Ba Zi astrology could not just appear by magic from thin air. The founders had to use some existing data to create them.

  • The emergence of Ba Zi astrology from the much more ancient Ganzhi "Four Pillars" system and related astronomical movements is probably easier to comprehend. Still parts of Ba Zi remain mysterious.

    But, the basis of Zi Wei astrology remains a much greater mystery, with current practitioners wrongly insisting that the stars therein are imaginary. This is because they do not know how it came about. The Zi Wei astrology has to be based on some relevant astronomical movements.

This is a sad weakness in the Chinese practitioners of Feng Shui and astrology, where there is a tendency just to accept without really comprehending whatever the masters taught them. Practitioners do not know how their arts originated because their immediate masters no longer know either. Once the more ancient masters must have known, but today they do not. The lack of scientific and astronomical knowledge is fatal, preventing the understanding and scientific applications of both Feng Shui and astrology. This way, errors crept in and were perpetuated, leading to divergence, conflicts and even fakes among the Feng Shui and astrology concepts and schools.


The mystery of how the Zi Wei Dou Shu Purple Star astrology came about can now be unlocked!

Similarity of Zi Wei Dou Shu to Hindu Horary Astrology

For some time, analysts have noticed that Zi Wei astrology uses a 12 houses format which is also seen in Hindu and Western astrology. This indicates there are some ill-understood links to the Hindu astrology. Hindu astrologers actually arrived to the Chinese royal courts as early as during the Sui dynasty, and were prominent in the Tang royal court. So, a Hindu origin for Zi Wei Dou Shu is logical.

  • But, previous attempts to show how Zi Wei astrology could have arisen from Hindu astrology have failed. The Zi Wei Dou Shu complicated system has defied analysis down the hundreds of years since the Sung dynasty.

    It is somehow amazing that, while Zi Wei is a known real star system, practitioners of Zi Wei Dou Shu maintained that its stars are imaginary.

    Was the creator an alien from outer space with superior alien knowledge or was he a super mathematician? If souls do survive after death, the creator must be amused that no one has so far cracked the secrets of the origins and basis of his Zi Wei Dou Shu.

The Hindu and Western Zodiacs are known to be similar. In a previous article , we have already shown that the Chinese Zodiac signs are also the same as the Hindu and Western Zodiac signs! That is, the signs of the Chinese Hindu and Western Zodiacs are the same, originating from the same ancient sources.

Now, our scientific research has finally found out how the founder invented Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology! He had actually masked the foundations by mathematical juggling of the steps. The original astronomical movements are hidden below the numerous tables of reference to pinpoint positions of the various "stars". It was a successful clever attempt to prevent proper understanding and this has caused Zi Wei astrology to have a mystical aura, like the much simpler but very dubious Mei Hua divination (see articles ).

Persistent scientific research by Gui Management Centre has finally unlocked the complex 1,000 years old mystery of Zi Wei Dou Shu! This indicates how devoted advanced scientific research can throw light on the origins and logical basis of Feng Shui and astrology.


Hindu, Western and Chinese Zodiac signs are the same and originated from the same ancient sources!

Scientific Basis of 28 Lunar Constellations

The solution to the secrets of Zi Wei Dou Shu came about through the scientific research into what are the astronomical basis of the 28 Lunar Constellations. It is felt that an understanding of the 28 Lunar Constellations is necessary as Zi Wei Dou Shu refers to many stars of the 28 Lunar Constellations.

The research was also initiated because historical testimony shows that the current usage of the 60 signs for Time parameters started only during the Southern Sung dynasty. Yes, the use of the 60 signs in the famous "Four Pillars" never existed before the Southern Sung era! Before the Southern Sung era, Time measurements were made through the 28 Lunar Constellations.

  • Today, practitioners do not know how to use the 28 Lunar Constellations to tell Time, especially in astrological usages.

    In fact, the Luopan of end of Ming dynasty Feng Shui master Jiang Da Hong was a simple Luopan with 4 rings. The outermost ring was that of the 28 Lunar Constellations, reflecting its importance in tracking Time. The lack of understanding of how this ring of the 28 Lunar Constellations could be used in Xuan Kong Feng Shui is a serious warning that current methods of Xuan Kong Feng Shui may be using the wrong Time indices.

    Those who use the 60 signs system to track Time do not realise how much errors they have generated in their divination.

Realising that before the Southern Sung dynasty Time was measured through the 28 Lunar Constellations, we have initiated a new approach of investigations into the origins of Zi Wei Dou Shu. First of all, we examine whether the 28 Lunar Constellations (vis Table below) have any scientific astronomical basis. If the 28 Lunar Constellations are nonsense, Zi Wei Dou Shu will also be nonsense - fortunately, this is not so.


Jiang Da Hong had a Luopan where the outermost ring is that of the 28 Lunar Constellations. Modern Xuan Kong practitioners no longer know how to use this ring and their dating is wrong!

Variations in Cosmic X-rays from Sun Basis of 28 Lunar Constellations

The breakthrough in understanding how the 28 Lunar Constellations came about was made possible by recent data collected from NASA database. A certain level of understanding of astronomy is essential to break the secrets of the ancient Feng Shui and astrology.

For some time, we have presented to our students in our courses evidence that the Sun's surface is not uniform but heterogeneous (Figure on right). The NASA photos show that different segments of the Sun's surface emit different radiations.

NASA data also includes collation of daily solar emissions for many years. A typical beginning of 1992 to beginning of 1993 annual fluctuation in the cosmic X-ray from the Sun is illustrated in the Figure below.

X-ray Radiation from Sun through the Year 1992

The durations of the spans between the minima can be estimated. An adjusted record of three years from 1992 to 1994 (Table below ) were evaluated through Spearman's Rank Correlation for correspondence with the unequal durations of the 28 Lunar Constellations.

  • The end of January or early February is taken as the start of the first Lunar Constellation Chui Hio or Horn. The earlier part of January is the ending part of the last 28th Lunar Constellation the Chariot.

The analysis is quite complicated and only the highlights are presented below.


The surface of the Sun is not homogeneous. The different segments on the surface of the Sun emit different solar radiation. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, the Earth will receive different solar radiation through the months and seasons of the year.

The correlation coefficient is 0.8846, significant at 0.01 level. That is, there is very significant correlation between the sequential durations of the solar radiation and the spans of the 28 Lunar Constellations. Somehow the ancients knew that the different spans of the 28 Lunar Constellations actually reflect the different segmental durations of solar radiation! Q.E.D, we have found the scientific astronomical basis of the 28 Lunar Constellations!

  • The different segments of the Sun's surface are heterogeneous, emitting different radiation. As the Earth rotates around the Sun the Earth will receive different amounts of solar radiation from the Sun. These differences likely also include differences in types of radiation. This is one scientific astronomical reason why the different months will have different astrological effects!

It is humbling to know how clever the ancient founding masters were.

The skeptics are very wrong - ancient astrology is so scientific!


Towards Unraveling Zi Wei Dou Shu

Once we realise that the 28 Lunar Constellations actually reflect the different segmental durations of solar radiation we know that we have arrived at a scientific basis to help unravel Zi Wei Dou Shu. As stated earlier many of the Zi Wei Dou Shu stars are of the 28 Lunar Constellations.

This article will not demonstrate the full intensive exercises of how we finally unlocked the secrets of Zi Wei Dou Shu. A full course, inclusive of certain areas of astronomy, is required to present the fantastic findings.

However, pertinent highlights are:

  • All true astrology systems, including that of Zi Wei Dou Shu, are about the effects of the different solar radiations from the heterogeneous surface of the Sun, represented by the 28 Lunar Constellations. These effects interact with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun as well as the positions of the planets and Moon.

    The calculation of the Ming court is equivalent to the determination of the Ascendant in Hindu and Western astrology. This also determines the first of the 12 Houses.

    The main 14 stars of Zi Wei Dou Shu are those of the Zi Wei and Tian Fu. The anticlockwise Zi Wei stars and the clockwise Tian Fu stars measure a two stages system of transformation of the effects of the 28 Lunar Constellations.

    Other stars and planets have transformed positions in the 12 Houses.

    The 10 years "Great Limits" which are equivalent to the Ba Zi "10 Years Luck Pillars" are due to aspices linked to different groups of planets, one group giving rise to the forward sequence and another group to the reverse sequence.

    Zi Wei Dou Shu derived much from Hindu astrology. However, Zi Wei Dou Shu also incorporates significant elements of the more ancient Chinese 28 Lunar Constellations astrology.

    The scientific basis of the 28 Lunar Constellations and the Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology is demonstrated. Once we comprehend more of the scientific nature we can work out how to scientifically manipulate the Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology! When it especially forecasts bad Fate, it is the duty of the astrologer to try to help the person avert the bad Fate.

The astonishing Truth is that the Zi Wei Dou Shu "stars" are not imaginary stars, but real stars! Zi Wei Dou Shu involves real physical effects from real astronomical bodies.

The trick that the inventor played, for reasons best known to himself, was that he made a series of mathematical jugglings which masked the real proper sequences of the astrological calculations. As a result, subsequent practitioners lost the knowledge of how the formulas are related to actual astronomical planets, stars, movements and positions. But now we have recovered which astronomical systems are meant by the stars of Zi Wei Dou Shu.

There is nothing like these discoveries! One on the scientific nature of the 28 Lunar Constellations and the other on the scientific basis of the format of Zi Wei Dou Shu.

With such adequate scientific research as above there are no reasons why we cannot unravel other lost scientific secrets of the ancient Feng Shui and astrology. There are no need for mystical explanations which can lead to wild nonsensical often conflicting conclusions. Much of the enigma can be scientifically resolved.

  • The formats of the ancient astrology systems appear complex and formidable. But with patience they are actually not that difficult to master. It is the scientific aspects which are much more elusive. Now, we can scientifically unravel the ancient mysteries.

Those who want to know in-depth the corrected Zi Wei Dou Shu, its amazing scientific origins and basis and scientific-based applications can register for our newest comprehensive advance Zi Wei Dou Shu course! It is a never before course!

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Towards an Advance Scientific Zi Wei Dou Shu

Gui Management Centre is making available preliminary findings of our highly scientific research into Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, backed up by intensive analysis of the ancient texts. Many findings are new and may disturb current views, but practitioners should be proactive to advance further.

The series of articles on Zi Wei Dou Shu are listed in the beginning of this article.

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Feng Shui and astrology are scientific! There is no need for mystical nonsense to explain. Skeptics are out of date!

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