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Shan Hai Jing, Mountains Seas Classic

Deciphering the lost millennial old secrets of Shan Hai Jing
Many are confused by Shan Hai Jing. Finally, exhaustive research deciphers practically all the strange fantastic "creatures". Also uncover the esoteric purposes of Shan Hai Jing!

Shan Hai Jing Unveiled and the Secrets of the Xia Dynasty.
Part 2: Shan Hai Jing's Testimony about Location of Xia Dynasty

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 1st January 2020.

A true unique remarkable statistics based highly scholarly deciphering of Shan Hai Jing and its practical applicable meanings!
Millennia old secrets finally broken!

Where was the Xia Dynasty?

Up to date, it is still a controversial whether the ancient Chinese Xia dynasty existed.

  • The Xia dynasty was so long ago, no one is sure whether it really existed or not. Founded by the legendary Yu the Great, the dynasty left no written evidence. Archaeological evidence of the dynasty is also lacking, although many scholars argue that the Erlitou culture, for which many sites have been excavated, is proof of the Xia. Whether it existed or not, however, the Xia is an integral part of China's origin story.... First posited in the records of the Zhou dynasty nearly one thousand years later, the Xia is thought by some to be China's oldest dynasty. Mentions of the Xia proliferated throughout the subsequent ages, with the great historian Sima Qian even providing a list of successive Xia kings. However, unlike the Shang dynasty, which came after it, there are no mentions of the Xia on the oracle bones, China's oldest surviving written records... Some believe that the Xia was fabricated by the Zhou dynasty to justify the Zhou's displacement of the Shang. Meaning that if the Shang had already displaced a prior dynasty, there was precedent for the Zhou's actions. (Rachel Deason. 9 November 2017. Culturetrip. A Brief History of China: Xia Dynasty)

The internal evidence from Shan Hai Jing discussed in the previous article throws light on why relics of the Xia dynasty could not be found in China.


Shan Hai Jing's References to Ancient Chinese Legendary Figures

Shan Hai Jing notes several ancient Chinese legendary figures.

  • 2.42. Huang Di. 17.20b: Chi You compose army attack Huang Di, Huang Di thus orders Ying Long attack Zi Zhou (Hope Province) plain. Ying Long domesticates water, Chi You invites Feng Ba (Wind Senior), Rain Master, release big wind rains.
    2.45 Hou Ji (Rear Millet) secret place also. 11.7: Is Hou Ji burial west. 16.8: Emperor Jun begats Hou Ji (Later Millet), millet drop hundred valleys.
    2.49 West Queen Mother residence. 12.3a: Hsi Wang Mu (West Queen Mother) ladder table,
    3.65: Fire Emperor small daughter, name called Nuwa
    6.23: Di (Barbarian) Mountain, Emperor Yao buried at south, Emperor Ku buried at north. 15.25: Emperor Yao, Emperor Ku, Emperor Shun buried mountain. depending on the meat, bear, brown bear, tiger, leopard. 10.8: Emperor Shun buried at take south. 15.2: Shun and Shu Jun both are also buried here. 15.25: Emperor Yao, Emperor Ku, Emperor Shun buried mountain.
    7.8: Xing Tian (Look Heaven) and Di (Emperor) arrive here
    8.6: Gong Gong (God of Water) officer called Xiang Liu Shi
    8.10: Kua Fu (Boast Father).
    8.19: Emperor Zhuan Xu buried at south, 9 virtous-women buried north. 13. 10:. Chuan-hiu (an emperor) is buried on the windward side, his nine wives (or his ninth wife) on the leeward guarded by four snakes. 16.12: Zhuan Xu begats Lao Tong (Old Boy), Lao Tong (Old Boy) begats Tai Zi Chang Qin (Big Son Long Zither),. 18.5: Huang Di wife Lei Zhu (Thunder Ancestor) begats Zhang Yi (Prosperous Expectation, begats Emperor Zhuan Xu.
    11.13: benevolent Yi (Divine Archer) .
    11.15:, enters Yu (Great Yu) place.
    14.34 Ying Long (Agree Dragon) resides Nan Ji (South Extreme) kill Chi You (Worm Discontent) and Kua Fu (Boast Father) . 17.15 Kua Fu (Boast Father). Hou Tu (Later Dust ) begats Xin (Word),Xin begats Kua Fu. Ying Lung later kill Chi You, also kill Kua Fu, thus go south direction resides there, cause south much rains.
    18.30: Yan Di (Flame Emperor) grandson senior mauseolum (ling),

Shan Hai Jing refers to the Xia emperor Qi and the fall of the Xia dynasty, when Tang of Shang defeated the last Xia emperor Jie.

  • 7.4: On the Plain of the Grand Music, the Xia Sovereign Qi danced "The Nine Dai Dances." He rode on two dragons, and the clouds formed a canopy for him three layers high. In his left hand he held a feathered pennant, in his right, a jade ring, and he wore a jade semi-circle from his belt. This is north of the Mountain of the Grand Movement. According to another version, this occurred on the plain of the Great Bestowal

    16.40: There is a person without head who stands barnishing a halberd and shield named the Corpse of Geng of the Xia. Of old when Tang the Victorious attacked King Jie of the Xia at Mount Xheng and defeated him.

In the previous article, it is demonstrated that Chapters 6 to 18 of Shan Hai Jing describe the Americas' physical geography from Alaska through California-Mexico to Peru and Patagonia. The ill-recognised thing is that all the above well known ancient Chinese legendary figures were in locations described by Chapters 6 to 18 of Shan Hai Jing, i.e. the Americas! That is, the locations of the Xia dynasty and the early stages of the Shang dynasty were in the Americas!

It appears that the Xia dynasty arose with founding Xia emperor Ta Yu following the great wars between Yellow Emperor Huang Di and Chi You. Chapters 6 to 18 show the rise of Xia emperor Qi, the son of Ta Yu in Chapter 7 and then progresses into Chapter 17, where founding Shang emperor Tang overthrew the Xia dynasty.


Ruskamp's Petroglyphs Evidence

A remarkable supporting evidence for the existence of the Xia dynasty in the Americas can be deduced from the petroglyphs inscriptions highlighted by John A Ruskamp. (Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Time. Dec 24, 2014. Did the Ancient Chinese Make Contact With Native Americans? In the region of New Mexico and Arizona there are scattered rocks with inscriptions, apparently made long ago by the indigenous Indians.. John A. Ruskamp found ancient Chinese oracle bones scripts on some of these rocks. The oracle bones inscriptions on these petroglyphs show ancient Chinese presence in the Americas.

One of these petroglyphs with a particular set of inscriptions indicating the presence of early Shang emperor Da Jia in the Albuquerque [New Mexico] region.

  • The symbols on this boulder [Petroglyph National Monument] are clearly ancient Chinese scripts. The lower portion of this bipartite photo shows the boulder with matching ancient Chinese pictograms inserted over the corresponding petroglyphs. When read together these script figures follow known anceint Chinese syntax and record a traditional ancient Chinese sacrificial ritual, that is, the offering of a dog, likely to honor the memory of the 3rd Shang dynasty king, Da Jia. [actually 4th Shang emperor Tai Jia, 1535 to 1523 BCE] (Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Time. Dec 24, 2014. Did the Ancient Chinese Make Contact With Native Americans?

It is claimed that the petroglyphs characters were introduced into the Americas by the ancient Chinese. The oracle bones characters existed around 1700 to 1000 BC in ancient China. However, many of the petroglyphs were far older, going back to periods long before the Shang dynasty.

  • But while there are some similarities between the Chinese and American glyph samples, the glyphs are almost never identical, and in many cases, the similarities are not as obvious as Ruskamp claims. Another problem for Song and Ruskamp's interpretation is that some of the North American glyphs they examined are estimated to have been created between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago, long before the appearance of the Chinese bone script. (Alexander Ewen. Jul 15, 2016. Were Some Petroglyphs Inspired By Chinese Explorers?

Scholars have been arguing whether the Chinese went to America. It does not occur to them that the migration was not from China to America but the other way round

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. about 300p. richly illustrated
Statistical comparative analysis of what King Wen I Ching is about.

New analytical evidence indicates that the Shan division of Shan Hai Jing has a very significant statistical correlation of 1 in 67 millions with King Wen I Ching


American Origins of the Chinese People

The statistical evidence is that Chapters 6 to 18 are about the Americas and show that the Xia dynasty was always in the Americas. When the Shang conquered the Xia it had to begin also in the Americas. The early years of the Shang dynasty were also in the Americas. This is why John A Ruskamp found in Albuquerque [New Mexico] that petroglyph about the 4th Shang Emperor Da Jia.

This also explains why only later Yin phase of the Shang dynasty had relics in China. Only the late Yin relics could be found in limited sites like Anyang, for the earlier Shangs were still migrating from the Americas into Asia and China.

Comparisons had been made of similarities between American Indian and ancient Chinese artefacts. The conventional view is ancient Chinese influenced the Americans. But the ill-recognised truth is that the American artefacts were often much older than those of the ancient Chinese. All the time, it was the Americans who migrated into Asia and started the early Asian civilisations, not the other way round.

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  • Shan Hai Jing is a highly scientific text!


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    Shan Hai Jing is a highly scientific text!


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