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Scientific evidence that quantum waves physics forces & energies underly worship, meditation, prayers, faith healing, divination, miracles and also underly geomancy Feng Shui & astrology.

Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.

Templo Mayor. A number of American pyramid temples have double stairways representing these "Twin Gods" Huit-zilo-poch-tli, god of war, and Tlaloc god of rains and agriculture

The central spire in front is dedicated to Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent.

These "Twin Gods" are actually the same as the Chinese "Two Doors Gods", one being the god of plants and the other god of military!

Shan Hai Jing Unveiled and the Secrets of the Xia Dynasty.
Part 3: Shiva was Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 1st January 2020.

A true unique remarkable statistics based highly scholarly deciphering of Shan Hai Jing and its practical applicable meanings!
Millennia old secrets finally broken!

A Chance Observation

In the previous articles it was statistically shown that Chapters 6 to 18 of the Shan Hai Jing are describing landforms along the Americas, from Alaska through California-Mexico to Peru and Patagonia. It was also shown that the Americas were the location of the ancient Chinese Xia dynasty as well as the early periods of the Shang dynasty.

When browsing through images of the indigenous American Indians, one figure strikes the author, that of Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War (Figure ), a half naked well built god with bluish skin, carrying a serpent on his right arm and a trident spear. At once, this god brings to mind the Hindu god Shiva!

Evaluation of the connection between Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva can throw light on the migration of cultural motifs to and fro the Americas and Asia.

"Twin Gods" in Shan Hai Jing

Shan Hai Jing is about ancient wars between Yellow Emperor Huang Di and Chi You.

  • 14.34 Da Huang Great Desolation) northeast corner middle (area), have mountain name called Xiong Li (Terrible Plow) Tu Qiu (Earth Mound-grave). Ying Long (Agree Dragon) resides Nan Ji (South Extreme) kill Chi You (Worm Discontent) and Kua Fu (Boast Father) cannot return up, cause below count drought. Drought as well as become, Ying Long condition, thus obtain heavy rains.

    17.15 Da Huang (Great Desolation) middle (area), have mountain name called Cheng Du (Complete Capital) Cai Tian (Fill-up Heaven), have person jade-earrings 2 yellow snakes, grasps 2 yellow snakes, name called Kua Fu (Boast Father). Hou Tu (Later Dust ) begats Xin (Word), Xin begats Kua Fu, Kua Fu no estimate strength, desire chase sun bright, catch at Yu He (Ape Valley). Arrange drink river and no reach also, will run major lake, not arrive die hereat. Ying Lung later kill Chi You , also kill Kua Fu, thus go south direction resides there, cause south much rains.

    17.20a: Have Xi Kun (Brilliant Engage) Mountain body, have cooperation workers at place, archer person not dare north turn,
    17.20b: S 332. There is a person who wears green clothes named Drought-Fury, Daughter of the Yellow Thearch, When Chiyou fashioned weapons to war against the Yellow Thearch, the Yellow Thearch commanded Winged Dragon to attack him on the plain of Jizhu. Winged Dragon accumulated water but Chiyou asked the Lord of the Wind and the Master of Rains to unleash a great storm. The Yellow Thearch then sent down his divine daughter who was named Ba and the rain ceased. Afterward, Chiyou was killed but Drought-Fury was unable to ascend back to heaven. Wherever she dwells, there is no rain. Shunjun reported this to the Supreme God who then confined her north of the Red River with Shunjun appointed as Ancestral-God of the Fields. Ba occasionally escapes and anyone who wished to expel her should utter, "O Goddess, yet ye north!" Before doing so, clean the water channels, and dredge the canals and irrigation ditches.

Chi You was assisted by two gods, vis Lord of the Wind and Master of Rains. These two gods were actually found in the American Indian Aztec religion as the "Twin Gods" Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War and Tlaloc Aztec God of Rain and Storms . A number of American pyramid temples have double stairways representing these "Twin Gods" Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Tlaloc (see Figure at left).

The Aztec "Twin Gods" could be similar to the Chinese "Two Door Gods". The Left Door God is the civil god associated with wood and agriculture and is alike to Tlaloc the Aztec god of rains and agriculture. The Right Door God is the military god and is alike to Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War.

Top. Huitzilopochtlis. Aztec God of War
Bottom. Hindu Mahadeva Shiva


Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War

On deeper analysis, the details of Huit-zilo-poch-tli the Aztec God of War can be shown to be very similar to those of the Hindu god Lord Shiva! (Figure ).

  • Huit-zilo-poch-tli is the god of war. Shiva is the god of destruction

    Both Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva received human sacrifices

    Both Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva have a number of physical resemblance:

    • semi naked
      blue skin
      carry trident spear (see Xiuhcoatl left)
      snake at right arm

    Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva are top gods

    They even are found in triumvirates: Huit-zilo-poch-tli Huitzilopochtli Tlaloc - Quetzalcoatl as compared to Vishnu Shiva Brahma

    The Templo Mayor has the central spire, which is equivalent to the Shiva phallic emblem

    Shiva had the moon crescent at his head. Huit-zilo-poch-tli sister Coyolxauhqui became the Moon

    Huit-zilo-poch-tli was also god of music and dance. Shiva is Nataraja, Lord of the dance.

    Both Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva danced the main dance at Winter Solstice

    Curiously and significantly , the dancing Huit-zilo-poch-tli stepped on a small human figure. Dancing Nataraja also stepped on a dwarf or baby!

    • We have marked the all-important sadhya of winter solstice, the rebirth of the sun, with the literal birth of a son. Myths about the return of the sun king at this time of year have been recorded as far back as ancient Sumeria and Egypt. The birth of Christ and of the Lord of the Dance of the seasons re-erect an extraordinary diversity of winter solstice holidays that celebrate the rebirth of the light through the mirror of human birth (Sound True. 2019. Winter Solstice: Rebirth of Light.

    For the Nahuas ("Aztecs"), the winter solstice was the birthday of Huitzilopochtli, patron god of the Mexica, lord of the sun and of combat.

Shiva is Adi-Yogi the first yogi. Huit-zilo-poch-tli is the god of kundalini.

There are at least 14 correspondences between Huit-zilo-poch-tli and Shiva. This is very statistically significant as 1 in 16,384, or probability of 0.000061! The American Indian Aztec Huit-zilo-poch-tli is the same god as the Hindu Shiva!

Top. Proto-Shiva, Indus Valley
Bottom. Chi You


Migration of Gods from the Americas to Asia

Various Chinese legendary figures and gods are noted in the Shan Hai Jing. It was shown that the Americas were location of the ancient Chinese Xia dynasty as well as the early periods of the Shang dynasty. This means that worship of these gods migrated from the Americas into Asia and ancient China.

What we see in this article is that the veneration of the Hindu god Shiva also saw a migration from the Americas into ancient India. The Hindu god Shiva was first known in the Indus Valley (Figure ) established 1700 BC, before being more widely worshipped in south India. Note that the Indus Valley Shiva" had a bull double horn headdress, which would give rise to the association of the cow Nandi with Shiva.

The Xia dynasty was conquered by the Shang dynasty around 1700 BC. These events were all in the Americas. The Shang dynasty shifted its capital many times, until the last capital at Anyang in 1400 BC China. The timeline for the rise of Shiva among the southern Indian culture is supported by the dating of the Hindu Vedas.

Civilsation emerged in the Indus Valley around 1700 BC and then spread into the rest of India. In the four Hindu Vedas of Rigveda, Samaveda, Yagurveda and Artharvaveda covering up to 1700 BC, Shiva was not mentioned. The major gods then were Indra, Agni, Mithra and Varuna. It was claimed that Shiva was mentioned in 6 poems as Rudra the storm god in the Vedas. If so, Shiva must have been a minor deity, as Rudra was not a main god in the Vedas, being even outclassed by the mysterious Soma, to whom many more hymns were dedicated in the Vedas.

It also be noted that while the main gods of the Vedas were devas, their opponents were termed "asuras". According to traditions Shiva was actually from the asuras group. The asuras are often termed as dark skinned, like Shiva, in contrast to the devas who were often fair skinned. That is why Shiva is often shown with battalions of demons.

In later sacred texts like Puranas and Upanishads, circa 1000 BC, the earlier four main gods were displaced by the triumvirate Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Traditions claim that Indra was elder brother to Vishnu.

Meso-American civilisations existed even as far back as 2000 to 2500 BC, which correspond to gthe 3rd millennium dating for Shan Hai Jing. Indus Vallery civiliation emerged only in 1700 Bc and the Chinese civilisation at Anyang in 1400 BC. The analysis supports the movements of American cultural elements into Asia, Siberia and then China.

However, speculatively, the Shiva case indicates that the movements did not directly progress from Siberia to China, but first to the Middle East and the Indus Valley. Then, from the Middle East and the Indus Valley cultural elements spread east into China.

Shan Hai Jing refers many times to horses. Distracters asked how can that be when horses were supposed to be in the Americas only when the Spanish came. Archeological digs eventually found that horses were found earliest in the Americas! The ancient horses then migrated to Asia and Europe. The ancient horses in the Americas somewhat died out, to be reintroduced when the Spanish came to America.

  • Bones of animals like pigs and digs were found in China before and after 1400 BC. But bones of horses were found in ancient China only after 1400 BC. That is, the ancient horses migrated from the Americas into northern Asia and then Europe. From the Middle East the horses came into ancient China around 1400 BC.

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. about 300p. richly illustrated
Statistical comparative analysis of what King Wen I Ching is about.

New analytical evidence indicates that the Shan division of Shan Hai Jing has a very significant statistical correlation of 1 in 67 millions with King Wen I Ching


Quetzalcoatl and "Way of the Cross"

Quetzalcoatl was supposed to be white skinned. He was the inventor of the calendar and was once defeated by the god of the night. Quetzalcoatl was Yellow Emperor Huang Di and he was often defeated by Chi You the dark lord. Quetzalcoatl is called the "Winged Serpent" who may be the Ying Lung (Cloud Dragon) of Shan Hai Jing.

Quetzalcoatl of the white skin was associated with the "Way of the Great Cross". He was opposed to human sacrifices: "The Toltecs would be conquered first by the Sacrificers of Men (the Aztecs)". This is the story of Yellow Emperor (Quetzalcoatl) wars against the human sacrificers Chi You and his "Twin Gods" Huitzilopochtli (Shiva) and Tlaloc.

It was an ancient battle between the "white magic" forces of the Cosmic Cross (and the "Plum Blossom") and the "black magic" twin-serpent "Kundalini" forces. The twin-serpent "Kundalini" forces summon dark forces from below the intersection of the ecliptic and the Milky Way, while Yellow Emperor Huang Di (Quetzalcoatl) summoned the forces from beyond and above the Cosmic Cross.

Part 4: Mesoamerican Origin of Hindu Legend of "Churning of the Ocean"

Origins of Yoga from the Americas!?

Shiva was said to be the AdiYogi, the first yogi and therefore originator of yoga. The evidence is that yoga originated in the Mayan civilisation, which originated 2000 to 2500 BC, long before Hindu civilisation started in Indus Valley in 1700 BC! :

"Even today there are a number of words in the Maya language which indicate a relation to the Vedic culture. The Maya word "Kultunlilni" refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life energy and the power of consciousness. Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. It refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by the breath which is similar in meaning to the Hindu Kundalini....

The Sanskrit term yoga can be found again in the Maya word "yok'hah" which means higher truth from the combination of yok' (above, higher) and hah (truth)....
Yok'hah Maya or the Maya yoga is a system of knowledge and practices based on profound understanding of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology. The ancient Maya used these yogic practices for controlling energy, expanding awareness, envisioning and influencing natural forces"

(Swarupa. April 2013. Similarities between the Hindu & the Maya Culture

It is said that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war of the Aztecs, was born as an adult and with the XIHCUATL (The Serpent of Fire), which is the Kundalini. We can see that this serpent has 7 spheres, they are the seven chakras. So Huitzilopochtli was a deva who developed the Kundalini and all its powers. (culwisdom. undated, downloaded Januarty 2020. THE SERPENT, THE KUNDALINI, THE XICOATL!.


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