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The Nazca and Palpa Lines, Peru

Breakthrough Decoded:
Nazca Lines are same as Chinese Zodiac Signs!
Part 3: Secrets of Nazca-Like Global Landscape Zodiacs

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 9 May 2024.

This article is written in tribute to those who know that the Nazca glyphs reflect the astronomical Zodiac.
Millennia old secrets finally broken!


The previous articles show statistically that the Nazca Lines contain a Zodiac system alike to that of the Chinese Zodiac 12 Animals. The Nazca Lines also form a large landscape Zodiac alike to the British Glastonbury, Cuffley, Kingston and Ongar Zodiacs.

There have been attempts to evaluate whether the Nazca Lines could form a calendar system.

  • First of all, it was found that of these 2308 lines, only 569 point in the direction of any sunrise or sunset and of these, only 99 lines have a correlation with solstices, equinoxes or zenith passages. This corresponds to around 4% of all lines of the type "straight line". If one assumes that not only the solstices and equinoxes were of interest to the Nasca people, but also important seasonal events such as the beginning of the rainy season in the Andes, then other Sun positions could have been of interest too. Therefore, more precise agricultural knowledge must be included in the investigations. Even with the stars, the result is not very satisfactory. Thus, over the entire period of the Nasca culture, there are always hits, i.e., lines that point to the selected very bright stars, but there is no accumulation in a certain period. It is also interesting that Sirius, the brightest star at the firmament, has the fewest hits. Hence, the number of hits does not allow any conclusions whether the hits are actually astronomically relevant lines or whether they are purely random.. The results suggest that the geoglyphs, as a whole, certainly cannot be easily interpreted as a calendar system/ Christiane Richter , Bernd Teichert and Karel Pavelka. 11 February 2021. Astronomical Investigation to Verify the Calendar Theory of the Nasca Lines.

While it cannot be seen how the whole Nazca Lines patterns would form a calendar system, various localised viewing of sunsets and sunrises can form a local calendar to regulate worship:

Figure 1. Thrteen Towers at Chankillo

An obervational lne from the central low hill to between two towers at the right would signifies the Winter December Solstice, while between two towers at the left would be the Summer Solstice.

  • The ceremonial center Chankillo is located about 10 km southeast of Sechín and it is dated to around 300 BC . The site consists of multiple structures, plazas and courtyards, spread over an area of approximately 4 km2. The most impressive part of this site is a fortified temple on top of a hill. Towards the east of the temple is a large area with several buildings, a huge plaza and another very impressive structure called the Thirteen Towers. It runs north to south along a low nearby ridge. Both structures, the Temple and the Thirteen Towers, form an artificial "toothed" horizon when viewed from the ground. According to Ghezzi and Ruggles, one can observe the rising and setting Sun over the course of the year from two observation points to the west and east of the towers (Figure 7). The Chankillo towers thus provide evidence of early solar horizon observations and of the existence of sophisticated sun cults. Christiane Richter , Bernd Teichert and Karel Pavelka. 11 February 2021. Astronomical Investigation to Verify the Calendar Theory of the Nasca Lines.

Top. Large Zodiac Pattern Nazca glyphs are Zodiac signs similar to those of the Chinese Zodiac! They form a huge 10 x 4 km square Zodiac pattern!


Significance of Localised Worship Rituals in Landscape Zodfiacs

You do not need to use the whole of the Nazca region to form a calendar system. A localised calendar system can be constructed from just observing the observational shifts in sunrises and sunsets at any local location. However, Parts 1 and 2 of this exegesis have demonstrated statistical proofs that the major animals geometric designs in the Nazca Lines do form a huge landscape Zodiac pattern.

We would ask the same questions about what were the purposes of such landscape Zodiacs as the British landscape Zodiacs at Glastonbury, Cuffley, Kingston, Ongar. While these British landscape and Nazca landscape Zodiacs utilize animals and geometric designs, there are landscape Zodiacs which uses whole cities or even regions and temples.

  • 1.The ancient Chinese had divided the region around the capital into Zodiac zones. Astrological signs directly above each zone could be used to forecast their fortune and how the central capital could be affected.

    2. An interesting case is seen in Chang Dao Ling divisions of the temples around Chengdu into 24 divisions. At appropriate time of the 28 Lunar Constellations, worship rituals would be carried out at the relevant temple. There would be a parallel worship at the center at C1. This may be the purpose the Nazca Lines Zodiac was used. That is, at relevant Zodiac time, a worship ritual would be carried out at the animal or geometric sign representing the Zodiac. That is, in the Nazca plain worship rituals would all the time be carried out, but their timings might align with the Zodiac timing for each location.


A Universal Worship Principle

Shifting of timings of worship rituals were also something seen in the ancient Chinese imperial religion carried out in the Chinese capital. At the height of the four major seasons, important worship rituals would be carried at each of the four corners regional temples. It appeared that this would align with an extra worship at the central "ancestral temple".

There are records that in ancient times, astronomical observations were made at different locations according to the compass points:

  • In the Shu Ching story, the legendary Chinese emperor Yao commissions the eldest of the Hsi and Ho brothers "to calculate and delineate the sun, moon, the stars, and the zodiacal markers; and so to deliver respectfully the seasons to the people." In further orders, he sends a younger Hsi brother to the east and another to the south; he orders a younger Ho brother to the west and another to the north. Each is responsible for a portion of the rhythms of the days and seasons, to turn the Sun back at the solstices and to keep it moving at the equinoxes. Neuffer. 2009. Planets, Great Wall, and Solar Eclipse (APOD 2009 July 18).

    The ancient Shu Ching records that zodiacal observations were made at physical separated observation centers, to determine seasonal timings.

  • Similar principles would apply to the Nazca Lines. There would be such a central center at Cahuachi Ceremonial Center, which lies just south outside the Nazca Lines region.

All ancient cultures have worship systems oriented after the stars of the Milky Way. Look carefully at the major gods of the ancient cultures - they would be located along the Milky Way.



Some analysts had speculated that the animal and geometric designs glyphs were ancient areas of worship. This exegesis confirmed that they are correct, that the Nazca and Palpa lines reflect the ancient distributions of localised worship rituals regulated by seasonal Zodiacal timings. It is a principle universally practiced in major ancient cultures all over the world.

Top. Seal of Solomon

Over 40 different motifs in the iconography of ancient cultures and religions have been statistically shown to have the format of the Seal of Solomon. Here, it also includes the Pachamama iconography.


Origins of Yoga and Hinduism from the Meso-Americas!?

Shiva was said to be the AdiYogi, the first yogi and therefore originator of yoga. The evidence is that yoga originated in the Mayan civilisation, which originated 2000 to 2500 BC, long before Hindu civilisation started in Indus Valley in 1700 BC! :

"Even today there are a number of words in the Maya language which indicate a relation to the Vedic culture. The Maya word "Kultunlilni" refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life energy and the power of consciousness. Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. It refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by the breath which is similar in meaning to the Hindu Kundalini....

The Sanskrit term yoga can be found again in the Maya word "yok'hah" which means higher truth from the combination of yok' (above, higher) and hah (truth)....
Yok'hah Maya or the Maya yoga is a system of knowledge and practices based on profound understanding of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology. The ancient Maya used these yogic practices for controlling energy, expanding awareness, envisioning and influencing natural forces"

(Swarupa. April 2013. Similarities between the Hindu & the Maya Culture

It is said that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war of the Aztecs, was born as an adult and with the XIHCUATL (The Serpent of Fire), which is the Kundalini. We can see that this serpent has 7 spheres, they are the seven chakras. So Huitzilopochtli was a deva who developed the Kundalini and all its powers. (culwisdom. undated, downloaded Januarty 2020. THE SERPENT, THE KUNDALINI, THE XICOATL!.

Top. Huitzilopochtlis. Aztec God of War

This Aztec god can be satistically shown to be the same as the Hindu Mahadeva Shiva!


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    Statistical comparative analysis of what King Wen I Ching and Shan Hai Jing are about.
    New analytical evidence indicates that the Shan division of Shan Hai Jing has a very significant statistical correlation of 1 in 67 millions with King Wen I Ching

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