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The Nazca and Palpa Lines, Peru

Breakthrough Decoded:
Nazca Lines are same as Chinese Zodiac Signs!
Part 2:Further Deciphering of Astonishing Zodiac of Nazca Lines

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 6 May 2024.

This article is written in tribute to those who know that the Nazca glyphs reflect the astronomical Zodiac.
Millennia old secrets finally broken!


This fantastic article continues the cracking of the secrets of the Nazca Lines. [Part 1] The statistical analysis in the previous article show that major animal symbols of the Nazca Lines are highly correlated and thus similar to the Chinese Zodiac animals!

The Nazca Lines form a Zodiac complex of about 50 km2 [6 x 3 miles]. Landscapes, ranging from 10 to 19 miles diameters, using animals symbols to form Zodiac patterns can also be seen in the United Kingdom in the Glastonbury, Cuffley, Kingston and Ongar Zodiacs (Figure 1). These British Zodiacs are highly similar in depicting a Western type of Zodiac. They can throw light on further significance in the Nazca Lines.

There is a unique feature in the British Zodiac landscapes which could throw light on the true meanings of the Nazca Lines. In the British Cuffley and Glastonbury Zodiacs there is a unique symbol, the 'Argo Navis" constellation not far from the two boys representing Gemini. Why is the Argo Navis depicted?

Figure 1. British Landscape Zodiacs

Top. Large Zodiac Pattern Nazca glyphs are Zodiac signs similar to those of the Chinese Zodiac! They form a huge 10 x 4 km square Zodiac pattern!


Argo Navis the Crocodile Boat

Argo Navis was the legendary ship used by Jason and the Argonaiuts in search of the "Golden Fleece". It is also the "Boat of Osiris", taking him along the "River of Life" i.e. the Milky Way It represents a journey into evaluating one's inner self. Argo Navis occupies the portion of the Milky Way between Canis Major and Centaurus. (Figure 2) It lies south of the ecliptic, east of Hydra's mouth. Its brightest star is Canopus,

Various legends depict Argo Navis as the ship sailing the Milky Way.

  • Now the luniform ark of Osiris, in which he floated on the surface of the waters, was certainly the sacred ship of Osiris; that ship, in which the Egyptians placed the Sun, and in which they depicted their eight great gods sailing together over the ocean. But the ship of Osiris, as we are plainly taught by Plutarch, was that very ship, which the Greeks called Argo, and which they feigned to be the vehicle of Jason and his adventurous companions to Colchis: for he tells us, that the Argo was placed among the constellations in honour of the ship of Osiris. George Stanley Faber. 1816. THE ORIGIN OF PAGAN IDOLATRY.

    According to R.H. Allen, "This is one of the most noted objects in the heavens, perhaps even so in almost prehistoric times, for Babylonian inscriptions seem to refer to a star, noticeable from occasional faintness in its light, that Jensen thinks was ç. And he claims it as one of the temple stars associated with Ea, or Ia, of Eridhu,? the Lord of the waves, otherwise known as Oannes,? the mysterious human fish and greatest god of the kingdom."…. Sources: Wikipedia and J.H. Rogers, R.H. AllenAncient Egypt
    Greek philosopher Plutarch attributed the constellation to the Egyptian Barque of Osiris. Osiris was the Egyptian god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation. A depiction of the Barque can be found on the ceiling of the Dendera Temple, showing Osiris sailing across the sky as the personification of the full moon. Osiris is seated on a throne, accompanied by the goddesses Nephthys (left) and Isis (right). Source: Wikipedia Argo Navis Star Lore.

One of the amazing discoveries of this research is that between the trapezoids and Whale there is a "Compass" glyph (Figure 2b.). Figure 2 shows that just west (left) of Argo Navis is the "Compass" or "Sextant". This confirms that the region depicting the trapezoids and triangles refers to Argo Navis and the "Compass-Sextant"!


Unlocking Secret of Nazca Lines Zodiac

A long lost secret unlocked is that the Argo Navis image in the British Zodiac landscapes indicate that the Nazca Lines complex contain this "Argo Navis ship" imaginary at the southern part of the Nazca Lines just south of the two "Astronauts". These images are not two "Astronauts but the two persons in the Gemini Constellation! Argo Navis may be symbolized by the sharp trapezoids and triangles south of the two "Astronauts". Once we make this connection, the whole Nazca Lines imaginary falls into shape!

The British Zodiac landscapes indicate that the complexes have an orientation where Argo Navis forms the southern end of the Milky Way, flanked by Leo on one side and Taurus on the other (Figure 4).

Once we have this, we can decipher further the meanings of the Nazca Lines:

  • Remember that the whole Nazca Lines display major animals symbols very similar to those of the Chinese Zodiac. It is a large landscape zodiac of some 50 km2 as compared to British ones of 19 or less miles in diameters.

    From the British patterns Argo Navis is just below Gemini the Twin. This indicates that the "Astronauts" figures of the Nazca Lines are Gemini!

    This also indicates that the Nazca Lines were meant to orientate along the Milky Way.

    Trapezoids and Triangles patterns south of the "Astronauts" could be where the Argo Navis ship would be located.

    The region of the ship would be a watery region. Thus, analysts would be correct to name the Whale or "Water Monster" figure to the East.

    The red dotted lines in Figure show some animals arrayed opposite each other of the path of the Milky Way

All ancient cultures have worship systems oriented after the stars of the Milky Way. Look carefully at the major gods of the ancient cultures - they would be located along the Milky Way.



Some have taken great efforts to show the lines in the Nazca and Palpa regions. Unfortunately, these lines are in confusing patterns. It is much easier to decipher the Nazca and Palpa glyphs by looking at animals and geometric designs and compare them with the lore of various ancient cultures. Thisway a number of the Nazca lines glyphs can be re-interpreted.

The astonishing thing is that the Nazca Lines imaginary is also reflected in the imaginary of the Tarot Major Arcana of "0 Fool" (Figure 5). The position of Gemini between the legs of the "Green Man" is the Gemini in the two "Astronauts" of the Nazca Lines. There would be about 9 correspondences between the Nazca Lines and Tarot "0 Fool" image. This has a statistical significance of one in 512 or probability of 0.00195

Another correspondence is that Carina the star constellation in Argo Navis symbolises the "keel of the ship", which has a esoteric meaning of "starting of a journey". This is also the symbolical meaning of "0 Fool: which indicates the start of a spiritual journey.

Incidentally, the "0 Fool" is also the "Tetra gammadion".

  • 0. THE FOOL… The Formula of Tetragrammaton
    • The "Green Man" of the Spring Festival, "April Fool," The Holy Ghost
    • The "Great Fool" of the Celts (Dalua)
    • "The Rich Fisherman"; Percivale
    • The Crocodile (Mako, Son of Set, or Sebek) - Visual Art Encyclopedia. 2019. Atu 0 - The Fool - Thoth Tarot - Aleister Crowley, 1938 – 1943. › lady-frieda-harris › the-fool-th..

The Tetra-gammadion is associated with the 8 points of the compass. Thus, another correspondence is that the Tarot "Green Man" has spme association with the "Compass", a glyph in the Nazca Lines.

One practical purpose of the Nazca Zodiac [also in other Zodiac systems] is that it presents the sequential phases of a "spiritual journey", from start to finish. The different phases [in 12 major steps] appeared to be activated by worship rituals regulated by the timings of the Zodiac signs.

The ancient cultures, stemming from a more distant past, should have many similarities. At that ancient time, their worships include geomancy rituals of astrology and Feng Shui. Thus, they would have many Zodiacal similarities. Accepting these Zodiacal significance, the conventional symbolisms of the figures in the Nazca Lines may have corrected as illustrated in Figure 6.

We can now have a complete picture of the purpose of the Nazca Lines. The secrets of the Nazca Lines are cracked – the Nazca Lines are the remnants of the ancient Peruvian Zodiac system!

Top. Seal of Solomon

Over 40 different motifs in the iconography of ancient cultures and religions have been statistically shown to have the format of the Seal of Solomon. Here, it also includes the Pachamama iconography.


Origins of Yoga and Hinduism from the Meso-Americas!?

Shiva was said to be the AdiYogi, the first yogi and therefore originator of yoga. The evidence is that yoga originated in the Mayan civilisation, which originated 2000 to 2500 BC, long before Hindu civilisation started in Indus Valley in 1700 BC! :

"Even today there are a number of words in the Maya language which indicate a relation to the Vedic culture. The Maya word "Kultunlilni" refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life energy and the power of consciousness. Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. It refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by the breath which is similar in meaning to the Hindu Kundalini....

The Sanskrit term yoga can be found again in the Maya word "yok'hah" which means higher truth from the combination of yok' (above, higher) and hah (truth)....
Yok'hah Maya or the Maya yoga is a system of knowledge and practices based on profound understanding of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology. The ancient Maya used these yogic practices for controlling energy, expanding awareness, envisioning and influencing natural forces"

(Swarupa. April 2013. Similarities between the Hindu & the Maya Culture

It is said that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war of the Aztecs, was born as an adult and with the XIHCUATL (The Serpent of Fire), which is the Kundalini. We can see that this serpent has 7 spheres, they are the seven chakras. So Huitzilopochtli was a deva who developed the Kundalini and all its powers. (culwisdom. undated, downloaded Januarty 2020. THE SERPENT, THE KUNDALINI, THE XICOATL!.

Top. Huitzilopochtlis. Aztec God of War

This Aztec god can be satistically shown to be the same as the Hindu Mahadeva Shiva!


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