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The Nazca and Palpa Lines, Peru

Nazca Palpa Glyphs are Parts of Inca Pachamama Zodiac Iconography

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 1st February 2021.

This article is written in tribute to those who know that the Nazca glyphs reflect the astronomical Zodiac.
Millennia old secrets finally broken!


Lost secrets are being unveiled! We have finally decoded the mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs which have puzzled people for decades. They were parts of a massive Zodiac system existing for thousands of years in Meso-America!

Many have recognised that the glyphs have significance in the ancient worship rituals, and also that many glyphs could be astronomical star constellations. This discussion presents analytical statistical evidence that they are very right! To attempt objective conclusions, the evaluation is based on a series of statistical analysis comparing the glyphs with icons of the ancient native and other cultures.

Such large scale geoglyphs must have some prominent roles in some ancient South American cultures. That modern analysts have not found out why the Nazca and Palpa glyphs were made merely testifies that their original wonderful roles have been lost in historic memory.

  • The author's research shows that the Nazca and Palpa glyphs compose of Zodiac imaginary universal among the ancient cultures, like those of ancient Middle East, Hindu and Chinese.

  • The research also shows that the Nazca and Palpa glyphs beautifully reflect the stars along the Milky Way.

  • In the end, the author is not surprised to find that the Nazca and Palpa glyphs have a systematic layout which reflects the ancient South American Pachamama iconography.

We are looking at symbolism and motifs common among the ancient cultures and religions!

Top. Largest Zodiac Pattern Nazca glyphs are Zodiac signs similar to those of the Chinese Zodiac! They form a huge 10 x 4 km square Zodiac pattern!
Bottom.All ancient cultures from before 3000 BC to now have similar Zodiac systems, often drawn in similar round or square mandala patterns


Nazca Glyphs a Huge Systematic Zodiac Pattern

First, those who said that the glyphs have Zodiac significance are right. It is not difficult to see equivalents between Zodiac animals as follows:

Table 1 Comparisons of Nazca Glyphs with Chinese Zodiac

  • 1,2,3, 4. The Nazca Dog, Condor, Monkey and Alcatraz snake are the same as the Chinese Zodiac Dog, Rooster, Monkey and Snake.
    It should be noted that some labelled the "Alcatraz" as a Heron or Flamingo.

  • 5.The Nazca Alligator is the same as the Chinese Zodiac Dragon. In old Mongolian and Turkish Zodiac the Dragon is also the crocodile.
    Some label this as the iguana, which is the similar.

  • 6.The Nazca "Whale" at South is interesting. It took some time to find out that there was a "Pig-Whale" monster in other ancient cultures. It is equivalent to the Chinese Zodiac Pig.

  • 7.The Nazca "Two Hands" are actually the two set of ears with horns. If the image is rotated it will look like the head of a bovine animal with two horns. This would be equivalent to Ox in Chinese Zodiac. This can also be the Peruvan llama or deer, likely the later.

  • 8.The "Lizard" glyph is actually a clawed animal with a long tail. This is the puma, which is equivalent to the Tiger in Chinese Zodiac.

  • 9.The "Hummingbird" glyph at the North. This could be Pegasus the Flying Horse, which is sometimes taken as a bird or gryphon. It is equivalent to the Horse in Chinese Zodiac.

  • 10.There are two "Parrot" glyphs. It is not easy to see the East one as a "Parrot". The one at the East could actually be a Vizcacha, the Peruvian rabbit, with its prominent erect long ears. This is equivalent to the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

  • 11.The other "Parrot" can also be the "Pelican". It is an ill-defined image. If rotated anticlockwise about 180 degrees the image looks like a four legged animal with horns. At first it was thought this could be an illama. Anyway, it was eventally found that, to the West of Pampas San Jose close to the Monkey glyph is the glyph of the Illama. This glyph is not often shown in the Nazca lines maps, but it could be a deer or the Chinese Zodiac "Goat".

  • The twelfth animal should be the Chinese Rat. It is not possible to see which Nazca glyph could correspond to this.

    However, recently, a 120 feet cat glyph was found on a natural hillside about 1.6 km south of the Viewing Tower along the PanAmerican highway. This is just south of the "Two Hands". We may have found the Zodiac Cat! In some legends, the Cat should have been the first Zodiac aninal but it was snaked twice by the Rat. First time, the Rat refused to wake up the Cat, who later woke up to realise it had been letf behind by the Rat. The second time was when the Cat overtook the Rat and both were on the Ox crossing the river. Then the Rat kicked the Cat into the river and became first. Thus, as we often think in terms of the cat and the rat, perhaps the Zodiac Rat is near by.

Comparative evaluation of glyphs with the ancient Zodiac system like that of the Chinese shows that the Nazca glyphs have equivalents with at least 11 out of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. This is a high statistical significance of one in 2048, or a probability of 0.0004882.

If there are 12 then it will be a perfect fit!

Also, if the Nazca glyphs are seen in a roughly circular sequence, the sequence is the same as that for the Chinese Zodiac animals, even with respect to the Four Cardinal Directions (see Figure at Left). This proves that the Nazca glyphs are Zodiac glyphs arranged remarkably in a universal systematic pattern.

Those who said that the glyphs have Zodiac significance are too right. The major glyphs are found in an area of abour 10 km by 4 km, i.e. about 40 square km. It could well be the largest Zodiac pattern in the world!

The author is aware that some glyphs may have drainage significance. But these should not confuse that the glyphs have Zodiac roles.

Analysts know very well that the ancient cultures and religions have Zodiac systems. But what should be realised is that these Zodiac systems are essentially the same in all these ancient cultures and religions! This reflects the Eternal Truth that all mankind is One!

All ancient cultures have worship systems oriented after the stars of the Milky Way. Look carefully at the major gods of the ancient cultures - they would be located along the Milky Way.


Nazca Palpa Glyphs Form Pattern Reflecting Stars along Milky Way

Second, in a next astonishing statistical comparison, the Nazca and Palpa glyphs arranged from the South to the North follow the sequence of the stars along the Milky Way. There are at least 8 correspondences shown which means a statistical chance of one in 256 or a probability of 0.003906

This confirms local native legends that their worship motifs reflect the stars along the Milky Way.

Like the Big Horn Medicine Wheel, the formation was to allow using the stars for determination of sacred Time.

Analysts also know very well that the ancient cultures and religions allude to the Milky Way as the basis of their Zodiac systems. They are the same powerful Photon Matrix Stargates lying along the Milky Way!

Top. Seal of Solomon

Over 40 different motifs in the iconography of ancient cultures and religions have been statistically shown to have the format of the Seal of Solomon. Here, it also includes the Pachamama iconography.


Pattern of Nazca and Palpa Glyphs Same as Pachamama Iconography

For the Nazca and Palpa glyphs to reflect astronomical astrological significance, they should not be out of synchrony with the rest of the native South American culture. There should be synchrony with the highest levels of the ancient native culture.

Still more astonishing, the pattern of the Nazca Palpa glyphs were compared with the icons present in the usual Pachamama iconography.

Indeed, this Nazca Palpa layout will have similar themes as those of the well known Andean ancient iconography of the Mother Goddess Pachamama! The Pachamama iconography has a huge oval near to the top of the diagram. Commentators realise this "Oval" refers to a central supreme deity. This supreme deity would be flanked by the Sun and Moon. These are the Palpa glyphs of the Sun-Star flanked by the Sun-Cross at the East with a "Third Star" identified by the author at the other side at the West.

Above Figure shows that it is possible to identify the correspondences between a typical Pachamama theme and the Nazca Palpa glyphs. There are about at least 10 correspondences between the arrangement of the Nazca Palpa glyphs and the Pachamama iconography. This has a significant chance of one in 1024 or 0.009765.

Origins of Yoga and Hinduism from the Meso-Americas!?

Shiva was said to be the AdiYogi, the first yogi and therefore originator of yoga. The evidence is that yoga originated in the Mayan civilisation, which originated 2000 to 2500 BC, long before Hindu civilisation started in Indus Valley in 1700 BC! :

"Even today there are a number of words in the Maya language which indicate a relation to the Vedic culture. The Maya word "Kultunlilni" refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life energy and the power of consciousness. Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. It refers to the power of God within man which is controlled by the breath which is similar in meaning to the Hindu Kundalini....

The Sanskrit term yoga can be found again in the Maya word "yok'hah" which means higher truth from the combination of yok' (above, higher) and hah (truth)....
Yok'hah Maya or the Maya yoga is a system of knowledge and practices based on profound understanding of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology. The ancient Maya used these yogic practices for controlling energy, expanding awareness, envisioning and influencing natural forces"

(Swarupa. April 2013. Similarities between the Hindu & the Maya Culture

It is said that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war of the Aztecs, was born as an adult and with the XIHCUATL (The Serpent of Fire), which is the Kundalini. We can see that this serpent has 7 spheres, they are the seven chakras. So Huitzilopochtli was a deva who developed the Kundalini and all its powers. (culwisdom. undated, downloaded Januarty 2020. THE SERPENT, THE KUNDALINI, THE XICOATL!.

Top. Huitzilopochtlis. Aztec God of War

This Aztec god can be satistically shown to be the same as the Hindu Mahadeva Shiva!



Statistical comparative analysis had been uniquely used here, as we want to objectively arrive at valid conclusions.

When the ancient people created the huge impressive glyphs there had to be major significant intelligent reasons to do so. The glyphs would reflect important aspects of the ancient worship rituals and would also be systematically arranged. Rightly, the systematic arrangement of the glyphs would be the same as the star constellations of the Milky Way regarded by the ancient natives as sacred. They would also reflect similar pattern as the highest level Pachamama iconography.

What we see are also universal iconography motifs.

Why the ancient cuiltures and religions keep on referring to thse same "Stargates" along the Milky Way is an intriguing topic for further research.

It has been a long journey, waving aside the misty clouds of Time, to recover the brilliant Truth present all the time in the ancient cultures and religions!

There is a lingering question of cross-Pacific transmigrations of symbols between Meso-Americas and the Hindu and Chinese civilisations. Only a hint is given here.

Those who finish reading this article can request a much indepth highly illustrated 3-Parts analysis from the author.

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Fantastic Evidence of Links between Meso-Americas and Hindu-Chinese Civilisations

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