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Scientific evidence that quantum waves physics forces & energies underly worship, meditation, prayers, faith healing, divination, miracles and also underly geomancy Feng Shui & astrology.

Metaphysic center broke code of sequence of hexagrams of King Wen I Ching. Insights into links of King Wen I Ching to Diamond Sutra, "Three Levels Ladder to Heaven " and Shan Hai Jing. Statistically proven, origin of King Wen I Ching from Shan Hai Jing! Immense significance for Feng Shui and astrology.

Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.

Is Enlightement an "endearing burst of light"?

Deciphering Metaphysics.
Part 6. What is Enlightenment?
"Humbly Entering the Divine Presence"

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 1st January 2020.

Deciphering major metaphysic issues scholars think about.
based on science and ancient texts!

The Profound Issues

This series of expositions aim at answering the alike much inter related issues which often plague the minds of people:

Here, we will deal with the question, "What is Enlightenment?"

The term "enlighten" means "to inform, to be free from bias and prejudice". It involves getting information with an aim to destroy unwarranted bias and prejudice which cause discomfort and unhappiness. In cultures and religions, the term "Enlightenment" has come to indicate the supreme godlike level of "Self Realisation" mental thinking state of Bliss, often equated with union with some form of "Oneness".

There are many lectures where audience sought to find explanations from the speakers about Enlightenment. But the speakers seldom show what is Enlightenment and would beat around the bush, veering into unrelated subjects. These lectures can be very sad.

The article will try to be more definite about what is Enlightenment, and alert you to practical methods to Enlightenment.

The "Enlightenment" Gimmick

Unfortunately, there are many gimmick operations which confuse people about Enlightenment.

  • Like moths they are drawn to the candle flame ... Aaaahh....

One Hindu guru said that he saw an advertisement in America, which noted that you would take 12 years of hardship in India to get Enlightenment. But the advertisement said that you can come to a session in America for a fee of U$50 and in 5 minutes you will be enlightened! That session used psychedelic lights, sounds and drugs. You will get an dazing experience which they equated to Enlightenment.

This Hindu guru disdained the "fast track" thing and described Enlightenment as an experience requiring a gradual process, like the mango tree building up resources to produce lovely sweet fruits. The unfortunate thing is that he did not show what is the process of Enlightenment.

You may recognise that the above experience is what can be termed as a "psychedelic trip", especially when drugs are administered. This is because people often think of "Oneness" as a supernatural thing. Therefore, when one reaches Enlightenment it means reaching this "Oneness" and one should get some form of supernatural experience. So, psychic thrills have often been taken as signs of achieving "Oneness".


A Proper Case Model of Enlightenment

We can get some idea of what Enlightenment is not, by looking at the life of the Lord Buddha. Sakyamuni went to many gurus and eventually practised 6 years of extreme asceticism. His yogic experience and developed skills included supernatural miracles and countless "psychedelic trips", more than any modern thrill seeker would get, but all of which the Lord Buddha realised was not Enlightenment.

  • Many would go to meditation classes and may do various yogic exercises to get some form of "near supernatural psychedelic" experience. These people do not understand that these experiences are part of the self-hypnotic "Subud phenomenon". Rhythmic movements and chanting will push people into trance like state. Many will fall into faints, writhing movements, like those of snakes and dogs. They see hallucinations and voices. They will be "speaking in tongues" and claim to see or be imbued with "God" and the "Holy Spirit". These are all the self-hypnotic "Subud phenomenon", a paranormal thing common among Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and even Muslim circles and mislabel as the "God experience".

    I have experienced them myself. Floating in the room. Seeing through walls and newspapers. Seeing majestic visions. I had touched people on their foreheads and they fell backwards.

    Psychedelic kundalini energies were flowing around. But all these yogic activities, which may have great healing powers, are not Enlightenment. . These yogic psychedelic kundalini energies are "sakthi" but they are not are "Atma" . Or, as the Lord Buddha would say, they are all of the "rupakaya" but not "dhammakaya".

But, people continued to be lured by yogic meditation classes as the way to achieve Enlightenment.

This Hindu guru also described how he thinks the Lord Buddha got his Enlightenment. Saykamuni started his process to Enlightenment when he saw the three persons, one old, one sick and one dead. The Hindu guru failed to emphasise that Sakyamuni's initial progress was towards trying to save his Soul from old age, sickness and death.

That was why Sakyamuni's initial development gravitated into extreme asceticism and miracles, where he hoped to develop the "immortal Soul". Sakyamuni got to perform fire miracles as these ascetics did. He mastered whatever yoga had to teach. However, Saykamuni had enough sense to realise all these were not Enlightenment. Something bugged him. He was bugged enough and this saved him.

What bug Him? What bug Him?


Looking at the Multi-Universe

Yes, what bugged him?

What saved Sakyamuni was that he went around trying to learn from many masters and gurus. The Lord Buddha never failed to credit the "millions of Buddhas" for His Enlightenment, an enigmatic phrase the Lord Buddha left in many of His sutras. These "millions of Buddhas" were the masters, teachers and gurus he met in his long search. He listened with humility, whether the speakers were right or wrong. Sakyamuni benefited from them immense knowledge.

  • ... When the full Wesak moon aligned with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in that majestic rare moment, when the scented mandarava flowers bloomed, Sakyamuni became the Lord Buddha. ....

    This is the reason why the Lord Buddha would be shown flanked by Indra and Brahma. For, Jupiter is the sign of Indra while Saturn that of Brahma.

Sakyamuni self-realised he had seen the "three persons, one old, one sick and one dead" in the terrible wrong way. He saw that the ascetics, by trying to immortalise themselves, are running away from these "three persons, one old, one sick and one dead". The "holy men" are actually leaving these "three persons, one old, one sick and one dead" in the lurch - these "holy men" lacked "compassion".

  • Sakyamuni encountered this "compassion" which was demonstrated to him in the Bodhgaya garden. Due to starvation he was skin and bones. A little girl came and had compassion on him. She gave him milk from a pot to take. That saved his physical life. Sakyamuni abandoned the ascetic way and continued meditation under the Bodhi tree and found Enlightenment.

    In one heart rending Self Realisation , Sakyamuni found "Compassion" . That "compassion" from the girl was the model for the Lord Buddha's "Compassion".

    When one looks at the sentient worlds and realised Compassion for them, one finally is linked to the Photon Matrixes linking all the sentient beings to Oneness. This is Enlightenment where is revealed the majesty of Oneness!

    The Universe came to a standstill. For countless eons in the other dimensions, the Universe came to a standstill. Praise be to the girl devi! For she had caused a Buddha to emerge!

Sanjaya Belatthiputta was the exponent of the skeptical aj˝ana school which specialised in analytical examination. When Sanjaya Belatthiputta's foremost disciples Maha-Moggallana and Sariputta asked Buddha to sum His doctrine, the Lord Buddha replied,"Dhammahetu pavvaba" ... whatever occurs has a cause ... In that instant, Maha-Moggallana and Sariputta left Sanjaya to become the great disciples of Lord Buddha.

Sakyamuni knew he could not leave "three persons, one old, one sick and one dead" in the lurch. He realised the Quest has never been development for immortality. The Quest has always been development of Compassion. You need to stoop down to help the old, sick and dead, among those linked to you!

The sentient beings resonated with joy when the Lord Buddha laid down the famous Four Noble Truths:

  • a. The Four Noble Truths are:
    1. All existence is dukkha.
    2. The cause of dukkha is craving.
    3. The cessation of dukkha comes with the cessation of craving.
    4. There is a path that leads from dukkha, the Noble Eightfold Path.

The vibrating Compassion is the means to destroy sufferings. That is, the key element of Enlightenment is "Compassion", for which Buddhism is noted for. An "Outpouring Compassionate Love", wanting to do good without thinking of rewards, of wanting to help others wherever can.

The ascetic had essentially a selfish, self oriented focus, oblivious to the worlds around, unconcern about the plights of others. The ascetic would be thrilled with his mystic and psychic development, believing he had achieved "Oneness". But what the Lord Buddha shows is that one has to go further, to look with Compassion at the worlds around and identify the causes of sufferings, so as to eliminate the causes thereby eliminating the sufferings. Then only can one achieve Oneness, for you cannot achieve Oneness if you do not understand and embrace the worlds around through the eye of Compassion.

This requires knowledge and information, which are basis of the Lord Buddha's famous statement "Dhammahetu pavvaba" ... whatever occurs has a cause ... Enlightenment involves cognition thinking and concentration. Emptiness is a false concept.

  • The Lord Buddha left in His Kalachakra Tantra description of that Formless Eternal Being Purusa (as termed in the Vedas and later called "Brahman " in later etxts like the Upanishads). The All-Sensing Presence divined the growing Evil. Purusa in Infinite Compassion divested the Divine Essence into the mortal world to save the world. Purusa became Avalokitesvara, the begotten One who gazes in Compassion.

    Purusa-Avalokitesvara looks at the sufferings and transmit the Divine energies pulsating through the eons to save people from sufferings.

    The legend is ... Purusa sacrificed Himself. Panku died to form the worlds.

    The "God must die" message remains in various ancient texts, one being the Holy BIble:

    • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

Vasumitra the Prostitute as Bodhisattva

Puritanical "gurus" should ponder why the Avayamsaka Sutra portrays a prostitute as a bodhisattava. Sex norms should never be used as "moral" criteria. These "Puritanical gurus" do not know God.


Vasumitra the Prostitute as Bodhisattva

But not all cognition thinking and concentration lead to Enlightenment. What should be the norms for Enlightenment? Just one illustrative example will do, from the Avatamsaka-sutra, Chapter 26.

What is astonishing about the passage is that the Avatamsaka-sutra pictures Vasumitra the prostitute as a bodhisattava! Though Vasumitra was a prostitute, she was an Enlightened person, a bodhisattava! How did she become Enlightened?

Look very carefully at what the Avatamsaka-sutra says led her to Enlightenment:

  • She said, "I have attained an enlightening liberation called 'ultimately dispassionate.' To gods, in accord with their inclinations and interests, I appear in the form of a goddess of surpassing splendor and perfection; and to all other types of beings I accordingly appear in the form of a female of their species, of surpassing splendor and perfection. And all who come to me with minds full of passion, I teach them so that they become free of passion. Those who have heard my teaching and attain dispassion achieve an enlightening concentration called 'realm of nonattachment.'

    "Some attain dispassion as soon as they see me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'delight in joy.' Some attain dispassion merely by talking with me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'treasury of unimpeded sound.' Some attain dispassion just by holding my hand, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'basis of going to all buddha-lands.' Some attain dispassion just by staying with me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'light of freedom from bondage.' Some attain dispassion just by gazing at me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'tranquil expression.' Some attain dispassion just by embracing me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'womb receiving all sentient beings without rejection.' Some attain dispassion just by kissing me, and achieve an enlightening concentration called 'contact with the treasury of virtue of all beings.' All those who come to me I establish in this enlightening liberation of ultimate dispassion, on the brink of the stage of unimpeded omniscience."

When you reach the state when you can teach others, you achieved Enlightenment!

Teach what?

The criterion is: Teach the Dhamma and its Compassion! Teach the way whereby sufferings can be eliminated. Teach the form of Truth through which we can destroy sufferings. The Lord Jesus' equivalent of the Lord of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths are the Eight Beatitudes, which can be shown to have statistical correlation with the Eightfold Path of the Four Noble Truths.

That is, Enlightenment will start to develop when one realises the Four Noble Truths. When one learns enough Compassion to teach, one reaches Enlightenment.

Without Compassion there is no Enlightenment!

Sanjaya Belatthiputta's analytical philosophy is good but it lacks Compassion. Also, when one has Compassion one would have found a very good "Purpose of Life", which will keep one occupied and free from restlessness. Vasumitra taught her clients Compassion and became an Enlightened One. Vasumitra's story should warn us as to what components are essential for Enlightenment - certainly not sex norms. Vasumitra succeeded where the "Clever" Sanjayas failed.

Another thing about the Vasumitra example is that the Lord Buddha had a dig at the puritanical behaviour of many "pious sages", which particularly included those ascetics Sakyamuni had associated with..

Check the ancient texts. Many self-styled "gurus" are ignorant of what the ancient texts say and contradict the texts.

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction
as the "Lord of Conjunction" sign, which ancient sages knew heralds the coming of the Messiah

In the last chapter of the Diamond Sutra, the Lord Buddha left a clue to the titantic trigger to His Enlightenment. The Lord Buddha explained that His Enlightenment is the "Ulimate Kalachakra"!

Compassion fosters the full development of the Kalachakra powers which finally dispel Mara.


Practical Applications
"Cause Effect" Knowledge Technology of "Enlightenment"

What are the practical applications?

In the advance metaphysical context of the ancient cultures and religions, Enlightenment involves deep forms of "Self-Realisation god knowledge", particularly those pertaining to sufferings, elimination of sufferings and creation of happiness. Yes, the resultant linking with others it is about "Oneness". But you can achieve union with Oneness only through Compassion Enlightenment....

"Dhammahetu pavvaba" ... whatever occurs has a cause

Too often "masters and gurus" tried to grapple with the issue of Enlightenment, but left their audience as bewildered and confused as before. One guru unwittingly placed his finger on the pie when he stated that the Lord Buddha was methodical and left descriptions of methods.

Well, I gave a few days discourse on the Diamond Sutra . Many, even Buddhist scholars, are not aware that the Lord Buddha described how He gained Enlightenment in this Diamond Sutra . There are many sutras attributed to Him, but the Lord Buddha particularly described his path of Enlightenment in the Diamond Sutra . The Diamond Sutra has a three divisions narration, ending with the final phase leading to Enlightenment when He saw the "morning star", which is the Jupiter Saturn conjunction.

The Lord Jesus Christ described the path of Enlightenment in His "Sermon on the Mount". Where the Lord Buddha summarised the Enlightenment path in the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Oath, the Lord Jesus Christ summarised them into the "Eight Beatitudes". All ancient sages have the same things to say about Enlightenment.

In the second division of the Diamond Sutra , the Lord Buddha urged his disciples to go out into the world to preach the Dhamma. The Lord Jesus Christ stated a similar injunction in His "Sermon on the Mount":

  • Neither do [men] light a lamp, and put it under the bushel, but on the stand; and it shineth unto all that are in the house. Matthew 5:15

Let the Light shine forth. Go and teach others. As the Lord Buddha stated in His Lotus Sutra, one passage of Dhamma is worth more than countless gems of the sands of Ganges river. Of all the blessings you can give, teaching Truth is the highest gift to others.

So, you can use as a model for Enlightenment the Diamond Sutra or the Sermon on the Mounts. Or, if you are smart enough your own suitable model.

  • For those who may wonder, the author is a Universalist .. all religions come from God. ... He Ram .... He Ram ..


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