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Scientific evidence that quantum waves physics forces & energies underly worship, meditation, prayers, faith healing, divination, miracles and also underly geomancy Feng Shui & astrology.

Metaphysic center broke code of sequence of hexagrams of King Wen I Ching. Insights into links of King Wen I Ching to Diamond Sutra, "Three Levels Ladder to Heaven " and Shan Hai Jing. Statistically proven, origin of King Wen I Ching from Shan Hai Jing! Immense significance for Feng Shui and astrology.

Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.

Shed no tears,
shed white chrysanthemums.

Check the amazing testimony of the ancient texts about where the Soul goes to. Be comforted, you will be delightfully surprised what the ancient texts really say!

Deciphering Metaphysics.
Part 5. What will happen when a person dies?

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 1st January 2020.

Deciphering major metaphysic issues scholars think about.
based on science and ancient texts!

The Profound Issues

This series of expositions aim at answering the alike much inter related issues which often plague the minds of people:

Here, we will deal with the question, "What will happen when a person dies?"


The Unrealised Basis for an Afterlife

Many, including so-called "masters", speculate about the Soul. To those who believe that there is an Afterlife after death, it is necessary to believe in a form of Soul which would leave the dead body and move on into the afterlife.

There are two aspects to this issue of the Afterlife:

  • First, is there a Soul which survives death?
  • Second, what is the nature of this Afterlife?

To the first question, the author had collated the startling scientific evidence that there is an Immortal Soul in Man made of a Photon Matrix, or what the ancient texts call the "Body of Light". Read again the article "Finally Science Found the Immortal Soul and God".

The scientific evidence shows that in Man here is a non-biochemical component composing of a matrix of electromagnetic matter which may be called the "Photon Matrix". This "Photon Matrix" is what the ancient texts termed the immortal "Body of Light".

Conventional death is biochemical deterioration of the physical biochemical body. This conventional death, being a biochemical decay, cannot affect the Proton Matrix which is not made up of biochemical molecules. This supports the contention of ancient cultures and religions that the Soul of Man will survive death to enter into an Afterlife. This Afterlife has been dubbed as either Heaven or Hell depending on the merits of the dead person.

Read again the scientific proof in the article "Finally Science Found the Immortal Soul and God".


Immortal Soul is Made Up of God Matter

What is ill-recognised and surprising is that the ancient texts thunder that Man has an immortal component which is God matter!:

  • Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12.7

    Confucius said: "The hwun or khi returns to heaven; the body and the p'oh returns to the Earth" Li Chi, Ch.38, 1,7.

    Rigveda 10.58. Manas or Spirit. 1. THY spirit, that went far away to Yama .. 2 Thy spirit, that went far away, that passed away to earth and heaven.. 6 Thy spirit, that went far away to beams of light that flash and flow… 10 Thy spirit, that went far away into this All, that lives and moves

    Atharva Veda Book X.
    Hymn 8. 26 This fair one is untouched by age, immortal in a mortal's house. He for whom she was made lies low, and he who formed her hath grown old.

The ancient texts, like those of the Holy Bile, Vedas and the Chinese, all clearly state that there is a God matter in Man which will leave the human body upon death and return to God! We have an Immortal Soul encased within the mortal physical body.

It is impossible for such God matter to enter into a Hell, as misconceived by so many in contradictions to what are noted in their ancient texts.


The Eternal Return

The Hindu Vedas are especially clear about where the Soul will go to in the Afterlife:

  • Atharva Veda Book XII. Hymn 2. 45 Prolong the lives of those who live, O Agni. Let the dead go unto the world of Fathers.

    Atharva Veda Book XVIII.
    Hymn 3. 58 Meet Yama, meet the Fathers, meet the merit of virtuous action in the loftiest heaven. Leave sin and evil, seek anew thy dwelling : so bright with glory let him join his body.
    59 Our Father's Fathers and their sires before them, they who have entered into air's wide region. For them shall self-resplendent Asuniti form bodies now according to her pleasure.

    Rigveda 10.14. 1. Yama … gathers men together… who searches out and shows the path to many. 2 Yama first found for us a place to dwell in: this pasture never can be taken from Us. Men born on earth tread their own paths that lead them whither our ancient Fathers have departed.

    Rigveda 10.14. 8 Meet Yama, meet the Fathers , meet the merit of free or ordered acts, in highest heaven. Leave sin and evil, seek anew thy dwelling, and bright with glory wear another body.

Ponder carefully the above Vedic passages. They all say that the Soul will return to a complex where our forefathers had also gone to. That is, all the Souls will rejoin their ancestors!

Can you understand this? These passages are describing a God Being whose components include the Souls of your forefathers or ancestors... and eventually you. This God Being is not a simple homogeneous thing, but a very complex Being. That is, Purusa is the Formless One is owing to this fact that it is a very complex heterogeneous thing. The Holy Bible describes this very complex heterogeneous Formless God in the last Book of Revelation, where this Formless God is pictured as a "Holy City".

Einstein sensed this Being as the "Intelligence". J.J.Khrisnamurthy sensed this Being as "Eternity". This God is both transcendent and pantheistically immanent.

  • Hence, the Holy Bible says, in consonant with other ancient cultures, that the Soul will return to God: Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12.7
    Read again the verse. The Holy Bible does not say any Soul will go to a "Hell". No, it is straight back to God!

    PS. A lot of passages in the Holy Bible about a so-called "Hell" have been misunderstood.

This has been all the time the Universal Doctrine seen in all the ancient cultures and religions. This is the comforting message: Do not worry about those of different faiths from you - they will all join you in Heaven !

We come from God and return to God.

Dr Ong Hean Tatt's King Wen I Ching course manual, over 600p. richly illustrated
Our highly scientific analytical reasearch using statistical comparasions has broken the code of the sequence of the hexagrams of King Wen I Ching. The research also found King Wen I Ching associations with the Diamond Sutra and Shan Hai Jing and the universal 3-Levels "Ladder to Heaven" worship of God. No other center does this kind of deep science based metaphysics research.


The Judgement at the Cosmic Cross

We come for what purposes? When we return, what would be the process of the return? How are the good and bad be treated?

The Vedic and other ancient texts passages say when the person dies, the Soul goes straight back to God. They never mention that any Soul will and onto a permanent eternal Hell.

As noted in a previous article, the Bardo Thodol clearly show that the so-called Hell and Heaven visions are imaginary:

During the dying process, the Soul will undergo a progressive transformation based on his earthly experience and merits. The Bardo Thodol is clear that those who achieved sufficient merits will not have to undergo the various stages outlined in Bardo Thodol but will go straight perfect into Eternity. Others will undergo a rehabilitation process to root out the defects, resulting in the purified Soul.

The ancient cultures actually spell out some form of purgatory for the Soul in its way into the Afterlife. The comforting message is that all will enter Eternity!

  • Each one of us will have finished our "training" on Earth. The Judgment will never be about whether one goes to Hell or not. The Judgement is always that of loving grading, vis Grade 1 or Grade 2 or Grade 3 and so on. Every one will understand and be happy. God is Everlasting Love.

The surprising thing is that the ancient texts even identify where this purgatory will take place. The ancient texts call this the "Judgement" and it wil occur somewhere at the Cosmic Cross which is the intersection of the ecliptic of the Earth with the Milky Way.

The path the Soul of the dead would travel is a Photon Matrix bridge which overlaps the Milky Way. The legends say that the Soul would enter the Milky Way path at Canopus and then progress to the Cosmic Cross. After the Judgement the Soul will proceed up towards Vega and Altair and cross into the North Pole stars and to Eternity and Paradise.

This Photon Matrix bridge is an extension of Purusa God.. The mystics sense it as the "Akasha".

It is a Photon Matrix journey along the Milky Way, which is why so many ancient cultures venerated many aspects of the Milky Way

Bingo! None will be lost!

Check the ancient texts. Many self-styled "gurus" are ignorant of what the ancient texts say and contradict the texts.


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This special forum endeavours to present logical science based discussions, not vain speculations!


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