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Article: 25 December 2017
The Medical Evidence Against Vegetarianism

Dr Ong Hean-Tatt Ph.D.

Read carefully these facts-based articles on the myth of vegetarianism, as you may save your health, life and children's physical and mental development!

These discussions are part of "Oneness Metaphysics" contributions to human welfare, harmonisation and happiness

The strict vegetarian diet is seriously deficient in B12 and a number of other essential compounds. Medical evidence shows that vegetarians have higher incidence of diseases than meat eaters. The most startling medical finding is that the IQs of vegetarians are lower than those of meat eaters, due likely to the B12 deficiency in vegetarians!

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  • Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.
    Research from over 1,000 years old texts and traditions.

    Figure 1. Look at the Medical Evidence

    Recent medical research shows that the vegan diet has several serious health dangers.


    In a previous article, we have presented initial medical evidence that the vegetarian diet is seriously deficient in the essential vitamin B12. The B12 deficiency can lead to blood and nerve system disorders, especially during old age. There are also deficiencies in B6, iodine, the amino acid taurine (EPA), omega-3(DHA) in the vegan diet.

    There is also one much quoted medical study which was used to say that medical evidence supports that the vegetarians have higher IQs than meat eaters. Unfortunately, when the original paper was examined, it is found that the researcher had made a serious error in interpreting the data which actually shows that meat eaters have IQ of 100 while vegetarians IQ were around 84-81, not 105. The researcher had so much wanted to believe that the results support the vegetarian diet as she was a vegetarian. The re-analysis of this paper is discussed below.

    Contrary to claims that the vegetarian diet is more healthy than meat eating, medical evidence shows that the vegetarian diet is a very unhealthy diet. Read here!

    Figure 2. Lion Running

    I am overweight and am doing my morning walk. I am determined that they should not call me fat anymore.

    A Balanced Diet

    There is no doubt that we lived in a much polluted planet. Can we find a location where there is no pollution? My advice is that a general choice is that we should have as much plants as possible around us. Plants will block and clean up air pollution. Indoor plants are capable of removing the toxic gases like formaldehyde etc. which may build up indoor from decaying plastics. Yes, one more advice - drink a lot of water!

    Of course, our food is also polluted. In this issue, we may have a little more control. Both animal and plant products are contaminated. The well known environmentalist Rachel Carson who wrote "Silent Spring" said that she was as much exposed as every one else and could really do little about what to eat.

    The ancients also had food pollution. The ancients knew we could never avoid eating polluted food. So, they prescribed "cleaning" herbs like ginseng, ginger, tea etc which have no real food values, but will help clean up the food pollution. This may be a useful way to treat the problem.

    In the olden days, humans walked and exercised a lot, by way of their natural vocations. Usually, the ancients would be more trim than the modern people. This is one point vegetarianism advocates failed to realise, that physical exercise keeps you trim and healthier. Obesity is more common among meat eaters than vegetarians, a health problem which is actually related to lack of exercise, where the surplus food could not be treated except as to become a weight problem

    • People who switched to a vegetarian diet would have dramatic results in having weight loss, as they were often overweight in the first place. This can be a healthy thing, as what occurred is a reduction in food intake which leads to the weight loss.

      Excess weight is always a health problem. Actually, weight loss should have been brought about or regulated by exercise. That is, advocating a vegetarian diet to induce a weight loss is just a lazy way to get weight loss.

      Temporary vegetarian diet can be useful in reducing obesity. But the only thing is that prolonged vegetarian diet can cause severe health nutritional problems later, as we will see in this article.

    The "balanced diet" is to eat meat and vegetables together with having exercise.


    The Medical Debate

    There is a lot of confusion about the medical evidence on vegetarianism. Look below at the extracts of an article which illustrates information missed by advocates of vegetarianism.

    • But many choose a vegetarian diet is because they're under the impression that it's a healthier choice from a nutritional perspective. It is this last reason that I'd like to address in this article. For the last fifty years, we've been told that meat, eggs and animal fats are bad for us, and that we'll live longer and enjoy superior health if we minimize or avoid them. This idea has been so thoroughly drilled into our head that few people even question it anymore. In fact, if you asked the average person on the street whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier than an omnivorous diet, they'd probably say yes. But is this really true? (Chris Kresser. February 20, 2014. Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets. Chris wrote:

      • B12 deficiency is especially common in vegetarians and vegans. I've covered the prevalence of B12 deficiency in vegetarians and vegans at length in another article. The takeaway is that the most recent studies using more sensitive techniques for detecting B12 deficiency have found that 68% of vegetarians and 83% of vegans are B12 deficient, compared to just 5% of omnivores.

        Vitamin B12 works together with folate in the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells. It's also involved in the production of the myelin sheath around the nerves, and the conduction of nerve impulses. B12 deficiency can cause numerous problems, including:

        Memory loss
        Neurological and psychiatric problems
        And much more…

        A common myth amongst vegetarians and vegans is that it's possible to get B12 from plant sources like seaweed, fermented soy, spirulina and brewers yeast. But plant foods said to contain B12 actually contain B12 analogs called cobamides that block the intake of, and increase the need for, true B12.

      Vegetarian Diet Has Adverse Effects on Children.

      The effects of B12 deficiency on kids are especially alarming. Studies have shown that kids raised until age 6 on a vegan diet are still B12 deficient years after adding at least some animal products to their diet.

      The strict vegetarian diet can also cause serious adverse mental development in children!:

      • …a significant association between cobalamin [B12] status and performance on tests measuring fluid intelligence, spatial ability and short-term memory" with formerly vegan kids scoring lower than omnivorous kids in each case.

        The deficit in fluid intelligence is particularly troubling, the researchers said, because: …it involves reasoning, the capacity to solve complex problems, abstract thinking ability and the ability to learn. Any defect in this area may have far-reaching consequences for individual functioning.



    The Mounting Medical Evidence

    A study conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that the vegetarian diet, as characterised by a low consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, due to a higher intake of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products, appeared to carry elevated risks of cancer, allergies and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. .. The 1320 subjects were matched according to their age, sex, and socioeconomic status and included 330 vegetarians, 330 that ate meat but still a lot of fruits and vegetables, 300 normal eaters but that ate less meat, and 330 on a more meat-heavy diet.(Independence News. Thursday 3 April 2014. Vegetarians are 'less healthy and have a lower quality of life than meat-eaters', scientists say. › News › Science)

    The results of this study which had been highlighted by a number of commentators are illustrated in Table 1 below.


    Table 1 Differences in Suffering from Various Chronic Conditions between the Different Dietary Habit Groups.
    Austrian Health Interview Survey. 2006-07. N=1320. Analysis were calculated with sub jects matched according to theior age, sex and socio-economic status.

    Chronic condition

    Vegetarian Carnivore
    with veg
    less meat.
    rich meat


    4.8 3.3 3.9. 4.5


    30.6 18.2 20.3. 16.7


    2,7 4.2 2.4. 2.4


    4.2 3. 3.3. 1.8


    4.8 4.8 4.8. 3.6


    11.5 10.6 12.4. 15.5

    Cardiac infarction

    1.5 1.5 0.9. 0.6

    Apoplectic stroke

    1.2 1.8 1.5. 1.8


    3.9 3.6 2.4. 3


    8.5 7.6 8.8. 10.3

    Sacrospinal complaint

    26.7 24.8 18.2. 23.9


    6.4 4.8 3.6. 5.8

    Urinary incontinence

    2,1 3.9 2.7. 6.4

    Gastric intestinal ulcers

    4.2 4.2 1.5. 3.6


    4.8 3.3 1.2. 1.8


    15.8 11.8 9.1 12.1

    Mental illness

    9.4 4.8 4.8. 4.5

    Other chronic conditions

    8.8 5.5 5.8. 6.7

    The results show that the vegetarian diet carries elevated risks of cancer, allergies and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety

    • The Table also shows that of the 18 diseases, the vegetarians score highest levels in 13 diseases. Extreme meat eaters score highest in 4 diseases. This indicates that the balanced diet is best. The findings have a very high statistical significance of 1 in 64,000.

    Vegetarian Diet Cause Cancer Mutation. Recent medical research also found that the vegetarian diet may cause health problems through causing a gene mutation:

    • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) … A new study finds that a vegetarian diet likely led to a mutation that may make people more likely to get heart disease and colon cancer…. the team discovered that a mutation called rs66698963 in the FADS2 gene… is linked to inflammatory diseases like heart disease and colon cancer --
      … from Cornell… "tantalizing evidence that a vegetarian diet has led to a mutation that -- if they stray from a balanced omega-6 to omega-3 diet -- may make people more susceptible to inflammation, and by association, increased risk of heart disease and colon cancer."
      … Among the mostly vegetarian eaters of Pune, India, about 70 percent of the population had that rs66698963 mutation, while mostly meat-eating residents of Kansas had fewer than 20 percent. (Hank Campbell — March 29, 2016. Why a Vegetarian Diet May Be Bad For You. /

    The vegetarian diet also increases various mental problems:

    Table 2 Mental Disorders among Different Diet Groups
    Johannes Machalak, Xiao Chi Zhang, and Frank Jacobi. 7 June 2012. Vegetaran diets and mental disorders from a representative community survey.

    Chronic condition


    Unipolar Depression

    1 Month

    7.4 6.8 6.3. 5.0

    12 Months

    24.1 14.7 11.9 10.3


    35.2 25.8 19.1 20.7

    Anxiety Disorder

    1 Month

    20.4 12.6 10.7 8.6

    12 Months

    31.5 19.5 17. 13.2


    31.5 22.1 18.4. 15.3


    1 Month

    9.3 12.1 7.8. 4.9

    12 Months

    16.7 17.9 11.6 9.5


    25.9 25.8 16.9 15.3

    Eating Disorder

    1 Month

    3.7 1.9 0.1. 0

    12 Months

    3.7 1.6 0.3 0.8


    5.8 3.2 0.6 1.2

    The results show that the vegetarian diet carries elevated risks of various mental illness


    Vegans More Intelligent than Meat Eaters?

    The above "matched" study at the Medical University of Graz in Austria has highlighted that vegetarians risk higher incidence of mental problems. This is in agreement with what has been noted earlier:

    • The effects of B12 deficiency on kids are especially alarming. Studies have shown that kids raised until age 6 on a vegan diet are still B12 deficient years after adding at least some animal products to their diet. In one study, the researchers found:
      …a significant association between cobalamin [B12] status and performance on tests measuring fluid intelligence, spatial ability and short-term memory" with formerly vegan kids scoring lower than omnivorous kids in each case. (3)

      The deficit in fluid intelligence is particularly troubling, the researchers said, because: …it involves reasoning, the capacity to solve complex problems, abstract thinking ability and the ability to learn. Any defect in this area may have far-reaching consequences for individual functioning.

    A rather startling column appearing in the British newspaper The Evening Standard cites the results of the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) claiming vegetarians tend to be smarter, female, and have higher positions of authority in society than their meat-eating counterparts. Oh really! Let's just see about that one. (Jimmy Moore. December 19th, 2006. Study: Vegans Brainless, But Vegetarians And Almost Vegetarians Are The Smart Ones? )

    • Dr. Catharane R. Gale, Senior Research Fellow at the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Resource Center in Southampton, Great Britain, and her fellow researchers observed 8170 adults over the age of 30 who had participated as youngsters 20 years ago in the BCS70 to see what relation, if any, there was to being a vegetarian as a 30-year old adult with the IQ level of the participants when they were tested at 10 years old.

    However, look carefully below at the Table summarising her findings (the last three rows are re-analysis done by the author Dr Ong):

    Table 3 Lower IQs in Vegetarians


    Total Number


    4222 3951 (50.6) 271(74)


    3948 3853(49.4) 95(26)

    Parental social class

    Professional or management

    2244 2119 (27.2) 125(34.2)

    Skilled non-manual

    752 719 (9.2) 33(9)


    3081 2945 (37.7) 136(37.2)


    1205 1165 (14.9) 40(10.9)


    888 856 (11.0) 32(8.7)

    Current social class

    Professional or management

    2968 2798 (35.8) 170(46.5)

    Skilled non-manual

    2102 1991 (25.5) 111(30.3)


    1649 1611 (20.6) 38(10.4)


    1271 1235 (15.8) 39(10.7)


    177 169 (2.2) 8(2.2)

    IQ Score

    Study raw finding

    100 105

    Vegans: 95

    Re-analysis done by Dr Ong:
    Adjusted for professionals and management

    Parent social class

    100 84

    Current Social Class

    100 81

    Dr Catherene had concluded from her study that vegetarians have higher IQs of 105 than meat eaters with an IQ of 100. IQs are dangerous criteria to judge intelligence. However, taking her results at face value, a careful re-analysis will tell a different story.

    The problem with Dr Catherene's interpretation is that she did not realise the significance of that her vegetarian group had much higher frequency of professionals than meat-eaters. Her study had not been "matched" like as in the above "matched" study at the Medical University of Graz in Austria. The professionalism is factor which will definitely cause higher IQs. Hence, it is necessary to correct for this professionalism effect.

    When the professionalism factor is accounted for, the vegetarian IQ is actually 84 to 81, not 105, and thus much lower than the 100 for meat eaters. Hence, Dr Catherene's study actually proved that vegetarians will have lower IQs than meat eaters!

    Table World IQ Through Years


    Population, 10x9 Mean IQ


    2.55 91.64


    5.08 90.80
    2000 6.07 89.2


    7.89 87.81


    9.06 86.32

    World IQ are decreasing!
    by John Walker. April, 2004. Global IQs: 1950 - 2050.


    The IQ Debate Continues...

    Another study shows that meat eating populations have the highest IQs ( futurevideo10 at 9:21:00 AM Saturday, June 4, 2016. Vegans and Vegetarians Have Low IQ.

    • Ranked by highest IQ first:
      108 Hong Kong
      101 Switzerland
      100 Luxembourg
      100 Austria
      99 New Zealand
      99 Canada
      98 USA
      98 Australia
      98 Spain
      98 Denmark
      95 Israel
      92 Ireland
      91 Cyprus

      89.8 World Average

      87 Indonesia
      84 Pakistan
      82 India

    Listed are just some of the countries among the 108 nations that had official IQ score test conducted on. Hong Kong has highest IQ score average and highest per capita meat consumption. Hong Kong's per capita meat consumption is 3.63 times higher than world average, 1.31 times higher than USA. Hong Kong's IQ score is 18.2 points higher than world average, 10 points higher than USA.

    All of the countries with highest IQ scores also are countries with world's highest per capita meat consumptions.

    • India, a nation with large vegan population, the biggest vegan population in the world, has low IQ score.

      Among all the states In India, the people in Kerala state have national highest meat consumption they also have national highest IQ score. People in other states that have lower meat consumption have lower IQ score. Same country, same people, but meat consumption makes a difference in IQ score.

      India government's official data show Kerala state has national longest life span, their per capita meat consumption is highest in the nation. Kerala state has lowest percentage of population of vegans/vegetarians in entire country of India.



    The medical research evidence is that the strict vegetarian diet is unhealthy and vegetarians will have lower IQs than meat eaters. The world IQs are decreasing, and you will join this trend if you are a vegetarian. Buck the trend by eating meat!

    At "Oneness Metaphysics" we aim to present scientific evaluations. For objectivity, not only are scientific aspects examined, but the original ancient scriptures are also looked into.

    I eat meat and vegetables. Unlike many, I like to eat vegetarian food, as at some restaurants, the vegetarian meals are well cooked and lovely to eat. I take long morning walks and love gardening. I am trained in Chinese martial art fighting. Yes, I believe in a "Balanced Diet with Exercises".

    If a person asks me whether he should eat vegetables, my answer is a resounding "YES". Yes, eat vegetables balanced with meat! If a person asked me if a strict vegetraian diet is good? Then, as a scientist, I will have to warn him that the prolonged strict vegetarian diet is unhealthy.

    The properly cooked vegetarian meal is lovely to eat. Likewise, many dishes with meat are not well cooked. The thing is to eat well cooked nice food and enjoy. Be sure the food is healthily balanced too!

    Then, finally, I can look into the eyes of God. I can say, well, that is what your ancient sacred scriptures say, "Eat everything that is good".



    Here is the food.
    (says God...)

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