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Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt September 2000



Of all the devices recommended by the Feng Shui master to ward off evil and boost good luck, the commonest and considered the most powerful would be the eight sided Bagua. The Bagua is formed by eight trigrams arrayed in a circle and is a familiar symbol seen hanging at the top of the main door of the traditional Chinese home.

Why or how does such a symbol of the Bagua work?

The Bruce Lee Story

One of the dramatic stories about Feng Shui and the Bagua concerned the famous actor and kungfu master Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was brought up in Hong Kong before he migrated to the United States of America where he became an actor. He returned to Hong Kong and became famous as a kungfu film actor. He actually popularised kungfu and became more or less a household name.

However, Feng Shui masters believed Bruce Lee should not have returned to Hong Kong. For Bruce Lee's Chinese name was Hsiao Lung, "Little Dragon" and opposite Hong Kong across the straits is the city of Kowloon, "Nine Dragons". Perhaps by hindsight, it was said that the "Nine Dragons" were waiting to destroy "Little Dragon".

Worse, it was said that Bruce Lee selected to live in "Demon Valley" in an ill-fated house. Bruce Lee choosed to ignore the bad omen by getting a Feng Shui master to recommend remedies. As the Feng Shui master could not persuade Bruce Lee to leave the house, he was said to have installed a Bagua on a big tree facing the main door of the house.

All seemed fine until a storm came. The fierce wind blew off the Bagua. It was said that this was the opportun ity the spirits were waiting for. They rushed into the house and destroyed Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee suffered a brain stroke and died soon after.

The moral is this. Such a Bagua is only a temporary device senitive to the elements. Wood can get burned and glass broken. A bad location is usually hard to rectify and the best remedy is to leave the place. Any protective device is only a temporary respite.

The Real Bagua

It is important to realise that the Bagua is not primarily a Feng Shui artifact. The Bagua belongs to the Taoist philosophy and lore, of which Feng Shui is only a small part. The Bagua is especially connected to the I Ching, the Chinese Classic of Change; said to be the origin of all Chinese wisdom.

How a symbol of Chinese wisdom like the Bagua becomes useful in Feng Shui is an intriguing question.

During the Han dynasty, Emperor Wu (140 to 86 B.C.) was highly superstitious and placed much faith on a black sorceror. However the Confucian minister Tung Chung Shu was openly sceptical about the sorceror. Angry the emperor ordered the sorceror to cast a death spell on the minister. Tung immediatelty donned his Confucian robe and went to the main door of the palace hall facing south. Tung took out the I Ching and started to recite the I Ching even as the black sorceror chanted and danced his black magic. Suddenly the black sorceror fell dead. Shocked, the emperor realised his mistake and abandoned black magic. He promoted Tung.

This was not the first time, that the I Ching had been touted as a weapon against black magic. As the Bagua is the basis of the I Ching, there could be a link here as to how the Bagua ward off evil - it was used even where Feng Shui was not involved. In some way, the Bagua is a universal weapon against evil and the Feng Shui masters took advantage of this to use the Pakau to ward off Feng Shui bad influence.

"The Living Bagua"

According to one modern famous Taiwan Feng Shui master, he said that it would be better for a person to study the I Ching than to delve into Feng Shui. He stated that the force of Feng Shui is only 1/1000 th that of the I Ching.

He meant that if one is to study the I Ching, one would get a powerful inner spiritual force which would work better than Feng Shui in warding off evil. This is the same as what many cultures have ben saying - that the "Holy or Sacred Word" somehow has divine power which is anathema to evil. Which is why holy saints and those doing meditation are said to have a kind of spiritual aura around them which protect them against evil. The presence of such "gifted people" could even dispel bad Feng Shui!

By studying the I Ching, one would actually be creating a "Living Bagua" within one own self! That was what Bruce Lee should have done! He should have created himself into a living Bagua, instead of depending on an outside temporary device which could be so easily destroyed by the elements of nature or anything else.

An external Bagua works only if you are near to it. But with a "Living Bagua" the force is everywhere with you wherever you go.

So, become the "Living Bagua"!

Modern Perspectives vis Feng Shui

The inner pureness of the human soul is the best Feng Shui defence weapon. The Bagua over the door is a reminder to the members of the household that one must adhere to the "Way of God". Through this, the household gain a force which could dispel evil. That is how the Bagua works.

If the Bagua is used in the wrong way, what would happen would be alike to what had happened to Bruce Lee. All of a sudden the protection would be gone and one would be exposed to the attack by the evil! Evil men attract the evil. There are evil men who would try to get magicians to make powerful talismans for them - alas, these are only transient, for eventually the evil will get through to destroy them.

One should always try to acquire the inner "Living Bagua". Perhaps, while trying one could use an external "Bagua" - but remember this is only a transient device. get the inner "Living Bagua" and reduce the need for Feng Shui.

However, those wanting to continue to use the Bagua, should read this article on the scientific basis of how the Bagua works.


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