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Course: Imperial Yang Yun Sung's
XUAN KONG FENG SHUI of YANG and YIN PREMISES finally revealed!

Recovered original true Feng Shui used by Tang master Yang Yun Sung, c. AD 1000, for both Yang and Yin premises. He wrote the forbidden secrets into Tian Yu Jing (for Yang premises) and Du Tian Bao Chou Jing (for Yin premises). Used for success and kingship by emperors back to Hsia, Shang and Chou. Insights from world oldest text, Shan Hai Jing, c. 2000 BC. Most advance highly practical course, with several cases: best checklist format for practical audit of Yin premises (temples, cemetery)
Unique presentation of statistical evidence that Feng Shui of Yin premises work! Yang factors control 80% of effects, while interactions with Yin factors raised effects to 95%. Backed by quantum waves physics research which shows scientifically why Feng Shui of Yin premises will work!
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a 4,000 years old Feng Shui of Yin premises with tremendous scientific insights!

Feng Shui of Yin premises existed during the Hsia, Shang and Chou, long before permanent tombs arose during Han dynasty (250 BC-AD 250). It is always focused on the landform features of Ancestor Temples, not tombs.

Such a Feng Shui of Yin premises was also a universal one, existing in other ancient cultures many of which had no tombs for the dead.

Modern tomb Feng Shui is a serious error and lacks power of real Feng Shui of Yin premises, neglecting the Ancestor Temple. People are wasting vast sums of money on tombs Feng Shui which is a fake!

QUANTUM MIND SET for supreme Life Enhancement.
Power of Feng Shui of Yin premises lies in the "Reverse Qi" technique, which is also called "Heaven Sign", "Heaven Secret", "Heaven Heart" and is the basis of the enigmatic San Ban Gua concept. None of current tomb Feng Shui is aware of this vital "Reverse Qi" technique.
Unique: Course discusses quantum waves physics findings that Man has a Photon Matrix, which is basis of effectiveness of the "Reverse Qi" technique.

Confucius condemned the tomb! He stated that top priority must be given to the ancestral temple.
Ancient Feng Shui texts references to Feng Shui of Yin premises are to ancestral temples, not tombs. The first things a fleeing family must take are the ancestral tablets! Without ancestor worship, there is no real Feng Shui of Yin premises!


Dr Ong has undertaken the most intensive historical and scientific investigations into Feng Shui of Yin premises, from left to right: 1.Imperial Tomb Feng Shui, 2.Han Lung Jing, 3. Yi Lung Jing, 4.Zhangshu, Book of Burial
The Mind is healed, not only when the body is healed but also when the spirit (shen) is healed.

Dr Ong Hean Tatt is the foremost authority on the landform Feng Shui. He is now teaching students the quantum waves physics findings on the existence in Man of the Photon Matrix. This Photon Matrix is the basis of esoteric phenomena like prayers, faith healing, supernatural miracles, Feng Shui and astrology... and Feng Shui of Yin premises.


XUAN KONG FENG SHUI of YANG and YIN PREMISES: 4 Days Provisional Course Outline. Many sessions on practical audit applications of Feng Shui of Yin premises.
Most advance Feng Shui of Yin premises ever, and only true original one. Recovered through research into writings of Tang dynasty master Yang Yun Sung.

  • Only course discussing amazing statistical proofs that Feng Shui of Yin premises work! Also radical discoveries from ongoing scientific quantum wave physics research showing how Feng Shui of Yin premises work.

His wife was afraid that Yang Yun Sung writing of the Feng Shui secrets could result in the family being executed. This was because the potent Feng Shui of Yin premises was forbidden secrets which could control the rise and fall of the throne. Yang Yun Sung and family fled back to their home province in Jiangsu. During the Ming dynasty, family members of Yang Yun Sung's family were invited by emperors to establish Feng Shui of the imperial tombs of the Ming dynasty.

The powerful "forbidden" secrets of Feng Shui of Yin premises were recorded down by Yang Yun Sung in his writings. However, his writings are ill-understood by current practitioners who hardly read Yang Yun Sung's writings and have no real idea what Yang Yun Sung meant. Now revealed in this course is the lost "Qian Kun" Method of Feng Shui of Yin premises taught by Yang Yun Sung, systematically recorded in his Tian Yu Jing (Heaven Jade Classic) and Du Tian Bao Chou Jing (Capital Heaven Treasure Shining Classic).

Yang Yun Sung's "Qian Kun" Method of Feng Shui of Yin premises has four major steps, forming a true Heaven Earth Man theme:

  • Initial determination of landform Feng Shui of the site.
  • Evaluation of river flows from the "ancestor mountain" and how they reach the site. This determines the Zheng Shen and Ling Shen which are Gua 1 and Gua 2 of the "San Ban Guas".
  • Applications of 'Ai Xing" technique to produce a balanced and greatly enhanced "San Ban Guas".
  • Installation of the 'Ancestor Worship" "Reverse Qi" technqiue.

    Course has several case analysis to show how Yang Yun Sung applied the above. These case analysis form a comprehensive checklist for practical field audits of Yin premises.

Tian Yu Jing (Heaven Jade Classic) and Du Tian Bao Chou Jing (Capital Heaven Treasure Shining Classic) are two most difficult classics to understand by Feng Shui practitioners but have been deciphered to allow teaching this course. Current so-called tomb Feng Shui practices and courses are nowhere near what Yang Yun Sung taught!


  • Session 1: Myths in Modern Tomb Feng Shui
    Historical backgrounds and purposes of Feng Shui of Yin premises. Permanent tombs started from the Han dynasty. But there was Feng Shui of Yin premises long before.
    Death and Funeral Processes.
    Riddle of the Empty Tombs. Confucius' empty tomb riddle. Han Kao Tsu incident. What happened to bodies of ancient sages. What other cultures do with corpses.

  • Session 2: Yang Yun Sung's testimony of Myth of Tombs.
    Jiang Da Hong speaks out on myth of tombs. Confucius spoke against tombs.
    The "Po" and "Shen" issue.
    Special: Amazing statistical proofs of interactions between palaces and cemeteries as responsible for 95% of durations of the Chinese imperial dynasties. This provides pertinent insights into historical cases of the imperial Yin premises over 4,000 years.


  • Session 3: Quantum waves physics research findings on the Immortal Soul and proofs for Feng Shui of Yin premises. Grandma's aunty went to Heaven.

  • Session 4: Supremacy of Ancestor Worship.
    Recap from Tian Yuan Wu Ge. Etymology of the word "Zang" for burial.
    Imperial burials in 7th Moon riddle. Time of Burials and Ancestor Worships.
    Monk's inheritance riddle. Only those who carry out ancestor worship will benefit.
    Powers of Ancestor Worship:
    • Counter Tai Sui
    • Counter ghosts
    • Getting divine power for success and health in life (hence, the reports to the ancestors)

    Production of quantum waves by Ming Tang is the underlying source of power of Feng Shui of Yin premises. If there is no Ancestor Worship, the Feng Shui of the Yin premises will be ineffective.


  • Sessions 5 to 11: Qian Kun Checklist for critical practical field audit of effective Feng Shui of Yin premises. Workshop based on verse by verse analysis of Yang Yun Sung's Tian Yu Jing (Heaven Jade Classic 243 verses). Comparison of Du Tian Bao Chou Jing (193 verses) and Tian Yu Jing (243 verses) which are actually the same!

    • Legend of Tang dynasty Qian Kun method for Feng Shui of Yin premises.
      Earth Factor (Ming Tang Landform Factor): 1-36: San Ban Gua, Zheng Shen-Ling Shen
    • Heaven Time Factor: 37-56 : 24 Mountains, 5 Elements Time Cycle, Measurements at South frontage
    • Heaven Time Factor: 57-106: 24 Mountains, 9 stars, QNAY 3.1-3.8 riddle, Ai Xing, Begin-End Seasons, 12 Stages of Life Cycle, Tai Sui, 6Jians-6Siews
    • Man Factor: 107-160: Qian-Kun Tomb Secret: Human Destinies, Golden Carp leaps Lung Men, Du Tian Bao Chou Jing (verse 121), Zheng Shen Ling Shen, Heaven Mandate
    • Heaven Earth Factors: 161- 218: 8 Directions, 6Jians 6 Siews, 12 Chang Sheng, Denouncement of Methods of Fei Xing, Da Gua and Liu Fa.
      Landform vital to good Feng Shui of sites: 4 Classes of Water Flows.
    • Earth Factor: 219-243: Water Theories and Counters to Bad Feng Shui.

  • Session 12: Man Factor. Highest Practical Usage of Feng Shui of Yin Premises.
    • Riddle of "Calling back the soul"
    • "Reverse Qi" Technique.
    • "Heaven Sign" Secret

    Zheng He's tomb. It is the memorial service which counts and you must be present to benefit. Many memorial shrines became temples of deities. It is not the deity which counts but the memorial worship which confers power on worshippers. The "Memory" is the "deity" (e.g. Kuan Kung, God of War).
    Quantum waves physics findings on transmission of ancestral memory.
    Awesome Photon Matrix of Feng Shui of Yin Premises, alias Ancestor Temple.


    Sessions 13 to 16. Practical Applications of Yang Yun Sung "Qian Kun" method in field assessment of Yin premises. These sessions will show how Yang Yun Sung used physical landform to make an initial selection of the Yin premises. Then, learn how Yang Yun Sung applied the 24 Mountains to make advance "San Ban Guas" evaluations of Feng Shui of the Yin premises. All are backed by Yang Yun Sung's writings, especially Tian Yu Jing and Du Tian Bao Chou Jing and also the world oldest text of Shan Hai Jing, c. 2000 BC.

  • Sessions 13,14: Field Trip and Field Practice in Nearby Cemeteries
    Option: Typical false practical field audit method: Xuan Kong Da Gua.
    Riddle of the Luopan's outer ring of 360 or 384 spaces with red dots.

  • Session 15. Field Case Studies
    Secrets of Ming Tombs Complex, Confucius 2,500 years old Feng Shui of Yin Premises
    About 12 prominent tomb and Yin complexes in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang and Singapore. A vindication of Yang Yun Sung's observation that only 10% of cemeteries will have good Feng Shui.

  • Session 16. Field Case Studies - continuation
    Critical importance of Four Heraldic Animals formation.
    No Ming Tang no Feng Shui
    Most bury in Demon Gates zones.
    Option: Highlights of Field Audits for auspicious burial site: Han Lung Jing and Yi Lung Jing

Best Feng Shui of Yin premises course ever, with astronishing scientific insights!
You will apply Feng Shui of Yin premises much better depending on how well you can develop your Photon Matrix. They will take you far beyond conventional approaches, which miss out the highly scientific quantum wave physics nature of things whch will explain a number of the so-called supernatural aspects.

Note. Those wanting to take this course must take our landform Luan Tuo Feng Shui course. It is an advantage if participant took an astology course like our Zi Wei Dou Shu. Otherwise, there will be difficulties in following above Feng Shui of Yin premises course.

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Most current tomb Feng Shui are fakes! In many ancient cultures, corpses were thrown away, cremated or consumed by animals, and never had "tomb Feng Shui". People wasted much money on Feng Shui of tombs which are ineffectual and worthless. Get the correct potent Feng Shui of Yin premises applied by rulers in the ancient cultures, including those where the corpses were just thrown away. Want to get a Feng Shui of Yin premises which will produce kingship? Contact us.

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