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Vital discovery: Finally unveiled secrets lost for millennia.

never before Breakthrough Course for comprehensive understanding of
Cyclic Strategies of King Wen I Ching Online 16 Lessons course now avaliable
"I have been round the world, having met over 50 masters. But you, Dr Ong, is the most knowledgeable!" - Dr Jesty Lim, Qi Mag Master with 2,600 students.
" King Wen I Ching code broken! Course beyond expectations! ".. student.

True mastery of ancient metaphysics! For millennia, wise men tried in vain to understand King Wen I Ching. Our statistics based comparative research finally unveils what King Wen I Ching is about, going beyond Confucius. Here, you can learn what people tried to find out about King Wen I Ching - you can never learn from anywhere else.

  • Breakthrough of Code of I Ching. The sequence of meanings of the hexagrams and Duke Chou's lines follows the sequence of events during the fall of the Shang dynasty. King Wen I Ching is a superlative cyclic strategy management text of the rise and fall of the organisation, using the Shang dynasty as a massive historic case study!
  • The I Ching must be seen as 32 pairs of hexagrams, not a series of 64 hexagrams. Finally deciphered, why the Zhouyi divided the hexagrams into two unequal parts, one of 30 hexagrams and the other of 34 hexagrams.
  • Revealed: The astonishing finding that Duke Chou's 12 Lines to Hexagrams 51 Chen Thunder and 52 Ken Keeping Still Mountain are the 12 Sections of Sun Zi's Art of War! This discovery throws light on how the meanings of the lines are meant to flow cyclically.
  • Lost secrets of how the 50 yarrow sticks are to be used. Conventional throwing of yarrow sticks and three coins are all nonsense. Those who do not understand metaphysics of the King Wen I Ching degraded it to a fortune telling thing!
  • For Practical Applications: Detailed explanations of each of the 32 pairs of hexagrams, of how they link up into a cyclic flow to form an intriguing cyclic strategy management practical manual.

Research based on evaluations of several modern and ancients texts on King Wen I Ching. Evaluations are made of those attempts trying to decipher the code of the 64 hexagrams - some of their findings are relevant to this course


Confucius, at age of about 27, went to Luoyang to learn from Lao Zi. Still, he could not understand the King Wen I Ching. When Confucius retired at around 71 he tried to see if he could understand King Wen I Ching.

Chu Hsi, the Sung dynasty master regarded as the top Confucian philosopher, wrote that Confucius did not understand King Wen I Ching .

4 days over a weekend. US3,500 pax, with comprehensive manual
"Wow! The enigmatic King Wen I Ching can finally be understood!

Inaugural course: 26 to 28 October 2019

Online course finally avaliable. US$3,500 pax.
Provisional course outline: as below,
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Are you not one of those, if you want to learn anything in this lifetime, who would earnestly want to understand the I Ching? So. do not miss this rare unique opportunity to finally understand this enigmatic ancient Confucian text.

Comprehensive highly systematic exciting "lectio divinia" course delivered through four main parts.

  • Spiritual signs occurred during Inaugural Course of 26 to 28 October 2019: "The 16 Enlightened Masters came to listen to you .. when I asked them how true are what you said, they said that you were 97% accurate" - Dr Jesty Lim, Qi Mag Master with 2,600 students.
    During the session when the students were applying the Yarrow Stalks method. "I can see the qi aura around the students increasing ..." - Dr Jesty Lim, Qi Mag Master with 2,600 students.

Destiny is like a river ....

Are you going to be one of those very few destined to understand King Wen I Ching?

Part 1: Discussions cover that King Wen I Ching is "32 pairs of hexagrams" not just a string of 64 hexagrams. You will gain understanding that I Ching concerns 32 issues and not 64 issues.

  • Introduction and History.
  • How Did Fu Hsi Create the Trigrams? with Yin Yang as Seasonal Solar Radiation
  • Controversial Mathematical Arrays. Shao Yung Fu Hsi hexagrams, Zhouyi Unequal Divisions, Zhu Bokun, 4-8-16 Cyclic Flow, Timewaves, Blocal Grid, 64 DNA Codons
  • Towards Practical Applications in Interpretations
  • Workshop: Try your hand: see if it is 32 pairs of hexagrams Also see how statistically significant it is.

Part 2: Discussions will cover Correlations between Hexgarams and Factors as the basis of the secrets of the code of the I Ching. Various statistical analyses done to prove what are the basis of the code of King Wen I Ching

  • Establishing flow of hexagrams are about events during fall of Shang dynasty
  • Statistical Correlations between Hexagrams and Events in Fall of Shang Dynasty
  • Statistical Correlations between Hexagrams and Seasons
  • Seasons Affect Human Behaviour and Effectiveness of Strategy

Part 3: Breakthrough findings that 12 Lines of Hexagram 51, Chen and Ken are 12 Sections of Sun Zi's Art of War.
Findings have high statistical significant probability of 0.000244. Supported by correlations of sequence of hexagrams with seasons, seasonal months and associated Four Cardinal Directions. Findings have high statistical significance or probability. A statistics based course!

  • Highlights of Sun Zi Art of War
  • Comparing Hexagram 52 Ken Keeping Still with Sun Zi's Art of War Sections 1 to 6
  • Comparing Hexagram 51 Chen Thunder with Sun Zi's Art of War Sections 7 to 12
  • Statistical Correlations of hexagrams with Seasons and Four Cardinal Directions

Part 4: Breakthrough correlations of sequence of "32 pairs of hexagrams" with progressive events in fall of the Shang dynasty and subsequent rise of the Chou dynasty.
Workshop for Practical Applications, reading one by one 32 pairs of hexagrams. King Wen I Ching is an extraordinary cyclic strategic management text of the rise and fall of any organisation, and has profound practical application to modern times. Sun Zi's Art of War equates with 2 hexagrams, vis Hexagrams 51 and 52. What more the 32 pairs of hexagrams?

There will be critical discussions on the true way to use the yarrow sticks, an issue which had fostered spurious divination based on the hexagrams. The King Wen I Ching is not meant for divination but for strategic management applications!

  • Sample readings from convntional sources
  • Detailed step by step discussions on Hexagrams 1 to 30
  • Detailed step by step discussions on Hexagrams 31 to 64.
  • Insights into how King Wen attached the trigrams and hexagrams.

  • For Practical Application: The highly statistical Cyclic Strategy Management System of King Wen I Ching. As the seasons based strategies are in a cycle, by determining which strategic stage the person or organisation is, you can predict what had happened and what will happen to him or that organisation!
  • For Practical Application: Lost Great Secret of the 50 Yarrow Sticks Method. Learn the necessity of their psychoactive compounds!

Millennial secrets finally unveiled! A journey back through time, back to circa 2605 BC, to learn the wisdom of the ancients. Ancient sages meditated on the Human Mind and wrote down the lasting universal practical lessons of the working of the Human Mind. It is all very scientific!

Dedicated to the Universalist


Dr. Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D. is a plant physiologist and biochemist with a passion for science oriented research into philosophy, metaphysic, feng shui and astrology. He has written hundreds of publications, including over 70 books on Chinese culture, philosphy and Feng Shui, including several on Chinese military strategy like Sun Zi's Art of War, Wu Chi's Art of War, Chuko Liang Art of War, "9 Lungs Organisational Managemrent", Chinese Motivation, etc.

A true master of the ancient masters lineage.

Complimentary copies of ebooks:

1.Cyclic Strategies of I Ching
2.Sun Zi's Art of War

with pertinent scientific geography and astronomy explanations

Online Course fees: US2000



A most comprehensive description of Luan Tou Feng Shui with astonishing scientific explanations. Fruits of a comprehensive research of what was the original potent Luan Tou Form Feng Shui during Confucius' time.

The course manual includes a systematic checklist for auditing premises.

  • Important explanation of scientific nature of qi and sha and their basis in negative and positive ions.
  • Site evaluation
  • Entrance and layout
  • Interiors

Aplication for the online course must be made through buttoning the international mode indicated below each course fee caption at left. Each course materials will be sent through email after confirmation of advance full purchase. Email must be able to receive 10 MB files. Each course materials are in pdf format which allows reading and printing one hard copy.

The course material will be sent in 3 parts, vis:

  • Part 1: Lessons 1 to 2. Scientific nature of qi and sha
  • Part 2: Lessons 3 to 6. Checklist suitable for audit
  • Part 3: Lessons 7 to 10. Avoid major errors in Feng Shui practice. Learn Feng Shui cures and remedies.

Students are expected to email answers to the set of pertinent questions at end of each Part before proceeding to the next Part. Students are also encouraged to submit relevant questions. The next Part and relevant response will be sent by return email. The next Part will be sent within two months, irrespective of submission of questions.


Learn original secrets of the Imperial Feng Shui. Confucius stated that when the emperor stayed in the Ming Tang he did not require date divination and selection.

Many modern Feng Shui practitioners are making major serious mistakes in using Compass techniques to displace the original Landscape Luan Tou Feng Shui



Details of course, dates & venue please contact:
at Ki Lin Peng Hsiao (Unicorn's Valley)
26, Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603 56348915 Fax 603 56347782
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