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Startling scientific research evidence for astrology and geomancy. Skeptics are out of date!

Which Feng Shui Should You Learn?
Lost Secrets of the
Original Ancient Chinese Geomancy

Knowledge of current practitioners are very far behind the original Feng Shui and astrology!
Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 2nd November 2018

Quest for Real Proofs

There are a wide range of schools in Chinese Feng Shui and astrology, many of which are often contradicting and conflicting. There are those who complained that the courses they took were very expensive and not worth it. People would wonder about the validity of these schools and which proepr schools should they learn.

Some would say that their schools are correct as their case applications came true. Only, every contradicting schools claim the same things.(see) When a doctor gave his patient the wrong medicine, it is not the art of medicine which is wrong but that the doctor had wrongly applied the art. An art like medicine or engineering is never proven right of wrong by results, but by its scientific logic.

The validity of a Feng Shui or astrology school can be determined by whether an art has scientific logic. Scientific logic was evident in the ancient masters who were being often imperial astronomers and geographers.


Be careful how you claim your method got "results".

Historical Testimony

Ancient Feng Shui masters established auspicious sites; many of them extant today. If you can visit these ancient sites you can larn much proper Feng Shui from them. The Tang dynasty text Xue Xin Fu (Snow Heart Poem) notes that the ancient masters studied the Feng Shui of the ancient physical sites:

  • Search immortal remains, seeing environment is better then see a book; a piece of advise to all the people, believe the ear is not better than believe the eye. Xue Xin Fu 197

    Have to be supported by the ancient to get the evidence for today, noble to ascend high and far sighted.
    Leaving the building going down to hall, coming from not far thousand miles.
    Xue Xin Fu 21-22

Ancient masters would visit the ancient sites to get "field training". Confucius inquired after Lao Zi what geomancy rituals were carried out by the Chou emperors and he visited the Ancestor Temple in Luoyang to study its Feng Shui. Our research discovered where Confucius recorded down his findings.

Luoyang was the original physical model of all Feng Shui:

  • It is the sage who selected the site for Luoyang at Henan province, where the two flows of water from Chan river and Jian river intersect between the two mountains of Hua Shan and Song Shan. Qing Nang Xu 2.9, 2.10

Auspiciousness of a Site Must be Determined by Landforn Feng Shui and not Compass Methods

One important landform Feng Shui feature which can tell whether a school is right or wrong is that the historical auspicious sites invariably had South facings.

  • Also having high mountain that is Xuan Wu, the Xuan Wu dropping (crouching) place is the four animals' gathering place. The gathering place is the place Lung gather star, where four animals do not visit is emptiness. On the Kung Mang Lung place do not go to find hsueh, even though having hsueh also easy to die and extinguish. Han Lung Jing 53-55. The "Four Animals" site always faces South.

Many Feng Shui schools which used alternative Compass methods to maintain that, for auspiciousness, a site may face North, West, etc, besides a South facing are all fakes. These include Xuan Kong schools of Fei Xing (Flying Stars), Da Gua (64 Hexagrams) and Liu Fa (Six Methods), which arose in the Manchu Qing dynasty and have no basis in more ancient Sung and Tang texts.

One ill-recognised fact is that the ancient Feng Shui never dealt with a single house but a whole plain or valley, within which there could be many houses. The site for Ming tombs complex was selected on the basis of the auspiciousness of whole site, not an individual tomb. People may object to certain constructions because they threatened the Feng Shui of a whole village.

  • We teach the incidence in Moulin France, where several houses in the area had cancer inflicting generations of grandfathers, fathers, sons and grandsons. An investigator analysis found that affected houses were clustered over water veins in a Y valley. Fischer Exact Probability Test showed probability, p, = 0.00207892, which is a 0.2% level highly significant association of cancer with underground veins.

    Radiation from the water veins caused the cancer. In landform Feng Shui such a Y valley flanked by hill ridges would be recognisably an inauspicious site. Every house in that Y valley will be affected, irrespective of whether it is found auspicious or not through a fake method like Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Da Gua or Liu Fa. Determining auspiciousness of a single house can be a costly farce.

The ancient masters knew that the only way to determine the auspiciousness of a site is through examing the physical landform of the site, and not by Compass methods like Xuan Kong Fei Xing Da Gua or Liu Fa.

  • See a Feng Shui (to) find a dragon that cave most important must look at the Luan Tou, after have a good Luan Tou, cave (then) only can be a real cave. Luan Tou no good, even heaven star is good, also is not the good cave… Meaning of Snow Heart mentions point (identify) the cave have to depend on Luan Tou as the master, single use of Bagua to point cave (whether) auspicious and inauspicious is wrong. Suitable the Bagua and (also) have a good Luan Tou, naturally is more better.

    Liao Yu had say: "Pure Yin pure Yang really move (startled) the world, Tzu Wei Bagua Fang (to) reproduce (or) copy is false, same with plum blossom (which is) not the proper discussion, heaven star Zhong (ancestor hall) temple how can know?" … Tzu Wei, Bagua false methods cannot be used. Plum blossom method calculation fortune telling only uses the book surface (superficially)… heaven star method early already claimed as too simple. Lai Bu (Yi)… had say: "inside and outside water … going back to the ring, inside and outside mountain … care, itself becomes a wealthy land, no need Bagua, already auspicious.". Of course, if suitable with Bagua if more auspicious…

Water features ae crucial in the physical landform Feng Shui This actually means that if a site has no water that site is inauspicious, no matter what the Compass methods want to say. Vast numbers have been fooled by Compass parctitioners wh would caluclate "lucky numbers" for theit sites when these sites lack water, especially in high rise buildings and urban buildings. That is, no water no talk!

Thus, if a person wants to learn Feng Shui he should start with learning a proper landform Luan Tuo Feng Shui. Avoid the Compass methods as many of them are fakes anyway.


Study the historical auspicious sites.

Scientifid Logic

All Feng Shui and astrology must have scientific basis. If you do not know the scientific basis, your Feng Shui knowledge is just ordinary. We do a lot of research to teach scientific explanations in our landform Feng Shui and astrology courses.

Landform Feng Shui features have physical geography explanations. Likwise, astrology requires good knowledge of astronomy. Astrology features are astronomical positions of planetary bodies, which have periodic cycles.

The most obvious astrology feature is the 12 Zodiac signs. The precession of the equinoxes shifts Zodiacs signs one sign every 2,000 years. It was Zi in the Hsia dynasty, Chou in the Chou dynasty and Yin in the Han dynasty. Today, the Zodiac sign of the new year should be Mao.(see) But, Chinese astrologers still use the Han dynasty sign, meaning they would get everyone birth year sign wrong.

In the San Yuan "Three Eras, Nine Yuns" each Yun is 20 years. The 9 Yuns are 9 Periods and the current Period is said to be 8. This 20 years Yun has its basis in the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction which is every 19.84 years. But the conjunction is not in whole number and would come faster every cycle. In about 2,000 years, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction would jump one cycle. Since Emperor Yao's 2250 BC, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction had jumped twice. Period 8 should be Period 1. (see)

  • There are talks of "forward and reverse" patterns for arts like Zi Wei Dou Shu and Ba Zi Eight Characters divination. But the imperial texts all had only the forward pattern.

    Another fake is the San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia, which boasted of its "2 minutes windows" predictions. A "2 minutes" timing is too short and not practical. Also impractical is the Xuan Kong Da Gua's boast that it has a 0.9863 degree accuracy in site alignments. Field experience show that field compass readings cannot get such a consistent 0.9863 degree accuracy. Even the GPS has a 2 degrees variability.

    Using the 365 days calendar to determine the Four Pillars is wrong. The ancient way used a 360 degrees, where the sexagenary signs will rotate exactly 6 times each year.

These date errors doomed most of the Compass schools to inaccuracies. The few "accurate" predictions will be by chance only. This is a major reason why one should not start learning Feng Shui by learning any of the Compass schools. Some of the Compass techniques with date corrections can work. but only in interactions with a proper landform Feng Shui. The ancient opinions of the students of Yang Yun Sung, like Liao Yu and Lai Bu Yi, is that any Compass technqiue is useless unless used in conjunction wit a proper landform Feng Shui


Massive errors: Most current Chinese astrology practitioners got the datings wrong!

Due to precession of equinoxes, year sign must be changed one sign
Due to Jupiter Saturn conjunction, Yun Period now is 1 not 8.
Astrological year is divided into 360 degees not 365 days. Sexagenary signs rotated exactly 6 times per year!

Much Modern "Feng Shui" Contadict Evidence from Ancient Texts

Modern Feng Shui practitioners would make all sorts of claims that their Feng Shui was handed down from Yang Yun Sung. Yang Yun Sung did not cook up any Feng Shui but got his Feng Shui knowledge from studying the ancient texts:

  • Master Yang at his old age studied the Ci Xiong to differentiate the theories from all the books. First is to identify the movement of the Golden Dragon, second is to examine the blood vein of the incoming dragon. Qing Nang Xu 2.1-2.4

What were the ancient texts Yang Yun Sung studied? Yang Yun Sung got much from Confucius, who wrote down the Feng Shui lore in his writings.

A serious problem is that many modern practitioners have tried to read the ancient texts but found it very difficult to understand them. One well known master told that he read the 800 lines Han Lung Jing. After studying a few passages, he closed the text as he could not understand and was getting headache.

Once I explained to another well known Feng Shui master the astronomy of the Chinese astrology. I always remember how I explained to him that the alternations of Yin and Yang in the status of a sequence of years are due to the 2.014 years cyclicity in the Mars Saturn conjunction. He exclaimed that this was the first time someone gave a scientific basis. Unfortunately, when I tried to explain further, he could not take it as he was developing headache. He said that I could understand as my knowledge of geography and astronomy was good.

The legend is that each sacred scripture has a psychic shield around it and you need divine permission to pass the shield. I would pray before studying them.

For ancient texts, one should go back to Sung dynasty and before. At the end of the Ming dynasty and through the Manchu Qing dynasty forgeries cropped up.

  • Manchi Qing Emperor Kang Hsi stated, "Siting experts have a great deal to say, not from books about how the great sages and worthies of ancient times made their selections, but rather from books fabricated by people later on to suit themselves..." (Ole Bruun 2003 p.66).

    However, forgeries even existed in Yang Yun Sung's time, for he especially criticised the way fake hsuehs were determined: "Not knowing the mountain huge dropping flat and gone, the hsueh in the flat land is noble and has no challenge. Idiot master misled so many people, again mentioned that funeral and burial, fear the low class and wet (watery) ground." Han Lung Jing 702-703.

Stick to Sung dynasty and before texts and use a Ming text with care.


Sung and Tang dynasties texts give more reliable preservations of the original ancient Feng Shui. Qing dynasty Emperor Kang Hsi labelled Ming and Munchu Qing dynasties texts as forgeries.

Lost Significant "Imperial Ancestor Worship" Objectives

Yang Yun Sung's wife was worried about his writings, as the emperor could execute the whole family for revealing forbidden secrets. Jiang Da Hong fled the Qing authorities for fear of his life. Ill-understood is that the Feng Shui and astrology of Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong were for high top applications, vis those for promoting the throne. Such masters were liable to be executed, for fear the secrets of throne building would fall into the hands of rivals.

  • This star, ten thousand miles cannot get one, this Lung not allowed present people to know… keep it for the royal court to guard the country. Han Lung Jing 41-42

Likewise, such arts like the sanshi arts of Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi Shen Shu were to be used by the generals of the emperors. They were forbidden to commoners on pains of executions of the whole family.

By comparison, are not modern applications quite mundane in nature, rightly unworthy as deviants from the ancient texts? Modern readers failed to comprehend that writings of Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong are complex interactions of three factors of Heaven-Earth-Man, meant for imperial high powerful applications, and crucially linked to "Ancestor Worship":

  • Earth: landform Luan Tuo Feng Shui
  • Heaven: auspicious Time, vis San Yuan "flight of the 9 stars"
  • Man: "Ancestor Worship" rituals

About "Ancestor Worship", we must search beyond the writings of Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong. Their writings give good guidelines about the landform Luan Tuo Feng Shui. But the San Yuan "flight of the 9 stars" aspect has to be obtained from other ancient texts, like Zi Bai Jue (Purple White Poem). Our scientific research indicates that the "9" has to do with movements of the planet Jupiter.

It is emphasised that there is only one type of Feng Shui, usable either for Yang houses or Yin premises

  • The house and Yin place power have no difference (special). Generally Yang house fears that the hsueh is too small, the hsueh is small only suitable to use as tomb. (Yi Lung Jing, Question 4 answer)

    First priority is for the Ming Tang to be used for residence of the living: <
    Zhai first then later grave,
    grave needs to be prosperous but Zhai needs to be failed.
    Grave first after that Zhai,
    Zhai wins but grave itself fades.
    Xue Xin Fu 417-418:

Essentially, the "Yin" refers to spiritual ancestor worship rituals. Yin premises are sites like temples, shrines and much later on, tombs. The Feng Shui would be applied to a whole valley or plain, where there would be many Yang houses. Then, a small area within that valley or plain would be selected for undertaking the ancestor worship rituals, and this small area is the "Yin premise".

Ancestor Worship rituals must be carried out consistently, daily, new and fill moons and the equinoxes and solstices. This casts doubt as to whether the rarely visited tomb is the right place. The more proper place for the consistently undertaking the rituals would be at the family ancestor altar or temple.

So-called "Feng Shui of Tomb Premises" is a fake! Permanent tombs did not exist until after the Han dynasty. There might be mourning at the earth grave for up to 3 years and then the grave would be abandoned and its location forgotten.

  • Confucius was mourned at the grave for up to 6 years and then the grave abandoned. No one knew where Confucius' physical remains were. The present so-called tomb of Confucius is empty all the time! This so-called tomb was set up to facilitate founding Han emperor Kao Tsu's to the sage. The current "Feng Shui of Tombs" is a myth.

The true ancient "Feng Shui of Yin Premises" existed long before tombs came into existence during the Han dynasty. In this true ancient "Feng Shui of Yin Premises" the real "Yin premises" are the temples and not the tombs. Current practitioners are applying their "Yin Feng Shui" to the wrong locations.


What and How Should One Learn?

Ours is a true Center where there are much scientific research and examinations of ancient texts and historical testimony. A sequence of comprehensive courses should be:

  • [1] Landform Feng Shui (see). One should start with a landforn Luan Tuo Feng Shui course.

    [2] Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology (see). After the landform Feng Shui course, one should proceed to the Zi Wei Dou Shu course. You may larn Ba Zi Eight Character divination, but Ba Zi uses abou 3 dozens all of which are found in ZWDS, while ZWDS has about 1008 stars and is a much more complete art.

    Do not be fooled by those who teach that the ZWDS and Ba Zi star are imaginary. We teach scientific astronomical evidence to show which astronomical and planetary movements the stars refer to! The astronomical knowledge is vital to recovery of the original remedies ZWDS applies.

    and [3] Xuan Kong Feng Shui of Yang and Yin Premises (see). The Xuan Kong Feng Shui taught by Yang Yun Sung can be applied for both Yang and Yin premsies. They always involve "Ancestr Worship". If you do not practcie ancestor worhsip then it is useless to learn Yang Yun Sung's Xuan Kong Feng Shui of Yang and Yin Premises

Our Landform Feng Shui (see) and Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology (see) are advance courses, teaching many things others cannot teach. These two courses are sufficient to make one a proper grandmaster. Only if you are dealing with peopl with high ambitions, you should learn the Xuan Kong Feng Shui of Yang and Yin Premises (see).

Besides references to ancient texts, the courses should be backed up with scientific explanations. In our truly scientific courses we also present data to provide statistical analysis! (Can any other course do such things?). We have cracked the scientific astronomical basis of the "stars" of Zi Wei Dou Shu, Ba Zi and Qi Men Dun Jia. These "stars" are not imaginary! Our courses are the real thing!

We teach secondary arts like the sanshi arts of Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi Shen Shu (see) . These are for concerted efforts in winning a battle or negotiation - but, these can be done through Zi Wei Dou Shu anyway. We also teach Zi Bai Ju, which describes more about the "flight of the 9 stars".

You should learn these fake arts like Xuan Kong Fei Xing (see), Da Gua (see), Liu Fa (see) only for academic purposes. The conventional courses can be very expensive rip offs. You can study them with us at a much lower cost.

Very Advance Feng Shui Lost to Most Practitioners

Feng Shui practitioners today are far below what is revealed here. They are also unaware of the much more advance Feng Shui seen in likes of the enigmatic Shan Hai Jing (see) , Lingpao Five Talismans and 72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun (see) which we are teaching to our students. These advance aspects were used by the ancient rulers to connect Earth and Heaven, and the astonishing thing is that these Feng Shui are universal among the ancient cultures, present even in the Holy Bible and the Devas.


Learn systematically Feng Shui and astrology more true to the original potent forms, not mostly fakes as taught today.

There are myths outside there. Do not be fooled by them.

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We teach indepth proper Feng Shui courses. However, those who are curious about the fake Feng Shui can learn about them through our Online Home Study Courses on dubious Feng Shui, eg. Xuan Kong Liu Fa (with English translation of Xuan Kong Ben Yi!), Xuan Kong Fei Xing. Methodologies and Errors. There is now also one on Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Confucius was the first to write about Feng Shui and he had a very scientific approach to Feng Shui!

Confucius is well known to be against superstition. So, stop having a superstitious approach to Feng Shui and astrology.