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Lost Kingship Secrets of Integrated Feng Shui and Astrology

Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt. 12 March 2014

GUI Management Centre's research is based on the fact that a wide range of geomancy were originally practiced in a scientific and Godly manner. This research is also based on that astrology and Feng Shui are scientific disciplines linked to scientific physical geography and astronomy.

So, you want to be king?

Enigma of Chen Xi-yi Traveling to Hua Shan

It has taken me eight years of continuous deep scientific research to recover the lost 1,000 years secrets of the astronomical planetary basis of the over 100 stars of Zi Wei Dou Shu (see There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in making the breakthroughs solving centuries of mystery over the scientific nature of Chinese astrology. But, in the aftermath, I could not help thinking of how practitioners, for centuries, had been unable to decipher the science of the Chinese astrology, and also Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui and astrology effects cannot just come out from thin air, but must have logical scientific rationale.

Chen Xi-yi, the Wudang sword master, knew he had to go to Hua Shan to see Lu Dong Bin, the famous swordsmaster of the Eight Immortals. Chen Xi-yi became known for his compilations of both Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology and also physiognomy, both of which he learnt from Lu Dong Bin and a Mayi at Hua Shan. Why must a Wudang master wanted to see Lu Dong Bin?

It was certainly not about swordsmanship, as Wudang swordsmanship was superior to that of Hua Shan.

Why did Chen Xi-yi seek out Lu Dong Bin?

This was during the dying days of the Tang dynasty. Chen Xi-yi was to meet the future Sung emperors and was even requested by the Sung emperor to identify the prince who would succeed him as emperor. Chen Xi-yi would be unable to do this if he had not learnt from Lu Dong Bin Zi Wei Dou Shu.

In the 7th century, founding Tang emperor Tai Tsung ordered a team of more than ten scholars under President Lu Tsai to study and evaluate the divination and geomancy literature for anything of value. Their work was compiled into one hundred chapters. About tomb Feng Shui, the committee delivered a significant evaluation:

  • They passed a sweeping sentence on the then existing literature on the subjects in question, flatly condemning all such selection of auspicious graves and lucky times for burial as it is not sanctioned by antecedents from antiquity (DeGroot 1964 p.1006).

Lu Dong Bin was likely linked to the Lu family who were well versed in the geomancy arts of Feng Shui and astrology, which was probably of a very high and deep imperial level.

It is very important to note that the types of geomancy Feng Shui and astrology possessed by Lu Dong Bin, Mayi and then Chen Xi-yi were of very high qualities unlike the ordinary level current Feng Shui and astrology knowledge. The geomancy known to Lu Dong Bin, Mayi and then Chen Xi-yi was especially targeted at kingship!

Wudang master Chen Xi-yi was concerned with the poor state of affairs of the country and wanted to see what he could do to help the Tang imperial court. So, he rushed to Hua Shan to get more knowledge of the kingship secrets which could help the Tang emperors. Alas, he was too late as the Tang dynasty fell, giving way to the Sung dynasty.

The new Sung emperor knew well that Chen Xi-yi knew the geomancy arts of kingship. This was why the Sung emperor called up Chen Xi-yi to request help in identifying the right prince candidate to succeed the throne.

If any modern practitioner wants to claim that he had learnt well what Chen Xi-yi knew, the test is to ask that person if his skills can determine kingship? If not, then that person's knowledge at the best can only be a poor version of the original.


The Fleeing Masters

There are interesting legends about Tang dynasty Feng Shui grandsmaster Yang Yun Sung which underscore the forbidden nature of what Yang Yun Sung knew. One tradition was that his wife warned Yang Yun Sung against writing down the secrets of Feng Shui for fear of being charged with treason and the whole family executed by the emperor. That is, what Yang Yun Sung knew and wrote down can determine kingship, and these secrets were what the emperors would not want to fall into the hands of throne rivals.

Yang Yun Sung acknowledged that his writings can determine kingship:

  • This star, ten thousand miles cannot get one, this Lung not allowed present people to know… keep it for the royal court to guard the country. Han Lung Jing 41-42

The writings were not meant for the ordinary people but only for the king.

Yang Yun Sung also had a student Huang. This student Huang became a rebel leader and was approaching Xian. Yang Yun Sung fled for fear his former student would kill him to prevent him from teaching another person how to be a king.

  • Likewise, if any modern practitioner wants to claim that he had learnt well what Yang Yun Sung knew, the test is to ask that person if his skills can determine kingship? If not, then that person's knowledge can only be a poor version of the original.


The Ming master Jiang Da Hong had the same problem when he was fleeing the Manchus. Jiang Da Hong had feared that the Manchus would execute him to prevent a rival gaining the help of Jiang Da Hong to be a king.

It is said that the founding Ming emperor Hung Wu also killed the Feng Shui masters to prevent their secrets passing to a rival to the throne. Knowing the emperors would kill any outsiders who knew the kingship secrets, both Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong fled.

There was thus a class of Feng Shui and astrology affecting kingship which the emperors wanted to reserve only for themselves. They would kill anyone who would leak these secrets to rivals. Is your Feng Shui and astrology of such high imperial levels?

I know one Indian professor who used to boast to me that his ancestors were of the astrologer lineage to the Indian kings. The type of astrology his ancestors knew must be of a very high order to be useful to the Indian kings. I believe current practitioners have to evaluate how good their practices are in comparisons, otherwise, most will be stuck in a mundane level.


Current Practitioners Unable to Penetrate Ancient Texts.
Current Practitioners Unable to Penetrate Ancient Texts

One sign of the state of knowledge of current practitioners can be seen in that they hardly can understand the writings of both Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong.

A well known tomb Feng Shui master told me that he would get a headache trying to read Yang Yung Sung's Han Lung Jing. A classmate of his told me that he never read Yi Lung Jing and did not know what this book says. Jiang Da Hong preserved some of other Yang Yun Sung's writing in Di Li Bian Sheng. Current practitioners are still arguing about what Di Li Bian Sheng are about, with Tan Yang Wu accusing Jiang Da Hong of twisting parts of it.

Lack of understanding what ancient masters like Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong wrote render practitioners unable to evaluate what their masters taught them. Generations after generations taught their students, with inevitable deviations growing up into separate rival schools. All these contradicting schools would claim all sorts of "results".

What is ominous is that historical evidence indicate that the emperors from the Tang dynasty onwards would purposefully fake geomancy writings.

Modern practitioners do not realise that the original Feng Shui and astrology were something of very high order, having the potency of making kings. This was why the ancient emperors would kill such Feng Shui masters who were not on their sides.

It is naive for modern practitioners to equate their current knowledge with such kingship Feng Shui and astrology!

The kingship secrets contained in the writings of Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong are also very complicated. These secrets can never be put in simple words and they are no "instant noodles" thing. The inability of modern practitioners to penetrate the meanings of these ancient texts reflect the poor superficial analytical skills of understanding of modern practitioners. As excuses for their inabilities to penetrate the ancient texts, many modern practitioners blame the so-called archaic styles of the writings of the ancient masters or that there were oral traditions required to foster understanding.

No, the ancient texts can be understood in spite of their so-called archaic styles and there are no oral traditions required. What these practitioners need to have first is a good knowledge of astronomy and physical geography.

But, no "instant noodles" approach!


Current Practitioners Unable to Penetrate Ancient Texts.

Journey of 1,000 Li Begins with the First Step

To really master the high potent ancient Feng Shui and astrology, practitioners must go through these points:

  • A logical scientific rationale must be established for astrology and Feng Shui.
  • Practitioners have to exert great efforts to understand the ancient texts. Do not just depend on what have been transmitted through your so-called masters. For those who do not know Mandarin, we have translated a number of pertinent ancient Feng Shui texts from Mandarin into English with helpful commentaries. (see
  • The ability to understand what the ancient masters wrote can be greatly facilitated by a good knowledge of astronomy and physical geography.
  • Study the historical testimony about the debates over astrology and Feng Shui approaches. Understand the historical arguments against certain concepts in astrology and Feng Shui.
  • What also escape practitioners is that geomancy is an integrated art, involving a complicated integration of astrology, Feng Shui and rituals. Without the integration, each of the disciplines of astrology, Feng Shui and rituals will lose much of the intended potency.

One more thing. Ancient legends and anecdotes indicate that the practice of geomancy, especially when involving kingship, was a complicated art and there are hints of requirements for divine help:

  • After lighting an incense stick, the Demon Valley diviner would mutter these words:
    "I bow respectfully in front of the gods of the six ding, may the trigrams of King Wen bear a numinous answer!.. If one asks with a sincere heart, the Trigrams shall be responsive! Burning carefully a stick of perfect incense, I pray respectfully to the patriarchs of the Eight Trigrams: Fu-Hsi, Yu the Great, King Wen, the Duke of Chou, Confucius, the five great saints! The Seventy Two sages guarding the Way of Confucianism, Master of the Valley of Demons, Master Sun Bin, Master Guan Lu, Master Yan Yuping, Master Mu Xin, Li Yan; the divine generals of the six Ding and the six Jia within the Trigrams' Thousand li eyes, Favourable Wind Ear; the boy who reports on the trigrams, the lad who launch the trigrams, all the divinities pacing the void; and the Magistrate of the altar of the city walls of our prefectural province. May they all descend to inspect today's divination. (Vincent Durand-Dastes. 2010. Divination and Fate Manipulation in a Popular Myth in Late Imperial China. International Consortium for Research in the Humanities.)

No simple "instant noodles" thing or "Feng Shui and Astrology for Dummies" things.

Hence, most practitioners still have a long way to go before they can match the profound knowledge of the ancient masters of astrology and Feng Shui. Many so-called masters are clever but stagnant, as they lack research to expand and broaden their knowledge and skills.

Remember again: The Feng Shui and astrology effects cannot just come out from thin air, but must have logical scientific rationale. Without the scientific rationale used by the ancient founding masters, current practitioners have veered into highly subjective symbolic often supernatural nonsense, reducing the originally venerable art to the level of roadside peddlers.

  • Look at Lu Dong Bin, who taught Chen Xi-yi the astrology of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Lu Dong Bin was also a swordsman. He was also a god of medicine, where astrological prognostications at his temples often lead to divine recommendations of herbal mixtures for medicine.
  • Chen Xi-yi humbly traveled all the way to Hua Shan, to scale the tough mountain to meet Lu Dong Bin to learn Zi Wei Dou Shu. Confucius humbly traveled all the way to see Lao Zi, to learn how the Chou emperors applied the astrological rituals of the Ming Tang at Luoyang for kingship.
  • Feng Shui and astrology are integration of highly complex disciplines, their ultimate potency involving kingship.

You have to make the first step in the tough "Journey of the Thousand Li". Good luck!

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