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Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt. 16th April 2013

GUI Management Centre's research has a breakthrough in unlocking age-old secrets of Xuan Kong Feng Shui. The research includes a massive project translating ancient Mandarin texts of Feng Shui and astrology into English and evaluations of their meanings. This research examines the historical contexts, scientific geography and astronomy. To understand the potent secrets of real Xuan Kong Feng Shui, one must understand [1] the Form Luan Tou Feng Shui based on texts like Han Lung Jing and [2] the corrected Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology.

Mountain Gate of Shaolin Monastery, Henan.
Shaolin monastery has a South facing.

Enduring 1,500 Years Successful Feng Shui

Shaolin monastery in Henan is the superlative example of lasting good Feng Shui and resultant bountiful qi.

The famous Shaolin monastery in Henan was established around AD 495 by Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei dynasty for the Indian monk Batuo, the first Shaolin abbot. Notwithstanding the normal ups and downs, Shaolin monastery of recent is undergoing a remarkable resurgent phase which continues to emphasise its over 1,500 years highly successful existence, especially of kungfu.

A few analysts had rightly attributed the Shaolin success to a good Feng Shui for the Shaolin monastery location. What are the possible Feng Shui factors which make the Shaolin monastery so successful?

Yang Yun Sung named the Songshan-Shaolin area as one of the auspicious Feng Shui area.

Most practitioners are unaware that the ancient Feng Shui texts named only a few areas in ancient China which have good Feng Shui, and the Songshan-Shaolin area is one of them:

  • This saying although is big (context) but also can hint that it is small, Song Shan (high mountain) descending Shen producing out Shen Bo (person name).
    Generally people are the essence of mountain and water, the heaven given the sages and those capable as it is presently born.
    Ancestor must have the mountain and house (premise); seize the mountains and rivers, forever are efficacious. Yi Lung Jing 342-344

    2 capitals Song Shan (mountains) are the most difficult to find, already simply being commented and established by the previous people. Han Lung Jing 618

There is no doubt that Tang dynasty Feng Shui patriarch Yang Yun Sung, as written in the passages above, saw that the Shaolin Henan area has good Feng Shui of a highly successful and lasting nature.

  • There were one or two analysts with poor historical understanding who claimed that Shaolin was not successful. They actually referred to a total destruction of the Shaolin Temple which was not that of the Shaolin Temple in Henan but that of the 1760 destruction of South Shaolin Temple in Fujian.


Shaoyang river flowing along South frontage of Shaolin.
Water Dragon Feng Shui Factors of Shaolin Monastery

Some analysts also did not know how to read the physical location of the Shaolin monastery area in Henan. They made the error of saying that Shaolin monastery is on top of the Songshan mountain or the Shaoshi mountain. Songshan mountain is some kilometers east of Shaolin monastery.

A proper study of the physical geography will show that Shaolin monastery is located in a valley on the northern bank of the Shaoyang river. The Taishi mountain range extending west from Songshan lies north of Shaolin monastery. The Shaoshi mountain range is to the south of Shaoyang river.

The Shaoyang river valley runs from West to East. Shaolin monastery however is built on the northern bank of Shaoyang river and has a South facing. This Shaolin monastery has an auspicious South facing.

The South facing should not be surprising as almost all major traditional Chinese architecture had the South facing.

Of course, Shaolin monastery also has the Shaoyang river flowing along its South frontage.

Shaolin monastery has what would be called the "Water Dragon" as described in Ming dynasty Feng Shui grandmaster Jiang Da Hong's "Tian Yuan Wu Ge".


Taishi-Songshan mountain range to north of Shaolin monastery

Mountain Dragon Feng Shui Factors of Shaolin Monastery

The Figure shows that Shaolin monastery is flanked by the Taishi - Songshan mountains along the rear North. That is, Shaolin monastery has the Black Warrior along its rear. This is a very auspicious Feng Shui factor which physically blocks off the winds from the North entering into the Shaolin monastery area.

The Figure also shows that hill ridges extend south from the Taishi-Songshan range. Hende, there would be a number of amchair formations with South facings along the southern side of the Taishi-Songshan range. These armchair formations are what would normally be called "crane claw", "crane knees", "crab or prawn pincers" etc. These side hill ridges are the Green Dragon at the East and White Tiger at the West.

The above are the "Mountain Dragon" factors in Ming dynasty Feng Shui grandmaster Jiang Da Hong's "Tian Yuan Wu Ge".


It is critical for the site to have a South frontage. All Feng Shui teaching facings away from South are nonsense!

It is also important how wide is the "Water Mouth" or "Qi Mouth" which is always at the South frontage.

Armchair Four Animals Formation

The Shaolin monastery thus lies in the Luan Tuo Feng Shui highly auspicious armchair formation of the "Four Animals".

  • Also having high mountain that is Xuan Wu, the Xuan Wu dropping (crouching) place is the four animals' gathering place. The gathering place is the place Lung gather star, where four animals do not visit is emptiness. On the Kung Mang Lung place do not go to find hsueh, even though having hsueh also easy to die and extinguish. Han Lung Jing 53-55

The scientific rationale for such a "Four Animals" physical formation are as follows:

  • The rear North "Black Warrior" blocks off and protects the location from winds coming from the North.

    The South Red Phoenix is a gap between the hill ridges which allow sunlight to shine into the centre of the armchair formation.

    The side Green Dragon and White Tiger ridges guide the river flows towards the center.

Thus, the center of the armchair fornation will be a well watered area with luxuriant green plants free from winds attacks. It will abound with qi.


First Patriarch Temple, Northwest of Shaolin Monastery

Enduring Good Feng Shui

The long lasting success of Shaolin monastery shows that the Shaolin monastery has excellent Feng Shui. Actually, the armchair formation of the Shaolin monastery is about 700 meters wide. The 1,500 years old Shaolin monastery is located on the western part of this armchair formation, while the 1,000 years old Songyang Academy is located on the eastern part. East of Songyang Academy is an even older institution, the over 2,000 years old Zhongyue Temple.

All these long lasting institutions owe it to the high qi in the Shaolin valley.

Reflecting the fertile soils and enduring auspicious Feng Shui in the area, good ginseng is found in the Songshan area:

  • In the Song Mountain area there are many herbs like radix bupleuri, scutellaria baicalensis and Song Mountain ginseng. The Song Mountain ginseng is as good as the northeast of China's ginseng. It grows on Song Mountain, between Shaoshi Mountain and Taishi Mountain. (Ibo Fei. 2010. Master Wu Nanfang talks on Shaolin Wugulun Kung fu.

The presence of such herbs like ginseng and the agracious mushrooms indicates the rich qi environment.


Shaolin monastery abounds with flowing qi. The qi fosters the success of the Shaolin monks.

Shaolin monastery thus the sort of place dubbed as the legendary "Dragon Cave". Flowing waters, green scenery, serene mountains reflecting the good results from the South facing armchair formation:

  • It was so scenic that Emperor Qian Long wrote poems about its natural beauty.

    The abundant qi is an essential strong factor fostering good development of the famous Shaolin kungfu.

    Songyang Academy is well known for its research into Buddhist scriptures.

Practitioners should learn from this Shaolin monastery holistic model, whose Feng Shui also have health and wellness effects. The qi is formed in the natural green Ming Tang. The Shaolin monks then further tap the flowing qi throgh the Shaolin kungfu exercises, herbal based food and meditation.

  • Warning: It is a great fallacy to label urban built up concrete areas as auspicious. These urban areas with their concrete roads are barren areas which would be regarded in traditional Luan Tuo Feng Shui as highly inauspicious and full of sha. It is a serious mistake for many to use Compass methods to claim such urban areas are auspicious - they unwittinlgy lure clients to their dooms in inauspicious areas.

More research into other aspects of the Shaolin philosophy, especially the Time aspects, can unveil many more Xuan Kong Feng Shui secrets of Shaolin monastery. Many of these secrets are noted in our new book "Shaolin Monastery: Historical Traditions and Kingship Feng Shui".


Quest for Kingship
Modern Feng Shui and astrology have lost the secrets of kingship.

Loss of Kingship Secrets

The author has realised that there is a serious need for a comprehensive course to present again the original true Xuan Kong Feng Shui. A text like Tian Yu Jing not only expounds Xuan Kong Feng Shui but has pertinent hints about kingship.

However, practitioners will find it hard to understand the Xuan Kong Feng Shui of Tian Yu Jing , unless they understand [1] the Form Luan Tou Feng Shui based on texts like Han Lung Jing and [2] the corrected Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology.

  • Current Zi Wei Dou Shu suffers from a number of falsifications made by the emperor. These need to be cleaned up.

    • A thief entered the imperial library,
      The emperor commanded a forgery.

    Datings in current Chinese astrology and Feng Shui are also in error, as they have not corrected for the precession of the equinoxes and for deviations from actual planetary movements. Our courses present proper date corrections.

    • The Chinese mission arrived one day too early to wish happy birthday to the Mongolian emperor. But, the Mongolian emperor found that his birthday was on the wrong date. He had his astronomers-astrologers executed.

Insights into the Kingship Secrets

Our special course on Xuan Kong Feng Shui can be taught only to those who have undertaken our advance courses on [1] Form Luan Tou Feng Shui and 2] the corrected Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology.

  • One famous Taiwan Mao Shan master took pity on his many students who could not hope to penetrate the innermost secrets. So, he taught these enough to earn a living by conducting funeral services or roadside fortune telling.

    "People are fortunate if they can handle silver, but only a few will possess gold."


Down the ages, the talented and valiant seek to become kings. But who can open the seals to the scrolls of kingship?

Come and join us and learn in our courses. Be more than the current masters. Learn kingship Feng Shui and astrology far superior than any you may have known. Stop learning ordinary Feng Shui and astrology and learn the correct high level original imperial forms!

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Ebooks available on translations of pivotal ancient Feng Shui texts into English with massive commentaries:
Han Lung Jing, Arousing Dragon Classic
Xue Xin Fu, Snow Heart
Green Satchels
Zhang Shu, Book of Burial
Yi Lung Jing, Doubtful Dragon Classic

  • Tian Yu Jing, Heaven Jade Classic, with Du Tian Bao Zhou Jing - only by special enquiry to those who have taken our Luan Tou Feng Shui and Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology courses.

Find out what the original texts really say! Much of modern Feng Shui and astrology have deviated from them.



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