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Prof. Dr.Ong Hean-Tatt 1st January 2012

To help those staying in Demon Gate areas, the ancient masters use special weapons forged from astrology to counter the deadly effects.

Even the ancient Holy Bible tells that God placed the stars for "signs". The signs are more than for telling Time - they actually contains the secrets of how to enhance blessings and combat the Demon Gate.

  • The Chinese imperial delegation arrived at the Mongolian court to congratulate the Mongol emperor on his birthday which was supposed to be the first day of the Moon. The Mongols told the Chinese that they had arrived one day early. However, the Mongol emperor ordered an investigation and found that his Mongol astrologers were wrong and had them beheaded. Correct astrological timing is essential in the battles against the Demon Gate.

Coming of the Star Master
Much of astrology are about the Demon Gate and how to counter Demon Gate with science-based rituals performed in the Ming Tang! The integration of Feng Shui, astrology and rituals was the secret of the ancient TLV mirror, the precursor of the shih board and then the luopan. Loss of these secrets have severely reduced the effective powers of the modern Feng Shui and astrology.

Ancient masters watched the vast lands, ever criss-crossed by the transforming elements of Nature. Even the ancient Holy Bible narrates the aspects of the cyclic fluctuations of Nature:

  • To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven;
    A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
    A time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
    A time to weep. and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;
    A time to get and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away;
    A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    Ecclesiates 3:1-8

Everywhere, the invisible flowing energies pulsate to affect everything through Time, from plants to animals and Man. These energies whirled to, into and through the Ming Tang and Demon Gate. Unseen, these energies created auspicious zones and Death Grounds and caused kingdoms to wax and wane. Then, the ancient masters forged the "Weapons of the Immortals" from Feng Shui and astrology to modify the changing qi for the benefit of fellow mankind.

Even the ancient Holy Bible warns that holy convocations must be held continually within the chosen place for perpetual reception of blessings from the Eternal.


The ancient Star Masters tracked the Time changes in the energies to ensure widespread benefits to their fellow mankind. Once the landform sifus had established the physical Ming Tang, the Star Masters arrived. Emperors would listen gravely to them, even as they had listened to the landform sifus. One at a time, the landform sifus and Star Masters would take their turns, and the ritual magicians after them.

  • Generally, the emperors would consult with only the shih and seldom came into direct contact with the wu. The shih was the high scholar officer knowledgeable in astrology and Feng Shui. The shih also regulated what the wu would do in the rituals. The chief shih was often a Fu-Wang, a minister with ducal status ranking next only to the emperor and high above all other ministers.

    This Fu-Wang chief shih was called the "Grand Protector" by Confucius. With the prime minister and Grand Tutor they formed the three yeomen who assisted the emperor to rule the kingdom.

    The ancient history talked about the imperial gathering of astrologers, Feng Shui masters and magicians. The significance is lost to and unrealised by modern practitioners.

The way modern practitioners treat the geomancy arts is no longer worthy of the high status and seriousness of the original practices.


The ancient Ming Tang was powerful enough to neutralise divination effects

Ming Tang Overriding Divination

Practitioners will do well to ponder over Confucius' hint about the differential roles and status of Feng Shui and astrology in the imperial practice:

  • 56. The Master said, "The shell and stalks employed by the great men must be held in awe and reverence. But the son of Heaven does not divine by the stalks. While the princes are keeping guard in their states, they divine by stalks. When the son of Heaven is on the road (traveling), he (also) divines by the stalks. In any other state but their own they do not divine by the stalks. They consult the tortoise shell about the chambers and apartments of the houses (where they lodge). The son of Heaven does not so consult the tortoise shell; he stays always in the grand ancestral temples."
    57. The Master said, "The men of rank, on occasions of special respect, use their sacrificial vessels. On this account they do not fail to observe set seasons and days, and do not act contrary to the intimations of the shell and stalks; thus seeking to serve with reverence the ruler and their superiors...

    (Li Chi, Book of Rites. Legge 1967. Volume 2:349-351)

It is very important to note that Confucius hinted that the Ming Tang (i.e. the site of the grand ancestral temple") is so full of qi that it renders unnecessary the roles of divination. This indicates a number of things:

  • It is all about qi.

    The Time changes in the qi were tracked with devices like the tortoise shells and stalks, i.e. divination or astrology.

    However, it is unnecessary to do the divination when one stays in a Ming Tang. The Ming Tang inherently produces so much qi that the Time fluctuations in qi were inconsequent.

    However, even the emperor would from time to time have to leave the Ming Tang, e.g. when making regional inspections or even going to war. Then it became necessary to consult the oracles.

    Confucius talked about sacrifices, indicating that rituals were involved with respect to manipulating the qi. That is, there were astrology, Feng Shui and rituals, all integrated for regulating the qi.


The mowtan is the symbol of Luoyang that supreme Ming Tang.

The ancient masters found how the Ming Tang can be used in conjunction with astrology to counter the disastrous effects of the Demon Gate.

But, the Feng Shui is far more important than the astrology! This was what the Ming master Jiang Da Hong actually stated in his Tian Yuan Wu Gei:

  • 343. Heaven timing geography the sage and wise saying Kan Yu (Heaven Earth) two words the meaning is joining.
    344. Simply say that Jiang Nan (southern river) is without a vast land, but using the advantages of year, month, day, time.
    345. Real Lung the vast land inclined towards Jiang Nan (southern river) also want Heaven timing power to add on it.

    Tian Yuan Wu Ge

Jiang Da Hong spoke of a geomancy where astrology ("Heaven timing") and geography were integrated. Jiang Da Hiong pointed out that the purpose of astrology ("Heaven timing") is to add to the Feng Shui of the geography. Jiang Da Hong also noted that site of the real Lung (i.e. the Ming Tang) has a South frontage along which flows the river. He knew that a site without a South frontage cannot be a Ming Tang.

  • So-called Xuan Kong practitioners may claim their arts originated with Jiang Da Hong. But the great master clearly noted that the astrology part is secondary and supplementary to the top priority geographical Feng Shui.

    Verse 344 notes Jiang Da Hong's warning about those who try to use astrology (advantages of year, month, day, time) to overcome the deficiencies in the geographical Feng Shui.

While astrology and Feng Shui could be integrated, the ancient texts show that the geographical Feng Shui is supreme.


The Feng Shui and astrology left behind by Tai Shang Lao Jun (the title of Lao Zi) are now ill-understood
Loss of Original Star Master Skill

The more obvious function of the Star Master was to evaluate the astrology. The question is how to make the proper correct evaluation?

  • Current practitioners are blissfully unaware of the errors which have crept into their divination arts. Generations after generations of masters and students just unthinkingly transmitted their arts, often with unjustified small changes which gradually added up to serious deviations from the original.

    The original astrology was highly scientific, being a function of real astronomical planets and their movements. But current practitioners have lost knowledge of the fundamental scientific basis and have come to think that the astrology stars are "imaginary". How naive!

    Modern practitioners need to correct for these errors! They have to recover the original scientific basis, otherwise what they have now is only a rather low level astrology.

The imperial astrologers made careful observations of the stars and planets. The emperors provided them elaborate expensive astronomical equipment to do that. They did not tracked astrological Time with the faulty calendars but through observing the astronomical positions of the stars and planets.

The main basis of astrological Time was the position of the Bei Dou (Big Dipper) among the 28 Lunar Constellations - this gives the annual Time. For Time through the years, the court astrologers especially would track the movements of the large planet Jupiter, known as "Nien Star" (Year Star). Additional observations were made of other celestial bodies, like the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Saturn.

How did these court astrologers convey their findings to the emperor? Through the shih boards and turtle shells (or ox bones).

  • Jiang Da Hong used a luopan which has only 4 rings (see diagram below). The 4 rings compose of an innermost 8 trigrams, second ring of 24 Mountains, third ring of 48 Na Jia and the outermost ring of 28 Lunar Constellations.

    The Jiang Da Hong's luopan is actually a shih board! Jiang Da Hong was using his 4 rings luopan to tell Time! By observing the night sky to see the relevant 28 Lunar Constellations in conjunction with the full moons, Jiang Da Hong would know the Ganzhi signs of the time in question.

    Jiang Da Hong was using his 4 rings luopan not to find physical directions but to tell time! The luopan was actually a moon-dial for telling astrological Time. All modern luopans with so many purported directions findings fake rings are nonsense.


A fundamental error in tracking astrological Time emerged when practitioners started to use the official calendars for short cut methods to determine astrological Time. The calendar units are only approximations of real astronomical movements. They are fine in the short term, but would deviate in medium and long terms and would eventually require re-calibrations. Modern usage or abuse of the calendar systems have led to a number of serious errors in modern divination dating.

  • During the Hsia, Shang, Chou and Han dynasties, corrections were made for the precession of the equinoxes by shifting one Zodiac sign every 2,000 years. The last was made in the Han dynasty. Year 2011 is today labeled as Year of Rabbit (Mao) when it should be shifted to be Year of Dragon.

    You can actually tell whether 2011 was really a Year of Rabbit. Mao the Rabbit was supposed to be a quiet peaceful time. Was 2011 quite and peaceful? Well, the Dragon signifies turbulence, natural disasters and even rebellions - did not this fit 2011?

    Han Si Fen Li calendar started in AD 85 with GengChen (sign 17). 1984 is taken as JiaZi (1). Calculation from 85 to 1984 shows 1984 is not a JiaZi year! Tang emperor changed GuiHai sign (60) of Winter Solstice AD 640 to a JiaZi sign. 60 cycle counts not continuous and current divination systems are using wrong datings!

Errors abound in modern Chinese divination dating and need to be corrected. The ancient masters attacked errors ever creeping into the Feng Shui and astrology lore. Practitioners will do well to study the ancient texts to find out.


The ancients left several diagrams to signifiy the integrated astrology and Feng Shui. One diagram is the mandala often traced on the mysterious ancient Chinese TLV mirrors.

Read more of the TLV secrets in series of articles on the sanshi arts.

Functions of the Star Master:
Unleashing out the "Weapons of the Immortals"

  • Much of the beauty of Hindu predictive astrology lies in its powerful methods to alleviate karmic difficulties appearing in one's birth chart. Astrological upayes (antidotes to obstacles and difficulties) are, necessarily, an essential feature of Hindu astrology. After all, what is the point of a completely predictive system – a system that makes it easy to foresee difficult and sometimes life threatening periods – if one does not have the means to alter the problem? Who would want to know the future if nothing can be done about it? In Hindu astrology much can be done. Therefore, Hindu astrologers are famous for prescribing gemstones, mantras and yagyas… (James T Braha. Prediction East. In Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers. 1997. p.287. Samuel Weiser, Znc. York Beach, USA.)

The Star Master was supposed to help people benefit from astrological changes in the qi. The conventional idea is that a person can take advantage of the best qi time for himself, or avoid being afflicted by adverse qi timing.

A critical aspect of the applications of qi timing is with respect to the fluctuating sha at the Demon Gate. Various measures can be taken:

  • Lai Bu Yi recommended that those staying in Demon Gate areas must perform qi boosting rituals to counter the sha of the Demon Gate.

    Lai Bu Yi particularly warned that some people born under certain Zodiac signs cannot stay in Demon Gate areas.

    A most well known yet ill-understood ancient ceremony was the imperial New Year Eve ceremony to ward off the dangerous Nien Beast coming to attack the main entrance.

    An ancient saying is that '"72 evils lie at the door". The most deadly one is the end of year Nien Beast coming to the Demon Gate.

Our research shows that there are many ill-understood but potent secrets in the ancient integrated astrology-Feng Shui capable of regulating qi for the far-reaching benefits of the people. Ill-understood by modern practitioners, the various astrological problems have surprising scientific medical basis and can be treated in a scientific medical way. There are real biological and hormonal reactions to astrological factors and these can be scientifically manipulated.

No cartoon witches' brews, please!


  • The 8 Immortals were masters of astrology and Feng Shui. They also knew how to apply the "Weapons of the Immortals" to combat the deadly Demon Gate.
    Note that Li Tien-kuei, the Beggar Immortal, was supposed to be the disciple or friend of Lao Zi. Lao Zi was also the master of the master of Han Chung Li-chuan, the master of Lu Dong Bin. Every thing points to Lao Zi or Tai Shang Lao Jun as the original creator of the Chinese Feng Shui and astrology.
    Their "Weapons of the Immortals" often include herbal medicine.

The ancient masters used the power of the Ming Tang to defeat the Demon Gate! The ancient cultures rang with the clarion calls to the faithfuls to come from time to time to the sacred ground of the Ming Tang. Then, they would receive the powerful shield and weapons of protection to return to Demon Gate areas. Hence, Confucius enigmatically stated, "The people who failed to perform the Rites can be considered as a dead society".

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  • Breakthrough: Our serious in-depth research found that almost all the 3 to 4 dozen stars of Ba Zi Eight Characters divination can be found among the over 100 stars of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Likewise, almost all the 3 to 4 dozens stars in Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi Shen Shu also came from parts of the stars of Zi Wei Dou Shu.

    Practitioners must wake up to the fact that Zi Wei Dou Shu was the original parent source of all these divination systems! The findings can help restore the accuracy of these divination sstems.

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