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Prof. Dr.Ong Hean-Tatt 1st January 2012

Conventionally, "Demon Gate" is North East. Ancient cultures feared the "Demon Gate" and devised countless counters to ward off the deadly evil attacking the entrance... Misunderstandings of the real meanings of "Demon Gate" have caused many to stay in deadly areas

  • Humanity is a flotsam in the ocean of existence. They are the dead who think they are living.

    Lai Bu Yi warned: "Demon Gate" landform can cause failure, death, cancer, deformity! Many doom clients to "Demon Gate" areas! Avoid "Demon Gate" & save lives. Learn about vital "Demon Gate" in advance Luan Tou course

"Demon Gate", Opposite of Ming Tang

In the previous article we discussed the auspicious Ming Tang. Now, let us examine the antithesis to the Ming Tang, vis the highly ill-understood "Demon Gate" (Kuei Men) which is inauspicious. No Feng Shui and astrology are complete without understanding the interactions between the auspicious Ming Tang and the deadly Demon Gate!

Of all the great geomancy secrets lost down Time, that about "Demon Gate" is a most critical one. About two thirds of what is called Form Luan Feng Shui are actually about this deadly "Demon Gate", but most do not realise it. Already, there is ill-understanding of what is the Ming Tang; how much more can there be understanding of the "Demon Gate"?

What is "Demon Gate"? Conventionally, it is said to be the facing direction to the North East, through which malevolent devilish forces and energies will flow to attack a site. Alas, it is not that simple, otherwise, most would have avoided the Demon Gate and be happily alive.

Much of the lack of understanding is caused by not reading and understanding what the ancient texts really mean. Lai Bu Yi wrote a whole book, Cui Guan Pian, to tell about this Demon Gate. Lu Pan, the god of carpenters, wrote in his Lu Ban Jing, Juan 3 which deals mostly with Demon Gate. Much of Yang Yun Sung's Yi Lung Jing is about Demon Gate.

The situation is aggravated by those purporting various Feng Shui and astrology measures which actually doomed their clients to stay in deadly Demon Gate areas. Many are developing mental inbalance, deformities and even cancer by staying in such dangerous areas. Most who stay in Demon Gate areas are generally stricken by low status and poverty. These so-called masters do not know what is the "Demon Gate" and the scientific remedies.

A certain level of superstitious aura has grown around the concept of "Demon Gate", which has clouded the scientific fact that Demon Gate involves real physical landform features. These physical landform features have real regulatory roles over the physical qi and sha energies of negative and positive ions.


Friend... welcome..

The Death Ground

Take a look again at what Yang Yun Sung described during the Tang dynasty as the physical features of the Ming Tang:

  • Also having high mountain that is Xuan Wu, the Xuan Wu dropping (crouching) place is the four animals' gathering place. The gathering place is the place Lung gather star, where four animals do not visit is emptiness. On the Kung Mang Lung place do not go to find hsueh, even though having hsueh also easy to die and extinguish. Han Lung Jing 53-55

Guo Po also wrote earlier during the Jin dynasty of the same thing:

  • The burial uses the left as Green Dragon, the right as White Tiger the front as Red Phoenix, the back as the Xuan Wu.
    Xuan Wu dangling its head, Red Phoenix spreading its wings in dancing posture, the
    Green Dragon in winding posture, the White Tiger tamely crouching down.
    The shapes and forms if it is the reverse to the above, the method thus will break and die.
    That is why when the tiger is crouching, call it holding (with mouth) the corpse, the Lung is crouching call it jealousy of host, Xuan Wu not dangling is rejecting the corpses, the Red Phoenix not in dancing and soaring away. Zhang Shu 84-87

The warnings are explicit - areas outside the Ming Tang are "Death Ground"! Areas which do not have the physical features of the Four Heraldic Beasts and thus lying outside the flat zone protected by rear and side mountains are "Death Ground". The alarming serious fact is that most people stay in "Death Ground".


Much of the ancient Chinese Feng Shui addressed the vital issue of "Demon Gate". Alas, modern practitioners are highly ignorant of what is this deadly physical landform!

Demon Gate

The ancient texts hint that, of these "Death Ground" areas, the most deadly would be the one ill-known as "Demon Gate". The term "Gate" indicates a direction or channel through which dangerous forces align.

It is the famous Sung master Lai Bu Yi who particularly described this Demon Gate:

  • Yang Guan undulating producing the bee's waist, Yin Quan the gravel and water coming to welcome.
    It is a strong taboo that Gan Xing (North Pole stars) shining high on the hsueh, the drum and water container (bowl) sequence, the calamity still persists. Cui Guan Pian 27-28

    Gui Niu (Ghost Cow) coming and going are not auspicious, chanting the classics to eliminate the devils, always encounter with bad.
    Gui Liu (ghost flowing) to come and go, the Lung entering into Zhen, explosions on day time frightening west and east. Cui Guan Pian 278-279

"Gui Liu" or Ghost Flow is "Demon Gate"! Lai Bu Yi indicates that it is a "bee's waist" like channel formed by the narrow valley between two mountain ranges - hence "bee's waist". This channel or valley has a linear alignment towards the North stars - hence the forbidden North East.

It can be explained why such a physical landform of the North East facing narrow valley is very dangerous. In the canyon areas of the western parts of USA there are high canyons with narrow deep valleys. Strong winds are known to funnel through such narrow channels and tornadoes can be formed. The flowing large air mass from the North meets the North facing and forces itself to funnel into the narrow valley. The wind force will be rushing and strong. Such a climatic condition is injurious. This is what is the "Demon Gate" and is a very bad physical landform.

  • The narrow valley between the two mountains is only dangerous if it in the path of the wind blowing from the North. The two mountains must be one to the East and one to the West.

    If the valley is flanked by mountain ridges one along the North and one along the South, then it is not Demon Gate area. Of course, whether this valley is a Ming Tang depends on the presence of the physical features of the Four Heraldic Beasts.

The winds coming from the North are generally adiabatic and will carry heavy loads of dusts and positive ions. People would be bathed in an unseen Death mist. Notable examples are the Alpine foehn winds which are known to cause heaviness in the air, stress, tensions, poor health and violent human behaviour.


Winds are what caused "Demon Gate"!.

The Winds Cannot Read!

  • It is written in the signpost, do not pluck these blossoms.
    But it is useless against the winds which cannot read.

    Japanese poem

The deadly effects of the Demon Gate are mainly due to the winds, where everything will wilt in their paths. The Tang Feng Shui text Xue Xin Fu (Snow Heart Poem) warns:

  • Wind inside the cave need to be avoided,
    do not let it cut ear blow chest;
    water in front want to be winding.
    most afraid (scare) of rushing to the heart and shooting below armpit .

    Xue Xin Fu 173

That is why the Chinese medicine often blames the wind for many illnesses. The cause of many illness is attributed to "teo hong", meaning "caught by the wind". The Huai Nan Zi, circa 150 BC, linked illness to presence of winds.

  • Practitioners should research these subtle but deadly effects of winds. There are a lot of information about their unfortunate roles in human ill health. Besides the influxes of positive ions including their radioactive forms, the rushing winds also produce infrasounds, which are responsible for a wide range of haunting phenomena.

    Medical research shows that continents all over the world experienced winds like the foehns, chinooks, sirroco, santa ana, etc. which cause ill-effects on human beings.

So, Demon Gate is no fanciful imaginative thing. It is a real physical landform associated with the path of winds. It should not be any surprise that a key feature of the Ming Tang is the rear backing mountain range to the North, which will, of course, blocks off the deadly winds.

The Ming Tang is nested in the fertile bountiful South facing valley. The winds from the North cannot reach into the cozy enclave. Now you know why it is so important to have a South facing!

Get it into your head: any windy site is very bad Feng Shui!

This especially applies to skyscrapers and high rises. Just ask any high-rise occupant, he will tell you that his high rise apartment can often be subjected to strong winds.

In more traditional times, skyscrapers were often listed in Feng Shui books as too Yin, and without "backing". How come in recent times, this correct advice is no longer followed? Do not let the so-called Feng Shui practitioner trick you into believing that it is okay!

One Feng Shui master retorted that a well known banker stayed in the top of the skyscraper. So, I just replied with the question of whether that person's grandchildren will find it comfortable to visit him!


Of all the Feng Shui masters, it was Lai Bu Yi who especially wrote about Demon Gate. He gave warnings about dangerous Zodiac signs to be born under in Demon Gate areas. One of his measures was the creation on the luopan of the Ren Pan, which many today do not understand.
Issue of Demon Gate

It can be strange that practitioners do not often bring up this subject of Demon Gate. The horror is confined to "Oh, your house faces the North East!" You curse your luck that, of all the houses in the neighbourhood, it is yours which happened to face North East! Why are not your neighbours as unlucky?

But the terrible error is that the Demon Gate concept is lost among the wide trivials often taught and applied in so-called form Luan Tuo Feng Shui. People are unwittingly staying in Demon Gate areas. The Demon Gate concept shares with that of the Ming Tang as the most important and crucial of the Feng Shui concepts.

  • Yang Yun Sung devoted a whole text, Yi Lung Jing (Doubtful Dragon), to explaining the Demon Gate. It is the companion volume to Han Lung Jing (Arousing Dragon) which explains the physical features of the Ming Tang.

    Lu Ban Jing wrote down in Juan 3 the 71 diagrams of what to have and what not to have in arranging the site. Two thirds of his diagrams concern the Demon Gate.

    Most of Lai Bu Y's Cui Guan Pian is about the Demon Gate and what to do against it.

Finally, the Demon Gate is not just a narrow line or small door facing the North East. The Demon Gate can encompasses a large area. In the Kuala Lumpur area, one large Demon Gate zone is that of the northern parts of the Ulu Kang valley covering some tens of square kilometers! The zone is aligned from North to South and has the highest frequency of deadly landslides in Malaysia. The several houses nested within that large area will all be adversely affected by the Demon Gate, not withstanding where their doors face!

  • The direction of the door is meaningless in a Demon Gate area. All those fanciful theories about the doors, as often taught in Xuan Kong, Yang Gong and "Water Gates", are meaningless. The Demon Gate is too powerful to be warded off by such inferior Feng Shui.

    The tragic actor Bruce Lee stayed in a Demon Gate area, already known locally as "Demon Valley". In vain the so-called Feng Shui master tried to help him; for the master knew so little about what is "Demon Gate".

    If you want to excel in practising the original scientific Feng Shui, you must learn the ancient secrets of the crucial Ming Tang and Demon Gate.

One more fact. The deadly sha of the Demon Gate fluctuates through the seasons and years due to the influence of the planetary movements on the cosmic fields. One small consolation is that the Demon Gate is not always deadly, but its ill-wind has cyclic timing. As will be discussed further in the next article, the ancient masters used astrology to track the deadly sha in the landform. They also knew that, astrologically, different people reacted in some different ways to the Demon Gate sha.

  • They had to find when the ill-winds would blow. Then, the ancient masters invented an arsenal of "Weapons of the Immortals" to counter the Demon Gate. These "Weapons of the Immortals" were to grow to form the bulk of cultural customs and symbolisms universal among the ancient cultures.

    In the very ancient times, the masters were able to create the "Elysian Fields" with that integrated Feng Shui, astrology and rituals. A lawyer asked me, "How important are Feng Shui and astrology?" Confucius' enigmatic answer is: "The people who failed to perform the Rites can be considered as a dead society".

A Luan Tuo course must teach about the Ming Tang. Also, no Luan Tuo course is complete without teaching this Demon Gate concept. No Demon Gate, no real Feng Shui.
Beware... I am coming...

The ancient texts tell about the Feng Shui of the external mounains and rivers and never the internal spaces of a house. All those purported Luan Tuo Feng Shui telling you about internal arangements of doors, rooms and even furniture are rubbish. The astrology interacting with Feng Shui is also one concerned with the external mountains and rivers and never the internal parts of a house.

You can learn of the real ancient powerful Feng Shui with the Ming Tang and Demon Gate and their "Weapons of the Immortals" applications in our very advance Luan Tou course.


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