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Prof. Dr.Ong Hean-Tatt 1st January 2012

The famous Shaolin monastery is located within a medium sized Ming Tang at the southern foothills of Song Shan mountains. To its east is a smaller Ming Tang where there is a nunnery. To the west is Louyang nested within a very large Ming Tang. All these Ming Tangs have the essential Four Heraldic Beasts physical format with a South facing.

The South facing Ming Tang is essential to kingship!

  • Under the stars the plainwalker gazed towards the sacred South. From the riverbanks floated the music and dances witnessed by the Eternal. The unseen cosmic qi energy, stirred, tenderly embraced the people, energitising them for the incoming new year. Tokens were taken home to reinforce the cosmic energy.
    Such were the universal ancient cyclic happenings, especially of the new year, whose fantastic life-giving secrets are now lost to modern man. These were fostered by the original highly scientific astrology and Feng Shui, of which modern forms are only deviant pale shadows.

The Elysian Dream
Created by Integrated Astrology, Feng Shui and Rituals

The Ming Tang is necessary for all year round blessings for the home!

This series of articles are a breakthrough, revealing finally the real potent ancient Feng Shui involving interactions between the ill-understood concepts of the Ming Tang and Demon Gate. These concepts will generate the common desires of health, wealth and happiness, but are the types of high Feng Shui and astrology which can produce kings and kingdoms! It is hoped that some will begin a new journey into a science based integrated Feng Shui and astrology and their "Weapons of Immortals" rituals. It is especially hoped that the articles will be very enlightening and beneficial to all.

Here, we will first talk of the Ming Tang.

A lawyer asked me, "How important are Feng Shui and astrology?" Some time ago I would have answered that they are important enough and leave the answer at that. However, after years of research, I realised that more than 75% of our well being highly depends on Feng Shui and astrology! This is also what the ancients knew, that Feng Shui and astrology were highly important to society. This realisation grows as there came more scientific research understanding of the physical nature of that elusive qi energy, also called "cosmic energy".

  • Our scientific research shows that the main natural component of qi are negative ions, while sha is made up mostly of positive ions, two thirds of which are dangerously radioactive. Feng Shui and astrology mainly concern the interactions of these negative and positive ions under the influence of landforms and astronomical movements and their interactions. Other physical energies like certain electromagnetic waves may play further roles.

    These physical energies have profound effect on human health and well being. Conventional modern medical science has yet to wake up to the full implications of that cosmic qi energy the ancient sages talked about.

That is, people need Feng Shui and astrology more than they realise!

Certain physical landform will have the best balance of the life giving blessing qi. Certain periods of the year will see the qi in the greatest flux.

The ancients left colourful legends which hint about a complicated but magnificent life-giving science which established the fabulous "Elysian Fields" of the Greeks and "Shangri-La" of the Eastern lore. It was a qi-based science which was practical enough to be adopted day to day to foster brimming health, physical well being, mental power and serenity enabling the creation of the prosperous lively bright people, whose leaders became the "gods and heroes" of the future modern world.


A darkness descent to cloud the original principles of Feng Shui and astrology. Unsuspecting masters lost the meaning of the Ming Tang and sent their clients to an unseen doom. They who are dead think they are alive...

Then, the ancient dreamworld faded away.

  • Gilgalad was an elven king
    Of whom the harpers sadly sing.
    The last whose realm was fair and free,
    Between the mountain and the sea.

It was not sudden. But, gradually, through the dark ages, man understood less and less of those ancient secrets. Today, we only have glimpses of that ancient Paradise and its godly arts based on Feng Shui and astrology. The loss of the secrets of Feng Shui and astrology is paralleled by a deterioration caused by creeping destruction of the natural world. All that remains are the legends of a bygone "Golden Age".

But, now in GUI Management Centre, we embark on a fascinating journey to rediscover all those wonderful secrets! Respect the ancient legends and the past can allow you to see again its secrets.

  • These secrets are those of the stars and the geography of the Earth. The land below the sky was the dancing ground in the midst of the green woods by the running waters. The flowing qi energy was collected and harnessed, resulting in a beautiful happy society. That ancient potent science was delivered through the ancient geomancy art which integrated astrology, Feng Shui and dancing rituals.

    It was in reference to this ancient science that Confucius enigmatically stated, "The people who failed to perform the Rites can be considered as a dead society".

Modern practitioners practise astrology as separated from Feng Shui and vice versa, with little thoughts to the original rituals. The separation resulted in a greatly reduced power of the unseen qi energy often of limited pattering effects.

The high science of the ancient geomancy was reflected in that the ancient geomancers were often the king's astrologers and advisors. The sad stage of deterioration is such that, as someone wrote me, today's practitioners of Feng Shui and astrology can be no better than roadside or village fortune tellers. They can swiftly calculate and produce charts, but of the science and basis of the geomancy they are ignorant. The masses are fooled by quacks and charlatans.

Anyway, let us move on.


The secrets of heaven shall not be divulged....

First Prerequisite: Feng Shui of the Hallowed Ground

The supreme peak actualisation of that ancient science of integrated Feng Shui and astrology was a ceremony known by various names: "Feng Chen", "Feng Siang Che", "Ta No or Great Ceremony", "Open Heaven", "Cosmic Dance", "Bear Dance", etc. It was a ceremony involving spectacular performances at the foothills by the river, lasting from near midnight to the dawn. It integrated activities along the riverbanks with the mountain tops. It was no "hanyut saperti tahi ayam" (Malay term for "hot only as chicken dung") affair! It was a serious ceremony meant to re-charge and energitise a people with an ill-understood flowing qi for a whole new year.

The most important prior requirement was that the ancient ceremony of life must be performed on "hallowed ground". As God told Moses, "take off your shoes". A proper site large enough had to be selected. You guess it, this "hallowed" site has to have perfect Feng Shui!

The sacred activities cannot just be carried out in any physical location. It is a fallacy often parroted by many that one can worship God anywhere. A little thinking will demolish that foolish idea.

  • One will like to say that the poor have the right to worship God in the slum. But even within the slum it would be disrespectful to worship God in a toilet! Should the wall by the worship site be decorated with pornographic images?

    At one extreme, ask whether a raging volcano can be a physical site for worship. Or, a seaside shore place subjected by daily high tides.

Hence, the sacred ground must be free from negative mental overtones and physical dangers. More imporant, this sacred ground is one where the natural physical features, as will be indicated later, are actually capable of producing the qi energy required by the people.


The ancient ceremony of life often required a site large enough to comfortably accommodate a multitude! The living cosmic qi energy was meant to be absorbed by a whole people and not a few individuals. Generally, all the leaders must be present. The physical size of the location determines how much qi it can produce:

  • If encountered this type of star, go far to look for the hsueh, do not go to high mountain and looking in an enclosed (compact) environment. Han Lung Jing 188

    Big as city and town of the king's state, small as district and area of the lords and dukes. Secondly, in suburbs, and small towns, there are the rich and famous staying in them. Han Lung Jing 8-9 [Ming Tang is very large, not just a small space in front of a door]

More. The ancient texts show that elaborate efforts were made to select and establish a site as the place of worship of God. The chosen place was always the holy sanctuary offering refuge to all come into the sacred ground. Such was the true nature of the ancient Ming Tang.


Lao Zi taught Confucius who wrote down the Feng Shui and astrology principles into his writings... especially of the blessing giving Ming Tang. Masters down the ages have lost the ancient secrets...
Critical Physical Features of Ming Tang

Confucius devoted a whole chapter of his Li Chi (Book or Rites) to the description of the Ming Tang. From where did Confucius get his infomation?

The eccentric philosopher Chuang Tzu wrote in his book that Confucius met Lao Zi in Louyang for the purpose of asking Lao Zi to tell what were the critical ceremonies performed at the Ming Tang. Confucius visited and studied the Chou Ming Tang and its Feng Shui and astrology. Confucius wrote the findings into his Li Chi. Modern practitioners will do well to study what Confucius wrote.

  • People should wonder from where Confucius got the information to compile the Classics. These Classics originated from texts stored in the Chou imperial library. Somehow, Confucius, much younger than Lao Zi at that time, got them from Lao Zi who was the imperial librarian. It was possible that Confucius worked under Lao Zi in the library. It was the turbulent period in the transition from the Western Chou to Eastern Chou. Confucius got out to travel, while Lao Zi fled west back to his Kun Lun homeland in the Ugyhur heartland area.

    The then warlords treated Confucius with caution and respect as they knew he was from the imperial library and knew many secrets.

    Apparently, later orthodox Confucians tried to mask the connection between Confucius and Lao Zi.

Yes, Lao Zi was the real original transmitter of the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and astrology. He taught Confucius the ancient original scientific potent Feng Shui and astrology. Based on Confucius, other ancient Feng Shui and astrology texts were composed. Read all these ancient texts (as even we did) if you want to excel in Feng Shui and astrology.

The books of Confucius were among those read by the famous Tang Feng Shui grandmaster Yang Yun Sung.

  • Master Yang at his old age studied the Ci Xiong to differentiate the theories from all the books.
    First is to identify the movement of the Golden Dragon, second is to examine the blood vein of the incoming dragon. Qing Nan Xu 2.1 to 2.4

Are you living in the real world? Yang Yun Sung described what are the essential physical features of the Ming Tang:

  • Also having high mountain that is Xuan Wu, the Xuan Wu dropping (crouching) place is the four animals' gathering place. The gathering place is the place Lung gather star, where four animals do not visit is emptiness. On the Kung Mang Lung place do not go to find hsueh, even though having hsueh also easy to die and extinguish. Han Lung Jing 53-55

Yang Yun Sung wrote that the site must have the physical qualities of the four animals or the Four Heraldic Beasts, which are Green Dragon at the East, Red Phoenix at the South, White Tiger at the West, and Black Tortoise at the North. It is always a South facing valley or flat land between two mountain ridges with a backing protecting high mountain range at the North.

Modern practitioners are aware of this Four Heraldic Beasts concept but failed to realise its critical essential basis for the Ming Tang. Without these physical features, as warned by Yang Yun Sung, the site is a "Dead World"!

Even as Yang Yun Sung warned long before in the Tang dynasty, many so-called masters pretend to evaluate sites for their clients. But, very often, the sites have no beneficial powers to generate the life giving qi. Many are actually staying in not only false dream worlds but sometimes in the very vortexes of adverse energies.


Without these vital physical features of the Four Heraldic Beasts, the site cannot be used to manipulate the flowing cosmic qi energy to recharge and energitise a whole community of people! It is foolish for many to try to resort to dubious geomancy arts (especially the Xuan Kong schools of Fei Xing, Da Gua and Liu Fa) to overcome the Luan Tuo requirement of the physical features of the Four Heraldic Beasts with its all important ill-understood South facing.

  • how to keep and preserve the fake hsueh for long? Present master only come to look for Lung vein, come into these valleys only lowing (bowing) and squatting in vain. Han Lung Jing 509-510

Many produced fake hsuehs for their clients and doomed them. These fake hsuehs are what Yang Yun Sung called "Kung Mang", Death Ground!

Yang Yun Sung wrote a whole book, Han Lung Jing, to describe the Ming Tang. This ancient text is not easy to read. But, in this book, he described the 9 major landforms which form the 9 main types of Ming Tangs. The different Ming Tangs can produce different good results. This is one thing ill-realised and cannot be taught by modern practitioners, that the different physical terrain can produce different end results!

The Ming Tang must have suitable physical features because the qi and sha are real physical energies linked to negative and positive ions. Flowing evaporating water produces negative ions, while winds and faultlines produce positive ions (and also the death giving infrasounds). The qualities of the physical terrain will regulate the balance of negative and positive ions in the site. These invisible ill-understood energies have profund effects on human physical health and mental well being! The balance cannot be tilted to the beneficial negative ions by a wrong physical site.

Thus, study what is the real Ming Tang. Bring back the well watered wooded "Elysian Fields" with their healthy merry making people blessed with perpetual good fortune.

You can also learn of the Ming Tang and Demon Gate and their applications in our very advance Luan Tou course.

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