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Insights from Ho Peng Yoke's "Chinese Mathematical Astrology":
Part 3: Roles of Imperial Deception

Prof. Dr.Ong Hean-Tatt 24th June 2011

Finally unveiled: age-old imperial deception of
creation of Qi Men Dun Jia, Liu Ren and Tai Yi divination from Zi Wei Dou Shu!

As astrology has scientific basis, astrological systems among ancient cultures should be the same. Evidence presented in an earlier article shows that Zi Wei Dou Shu, Western and Hindu astrology systems evolve from the same astronomical sources.

Claims have been made that Ba Zi Eight Characters,Qi Men Dun Jia, Liu Ren, Tai Yi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are different systems. It is time to expose the myths.


Ho's book indicates various aspects of imperial deception.

Practitioners do not realise the significance of the fact that originally the astrology and Feng Shui arts were supposed to be the prerogatives of the imperial families:

  • It was recorded in the Chinese history that Qi Men Dun Jia, together with Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi Shen Shu are the highest Three Arts or Three Styles in Chinese Meta-physics. It was said that these Arts can only be practice by the Emperor or their advisors. Commoner will be executed if being caught practicing it. (Calvin Yap. Control Your Destiny by Mastering Qi Men Dun Jia. Control Your Destiny By Mastering Qi Men Dun Jia.htm)

  • In the past, this method was usually dedicated for the emperor or the high official in his kingdom. The divination was used as a guide in making the important decisions for the well being of the kingdom. The above passage told us that after knowing the Taiyi divination, Han Gaozu attacked and then defeated the state of Chu (Five Arts Net. October 24, 2008. Re: Tai Yi Shen Shu Book)

The attempts to restrict the true forms of the Chinese astrology and Feng Shui testify to that at least the Chinese imperial courts believed in the validity and potency of geomancy. In this, the Chinese royalty did not differ from those in other ancient cultures, where the court astrologer was often among the highest ranking officers in the kingdoms.

  • Of course, the common people, prone to imitate what their leaders did, also believe. But the lack of knowledge among the common people makes the people susceptible to deception of all kinds.

It is natural that, in view of the perceptions about the potency, the imperial circles would try to prevent others from acquiring knowledge of the arts. At one extreme, they would execute anyone who had unauthorised access. However, a far more subtle way to prevent others from acquiring knowledge of the arts would be to falsify the arts!

That is why there are rumours that various imperial falsifications of the geomancy arts occurred. Let us evaluate some of them.


Li Shimin. Did faking of astrology and Feng Shui occurred in his time?

The Li Shimin Deception

One early Chinese who probably did not believe in astrology but did not see any harm in using it to seduce the people was Tang emperor Li Shimin:

  • I would like to tell a story to anticipate some questions that are likely to arise in the minds of readers concerning the Chinese belief in these systems. Li Shimin, who reigned as Emperor Taizong in Tang China between the years 626 and 649, had already asked the celebrated military commander and tactician Li ling (571 -649) about the same subject. The Tang Taizong Li Weigong wendui (Conversation between Emperor Tang Taizong and Li [Jing], the Duke Wei [guo] gong) informs us that Li Shimin once asked his favourite general whether the use of Yin and Yang and shushu could be discontinued in the art of war (Yin Yang shushu fei zhi bu ke hu).Li ling replied, 'No (bu ke )' and continued, saying, 'The art of war is an art of deception (bing zhe gui dao ye). Under the guise of Yin and Yang and shushu, the greedy and the simple-minded can be (easily) deployed. Hence they should not be abolished.' Li ling went on to give examples of how astrological signs and divination could be taken advantage of by clever interpretations. Psychological warfare, misleading the enemy with false information, classification of secret material, and many other military strategies in modern times, seem to differ little from those in traditional China -there are only differences in terminology, hardware and dimension. (Ho. p.10)

Li Shimin was not the only Chinese emperor prone to bluffing. As discussed below, other emperors who tricked their people about geomancy included founding Ming emperor Hung Wu and possibly Manchu Qing emperor Kang Hsi.


Ah! Ba Zi stars are actually from Zi Wei Dou Shu!

Planetary Tables Forbidden

The use of planetary tables is common in Western and Hindu astrology. However, it was forbidden for ordinary people to use them:

  • ... 'Fate Calculation'. This is a method of looking into future events by means of a complex system of numerology which is peculiarly Chinese, having no parallel in any other culture. A by-product of astrology, its calculations are based directly on the calendar rather than the astronomical events on which the calendar is based. The reasons for its creation stem from the fact that Grand Astrology was reserved for the Imperial Court, and there was a demand for a Lesser Astrology which could be used to determine the destinies of the common people. Although the use of tables of planetary positions was forbidden on pain of death, it seemed to some astrologers that so regular and ordered were the motions of the Heavens that it was no longer necessary to observe them. Walters (1987 p.89-90).

The Chinese imperial circles would use the planetary tables for their astrological evaluations. But the people would not be able to use the planetary tables. Hence, the people could only use the calendars to determine dates for predictions.

If the calendars were as accurate as the planetary tables, why forbid the planetary tables? It is evident that the imperial circle did not intend that the people should have so accurate a dating system as the planetary tables. Scientifically, calendars are only approximations of actual astronomical movements and their accuracies to determine proper dates will deviate and deteriorate with Time. This means the emperors knew that the calendars were faulty and that the people would be using faulty datings in their astrology! It is amusing that modern practitioners would boast of the accuracies of their methods when they are just using faulty calendars.

In the past, the Chinese geomancers were aware of the differences. Tang patriarch Yang Yun Sung stressed the importance of using astronomical indices to track astrological Time:

  • Xiong and Ci are calculated from the Gua.
    Mountain and water are necessary to understand this theory
    Water and mountain are closely related to the good and bad fortunes.
    Understand Xuan Kong within the Five Elements.
    Understand these methods, need not have to find the Na Jia.
    Qing Nang Aow Yi 3.15-3.24

    Once again you are advised to identify the constellation, so that the good and bad, disaster and prosperity would happen like a miracle. Qing Nang Aow Yi 3.85, 3.86

Ming master Jiang Da Hong also mentioned this doubt about the accuracy of the Na Jia, as indicated by the document, "Notes While I Studied With My Master, Part 3" by Jang Yao (another name is Ru-Kau). Jang Yao had recorded:

  • I asked the way of Na Jia if it matches with the way of setting the stars? Master said: "One is one, two is two. Now, people who talk about Na Jia only use the base/body. Only Xuan Kong is the true Na Jia."

Ho (2003) did indicate the inaccuracy of the currenr calendar:

  • The theoretical discussion in the above passage emphasizes the dependence of the Liuren system on accurate astronomical observations while pointing out the inaccuracy of the current calendar. (Ho, 2003, p.115)

It appears that of all techniques, preventing usage of actual astronomical movements was one potent way to trick the people. Despite their usages of planetary tables, the imperial circle themselves was not always able to use the right timing.

  • In Taiyi divination one sequence of the Superior Epoch would be"724, 1084, 1444 and 1804, to be followed by the year 2164. The Ming text Taiyi taojinge, on the other hand, gives the year 1264 as a Superior Epoch (following 360 years cycles would be 1624, 1984) while mentioning a difference of 60 years for the Superior Epoch in use during the Ming period. Accordingly, the Superior Epoch immediately before us would be either 1984 or 1924, depending on whether the Ming or the pre-Ming value is adopted (Ho. p.60).

Hence, the Chinese astrology is in need of revamping their dating systems.


Who are they trying to bluff?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Theft Case

It was during the Qing dynasty that the emperor forged Zi Wei Dou Shu. They also got people like the Christian Jesuit Ferdinand Verbiest to forge the calendar.

Some Chinese experts grumbled that Kang Hsi has used foreign Christians to make the new calendars. They knew that the Jesuit calendar, used now in the Tong Shu, makes havoc of astrological timings.

It was said that a thief stole from the imperial library the ancient text of Zi Wei Dou Shu. But, he missed Volume 2, which is on the "Si Hua Transforming Stars." On discovering that the first text was stolen, the imperial circle ordered a forgery to be made to confuse the Zi Wei Dou Shu.

There are two versions of the Zi Wei Dou Shu floating around. Modern practitioners have read both versions. However, modern practitioners usually could concentrate only on 32 mian stars while not knowing what to do with the rest of the over 140 stars. I suspect both versions were fakes created by imperial orders.

The lack of understanding the real deeper secrets of Zi Wei Dou Shu prevents practitioners from realising that it was Zi Wei Dou Shu which was the parent source of the sanshi arts of Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi.


You shall not be king.

Many emperors faked the geomancy texts to prevent rivals from using them to overthrow their thrones.

Ming Emperors Hung Wu and Yong Le

Founding Ming emperor Hung Wu believed that the Feng Shui of his grandfather tomb was instrumental in his ride to the throne. He did not want others to possess the same geomancy knowledge to rival him. So, he slew the Feng Shui and astrology masters and had his people produced forged texts.

It was said that Third Ming emperor Yung Lo did not know that his father Emperor Hung Wu left behind a fake Feng Shui text. Yung Lo used his text to guide the construction of the Beijing Imperial Palace. The Beijing Imperial Palace was riddled with several Feng Shui errors. When the palace was completed, a lightning soon hit and burnt the palace. Yong Lo's favourite consort was killed in the incident.

Why Yang Yun Sung and Jiang Da Hong Fled.

When Tang dynasty Yang Yun Sung wanted to write down the secrets of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, his wife warned him that the imperial authorities might arrest and execute them. It was common knowledge that geomancy was a secret of the emperors and no one else on pain of death was allowed privy to the secrets.

Similarly, when the Manchus overthrew the Mings, the famous Feng Shui grandmaster Jiang Da Hong fled. He knew that the new authorities would hunt down the masters to kill them. It was common knowledge that the ruling circle would not want others to use geomancy against them.


Read startling highlights of our findings on Zi Wei Dou Shu, including how the emperor faked the current Zi Wei Dou Shu!

Some of the faked aspects also affect the Ba Zi Eight Characters , Qi Men Dun Jia, Liu Ren and Tai Yi divination, which are actually inferior astrology systems extracted from a small part of Zi Wei Dou Shu.


It is naive to think that the ancient Chinese emperors would allow potent versions of geomancy to float around among the common people to be used by rivals to overthrow them. Therefore, they would promote weaker inferior and often faked versions to circulate among the people. They would even create features like faulty calendars to prevent the people from getting dates right. Of course, they would try to kill anyone with proper knowledge if that person was not with them.

Thus, modern practitioners in the different conflicting schools exhibit great naiveté in thinking that they could inherit the proper accurate versions of the geomancy arts. Down the ages, even the emperors were affected by their fakings and got confused themselves

  • You think you got it right. Alas, it is likely that you only have a faked version!

The roles of the emperors in imperial deception to fake the astrology and Feng Shui can be said to be a major factor in the existence of the myriad fighting conflicting schools. There is a need for objective and scientific research, as ongoing in Gui Management Centre, to recover the original potent forms of the various geomancy arts. It is difficult but it can be done. Why not join us?

Insights from Ho Peng Yoke's "Chinese Mathematical Astrology"


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