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on Feng Shui

Startling scientific research evidence for astrology and geomancy. Skeptics are out of date!

Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 20th March 2011


The Feng Shui schools often contradict each other. The lack of scientific understanding and criteria indicates that most schools and their approaches have no objective basis.

  • "Siting experts have a great deal to say, not from books about how the great sages and worthies of ancient times made their selections, but rather from books fabricated by people later on to suit themselves..." (Manchu Qing Emperor Kang Hsi, quoted in Ole Bruun 2003 p.66).

During a recent international conference one famous Xuan Kong master conceded that many aspects can be shown to have scientific basis. Only, there may be areas in Feng Shui where there may be no scientific explanations. So, he said that one should evaluate the validity of the approach through "results".

Another well known Feng Shui master said he does not care what are the explanations. As long as there are "results", that is what matters with him!

The problem is that every one claims to produce results!

Is the use of "results" a proper way to validate a Feng Shui approach? More important, are the claims of results in the cases objective enough or are they, as insisted by some analyists, mere conjectures and wishful thinking? Let us carefully examine some claims of "results".


Be careful how you claim your method got "results".

Xuan Kong Da Gua Case 1

A well known master was interested in a bank online stock and share investment. After watching how simple it was to place orders, he opened an account and start trading. He used Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection to find a suitable day and time to open an account .

In 2008, the Dow Jones fell about 30%. However, he started with 100,000 dollars and by year end, his account was worth 132,000 dollars. In August 2009, he added another 100,000 dollars to the account and by year end, the portfolio was worth 280,000 dollars. The return for the two years was not bad especially 2008 when most people lost money.

Can the good fortune be attributed to XKDG? Could not the real factor be his skill in investments? Or, it could even be sheer fluke in his case!

A financial analyst pointed out that the bank obviously played similar stocks for a number of people. Thus, these other people would have won without having to use Xuan Kong Da Gua! Why gives credit to XKDG when the credit may be more rightly given to the bank officer who played the stocks?


One dubious aspect of Xuan Kong Da Gua is its use of the 384 yaos each of which is less than one degree, an accuracy which is impossible to get.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Case 2

A second case involves a student of this master, a pregnant lady. In 2006, it was a few days after returning from Toronto where she had attended the XKDG seminar. She wanted to enter a competition for mums to be to win a video camera and baby toiletries. She looked up her file and notes from the recent XKDG seminar. At first the date and time were not auspicious. If she waited until the next hour, it was. At the right time, she got on to the competition website, input the details, the answers to the multiple choice questions, and thought of something to write in the last box as to why she should win. A few days later, her husband call her via phone to say she had won a video camera and rather a lot of baby toiletries.

Can you see any flaw in the story?

For all the efforts placed in learning XKDG, this student was able only to get a video camera and some baby toiletries! Why such mundane results for a so-called potent art like XKDG!?

On re-examining the master's case, was the increase worth it? Perhaps, if he had spent more time playing the investment, he could have got much more money. The small sum increase indicated the master was cautious in playing - XKDG was really negligible in his case.


Xuan Kong Fei Xing Case 1

One student of a well known master of Flying Star approached me. He knew that I am skeptical about Xuan Kong Fei Xing. He said that he had resuts which proved Xuan Kong Fei Xing worked. He had audited a house for a family with Xuan Kong Fei Xing. He excitedly told me that the audit fit the daughter of the family very well.

Guess what is wrong?

The audit seems to work for the daughter, but what about the other members of the family? If there were 4 persons in the family it means that the Xuan Kong Fei Xing audit got it right in only 25%. It was actually a failure.


Fei Xing uses the door direction which can be any of the 24 Mountains directions. But, in ancient Chinese architecture, sites had South facings! Most Fei Xing (and also XKDG) facings, especially those towards the North, are meaningless.

Xuan Kong Fei Xing Case 2

This practitioner in Penang, Malaysia claimed to predict the fall of Mubarak of Egypt. He had used the Flying Stars to create a world forecast chart for 2011. He predicted that there would be turmoil in the Middle East. Then came the people uprisings which disposed of the rulers in Tunisia and Egypt. Similar uprisings are spreading through the other Middle East countries. He claimed he foretold all this.

The problem is that it does not take much to predict turmoil for the Middle East. The Middle East has been having problems for decades and will have problems into the coming decades. You do not have to predict turmoil for the Middle East. There are also troubles in other parts of the world. If the Flying Stars predict problems for another sector of the Luo Shu, you bet one can always find some events to fulfill the predictions.

These are meaningless too generalised predictions which prove nothing.


Ba Zi Eight Characters Divination Case

One Christmas party in 2010, a Ba Zi master predicted the destiny of two persons. He took out his ipod and used a Ba Zi software to do the analysis.

The first person seemed happy with the forecast. But the second person contradicted the master in over 80% of the points. When the master was not there I pointed out to the first person that the Ba Zi master had also got him wrong in several points - the first person was happy with some points that he did not realise what was wrong with other points. This Ba Zi master had also previously predicted the destiny of another friend and got it wrong.

Yet, this master went around to claim that his Ba Zi is never wrong!

In fact, after attending one of my courses, this master admitted that most Xuan Kong methods produce little results.


Most current Chinese astrology practitioners got the datings wrong!

Myths of "Results"

Thus, there is the big question of whether the "results" were properly evaluated. The cases above show wishful thinking that events were fulfilling one's predictions.

Another common problem is where the person got carried away with a few points being right while many others were wrong. In about 10 cases, the master will coincidentally be very right in 20% of the cases. "Results" must be more objectively and statistically evaluated.

In many Feng Shui and astrology cases, what should be more worrisome is that, too often, only mundane results were obtained. There are often nothing to shout about. What kind of proofs do these provide for the validity of Feng Shui and astrology? That Feng Shui and astrology are only mundane things not worth the attention of the noble minded seeking higher goals?

We should get a Feng Shui or astrology which can make one strikes great!

Concluding Highlight

In final Truth, "results" are not the primary way to validate a method.

The knowledge of the medical doctor or an engineer is never invalidated by results. The medical or engineering knowledge is a proven science and results are only reflections of the capability of the practitioner. The medical or engineering knowledge is still a proven science even if the patient dies or the building collapses!

Of course, we want results. But, more facts will yield more reliable results, which often are more repeatable. The more the facts, the better quality are the results and the less the margin of error.

Facts are primary. Hence, the Feng Shui or astrology should be backed up by facts and not just results. Then, the Feng Shui or astrology will be less chancy and more rational.


We teach indepth proper Feng Shui courses. However, those who are curious about the fake Feng Shui can learn about them through our Online Home Study Courses on dubious Feng Shui, eg. Xuan Kong Liu Fa (with English translation of Xuan Kong Ben Yi!), Xuan Kong Fei Xing. Methodologies and Errors. There is now also one on Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Confucius was the first to write about Feng Shui and he had a very scientific approach to Feng Shui!

Confucius is well known to be against superstition. So, stop having a superstitious approach to Feng Shui and astrology.