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on Feng Shui

Startling scientific research evidence for astrology and geomancy. Skeptics are out of date!


Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 2nd May 2011


Many astrology systems are meant for personal or individual divination. Failure to understand this has caused misconceptions and over-ratings about the abilities and applications of not only Chinese but non-Chinese astrology. For, it is a largely different matter when coming to predicting natural disasters or the fate of a nation.

This article will deal with certain aspects.


Be careful how you claim your method got "results".

Limits of an Art like Zi Wei Dou Shu.

One person wrote:

  • "I am saying that the use of ZW did not allow these royals to avoid or delay their fate, and actually they went down the drain more quickly than most of their foreign royal colleagues...
    Just a few examples. ZW was developed and used in Song dynasty or earlier. Next thing China was run over by the Mongols, Genghis Khan and co, who dominated China for a century. So doesn't look like the Song royals had much benefits from their using ZW. Let's not forget that mr Ong's site talks about ZW giving daily and even hourly cycles to find the best time for any kind of actions. If true, then shouldn't the Songs have had some serious advantage in battle?
    After the Mongol empire fell apart the Ming dynasty took over, they did well for a while but then also fell apart in chaos.
    Next the Manchu's dominated China, also reportedly using ZW. They were overthrown as well, and more early so than in most other contemporary monarchies. Not only that, their culture, the Manchu, went in decline and has become an ethnic minority with their own language nearly wiped out...
    ... I am not saying all of this happened because the Chinese royals used ZW, but clearly their use of ZW did not prevent it either. If that's the kind of results it gives, then I would rather avoid it like the pest. Those who used ZW the most, obviously didn't fare very well. And 100 years later this is being presented as a great system of astrology? HUH???"

So, why the emperors fell even when they were supposed to have ZWDS? Ancient cultures have their astrological systems but their kings and dynasties rose and fell. Is this because the astrological systems are wrong? The above person has a simplistic view about astrology and does not know a few important things about astrology.


Ha! They do not know what I use to be king!

A simple answer is that the rulers often rejected the advice of the court astrologers and the other wise men. The Holy Bible is full of wayward rulers rejecting the prophetic warnings from God! It does not mean God is useless, isn't it? The kings were not the ones who knew astrology but their advisors.

The better and real answer and fact is that the ancient Chinese geomancy texts, supported by the historical evidence, indicate that kingship and nationhood are never controlled or predictable by astrology!

More pertinent, the ancient texts describe that Feng Shui has a far greater influence over kingship and nationhood than astrology! The auspicious features of a physical site are far more influential than the personal astrology of any person. There is more to kingship and nationhood than astrology.

  • 56. The Master said, "The shell and stalks employed by the great men must be held in awe and reverence. But the son of Heaven does not divine by the stalks. While the princes are keeping guard in their states, they divine by stalks. When the son of Heaven is on the road (traveling), he (also) divines by the stalks. In any other state but their own they do not divine by the stalks. They consult the tortoise shell about the chambers and apartments of the houses (where they lodge). The son of Heaven does not so consult the tortoise shell; he stays always in the grand ancestral temples." 57. The Master said, "The men of rank, on occasions of special respect, use their sacrificial vessels. On this account they do not fail to observe set seasons and days, and do not act contrary to the intimations of the shell and stalks; thus seeking to serve with reverence the ruler and their superiors... (Li Chi, Book of Rites. Legge 1967. Volume 2:349-351)

The person above is also looking at the wrong thing.


The ancient texts actually show that nationhood and kingship are determined by Feng Shui and not astrology!

Predicting a Natural Disaster

Astrology of the kind commonly noted is meant to be a diagnostic tool like medicine. It is not meant to be a predictive tool as taken by too many - which is why too many people like the one above misunderstood. There is another type of astrology as noted below.

For example, can astrology predict an event like the recent Japan tsunami?

Conventional Western, Hindu and Chinese astrology systems are not meant to answer that sort of questions, as they are primarily diagnosis tools suited to individual astrology.

This does not mean that astrologers have no means to make such predictions. Western astrologers have collected statistical evidence that planetary positions and conjunctions can be linked to earthquakes - Ssuma Chien's astrology treatise notes that planetary conjunctions cause natural disasters. E.g. when Jupiter is in a Cardinal sign earthquakes would be higher - especially when conjuncting with Saturn. Judith Hill had excellent research in this field. Earthquakes can be triggered off by new moon and full moon positions, effects attributed to gravitational influences.

Jupiter was in a Cardinal sign during the Christmas 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (Capricorn with full moon) and also the recent 2011 Japan tsunami (Aries). There would be no specific prediction that a tsunami will occur in Japan - that is too precise and beyond the astrology. Closest is astrology can predict natural disasters (like earthquakes, which will cause subsequent side effects like landslides and tsunamis). Scientists knowing more about the geology of faultlines may improve on the astrology prediction. Much of astrology effects are due to tidal and electromagnetic influences of planets and Moon on solar radiation - stars are only backgrounds to track the Time.

An art like ZWDS or BZEC is a diagnostic tool, meant for casting individual horoscopes, often termed "Natal Astrology". They are not meant to predict natural events, which require a different type of astrology, often termed "Mundane Astrology" which predicts events and fates of nations.

  • Some try to use "Natal Astrology" to predict the fate of a nation - this is very misleading.


A few astrologers predicted that 2011 was the year of the Water Dragon


The Factor Controlling Nationhood

One of my students was astute enough to note that the thousands who died must have all the variations of any astrology system! Yet the tsunami swallowed them all. The same reasoning applies to the even larger number killed in the Christmas 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

One thing about the tsunamis - they demonstrate that the diverse astrological Destinies of the innumerable victims are powerless against a powerful physical land or sea effect. This has been what we have been telling people - that the Luan Tou Feng Shui effects are supreme, overriding astrological birth factors. According to Confucius in his Li Chi, the Luan Tou Ming Tang overrides divination.

People may be impressed by astrology - alas it is only a small often weak factor.


Most current Chinese astrology practitioners got the datings wrong!

The famous Jiang Da Hong wrote a pertinent verse about this:

  • 344. Simply say that Jiang Nan (southern river) is without a vast land, but using the advantages of year, month, day, time.
    345. Real Lung the vast land inclined towards Jiang Nan (southern river) also want Heaven timing power to add on it. Tian Yuan Wu Ge

The landform (Real Lung the vast land) is the primary auspicious format and astrology (Heaven timing power) is meant only to add to it.

Yang Yun Sung wrote Han Lung Jing which describes the landform which produces kings and nations and influence their durations. You can read an article showing how Feng Shui determines the durations of dynasties at The statistical correlation between the durations of the dynasties with the width of the main palaces is almost perfect!

Can astrology determines kingship? Yes, it can show out of 100 persons who are more likely to become kings. But who would become kings and how long his dynasty may last depend on the physical Feng Shui not astrology!

  • The right man (with the right astrology) in the right place (Feng Shui) with the right ritual will be king - that is the secret of the high level art known as Xuan Kong Feng Shui and its lost secret of the "San Ban Guas"!

You want to learn more about the kingship secrets? Contact us!


We teach indepth proper Feng Shui courses. However, those who are curious about the fake Feng Shui can learn about them through our Online Home Study Courses on dubious Feng Shui, eg. Xuan Kong Liu Fa (with English translation of Xuan Kong Ben Yi!), Xuan Kong Fei Xing. Methodologies and Errors. There is now also one on Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Confucius was the first to write about Feng Shui and he had a very scientific approach to Feng Shui!

Confucius is well known to be against superstition. So, stop having a superstitious approach to Feng Shui and astrology.