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Have plenty of luck playing golf

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How to be Lucky in a Game like Golf, Part 1

Gary Tan. 3rd February 2010

Luck is defined as an event which is occurring to a person by chance, fate or fortune. The event, good or ill, will affect an individual's interests or happiness. It is often a person's habitual or characteristic fortune. It has been said that luck is better than skill. GUI Management Centre's research has collated various prescriptions which have been recommended to deal with luck.

Many of these luck principles have Feng Shui and astrology origins. Ancient masters used them to treat problems in Feng Shui and astrology.

Beware where you hit the ball!

  • How do you wish good luck playing golf? On the first tee, all golfers would usually say "Play well" but to be honest, that is the last thing you would say to a fellow golfer until you shake hands on the 18th green (with regards to playing well )

Hey, that is cool ... really, can a golfer be lucky? Surely a golfer does not need luck but skill?

Well, how would you consider what happened to Tiger Wood? Was he not unlucky to be got and get exposed about having a string of mistresses? You should know that there is a Chinese saying that those wanting to excel in martial arts should avoid sex. No, it does not mean the sportsman must be an eunuch, that would be too unnatural. What it means is that a person only has a certain amount of qi. Enjoyable sex uses up a lot of qi and overindulgence is likely to sap the qi and render the person having less qi to apply to his sport. It is a matter of balance which the person has to decide upon.

However, beside the issue of using the qi, there are actually luck elements in golf.

  • Golf sensation Tiger Woods believes there is a lucky charm in the color red. Golf sensation Tiger Woods is also a little bit superstitious. He usually wears red on Sunday. Red is his lucky color, he has said; it's a belief that comes from his astrology-believing mother.

According to Adonijah, luck did not affect Tiger Wood's skill so much as it affected his mood to play golf. Golfers and sportsmen know too well that the mood can make a difference in winning the game. It is like Michael Jackson. Whether he was lucky or not, his skills in music are unrivaled. But it was bad luck when that he died so young.


Surrounded by Luck

It was my friend teacher Adonijah who introduced various luck elements into my life. Although he is not a golfer, he does encourage me in my golf. I am going to be a professional golfer, as my handicap is going that way. I played around in a number of golf courses with friends and tournaments. I had been able to score a hole-in-one. I have won a few local championships. I guess I am one of those "johan kampong"! I hope to be a real champion and perhaps luck can help.

Of course, there is no replacement for constant practice and participation. I enjoy not only the golf but also my friends in the golf circuits.

Okay, now let us come down to the Luck factor.

Some golfers are known to have their golf sticks blessed. They would also carry charms with them. If the golf tournament carries a large prize there may be some sense in getting "extra help".


Fountain of Luck

Lucky Landscape and Place

My office has a garden space. We had planted a number of bamboo plants to bring luck. There are also a few other lucky plants in the garden. I had also brought these plants into my house garden. These plants made the home and office more beautiful. Visitors to my office often exclaimed that I have a nice office.

There are plants in the central courtyard of the office. We had established water fountains in both the office garden and the courtyard garden. The flowing waters are supposed to bring luck.

There are also auspicious symbolisms in the place. A lucky Buddha sat in a cute corner of the front hall. Auspicious storks graced both the front hall and the courtyard garden.

I must say that since these auspicious things were introduced I had got more and better job opportunities. There was that inevitable improvement in my golf and better results. It was during this period that I scored the hole-in-one and won a number of championships. I view it as skill plus luck.


Luck comes

Items of Luck Qi

We also traveled to China now and then, and brought back some decorations for the office. There is a poster of Kuan Kung's writing in the front hall. There is a rubbing of Confucius in my office room. We had gone up Tai Shan the most holy mountain in China. It was a must to get one of those stones in Tai Shan. We had got a decorative polished stone with the Tai Shan inscription. I actually got sudden good luck after bringing that stone into the front hall.

Adonijah said that it is good to travel through auspicious places to benefit from their qi and luck. That way one can absorb some of the good qi and bring the good qi home into your life. Of course, all these auspicious places must have good Feng Shui to generate the qi.

That reminds of the custom of people in visiting a temple before an important occasion. They would ask the deity for blessings for the future undertaking. They also absorb the good qi which would have inevitable good effects.


Beautiful scenes indicate the lucky place

The Luck Green

It is also likely that the garden and symbolism things create a serene beautiful setting which invigorates my mind. My office is always very bright and neat. I suppose that gives me a positive drive to excel in my golf. As Adonijah would say, most of the Chinese sacred symbolisms originated from Feng Shui and astrology.

The placement of the water fountains are at two strategic areas in the office. One is at the entrance. We walked through the entrance most often. The qi from the water fountain certainly will rub onto one and is beneficial. The other location is at the courtyard which is in the center of the office. This generate more qi within the office and allow people in the office to benefit. My friend teacher told me that scientifically water evaporation produces negative ions which are the major natural component of qi.

He also said that plants also generate negative ions and are thus good items to supplement good Feng Shui. One thing about bamboos is that bamboo are known to be anti-demon plants. Adonijah explains that scientifically the main sha composes of positive ions. Scientifically, the many leaves absorb positive ions and thus reduce or counter sha.


Have all year round Luck!

Auspicious Luck Place

Hey, is not that all so scientific?

That is what we learn at Unicorn Valley from our teacher Adonijah. Feng Shui and astrology have scientific evidence and those skeptics are so outdated and wrong!

By staying at my house and the office with so many good Feng Shui items, surely I can't help being lucky? It is like the cleansings people do before they undertaking some important functions. In my case, I am exposed to these good Feng Shui every day in and out So, why not try all these things?

By the way, I worship the God of War. Yes, Kuan Kung is also god of businessmen in the way of guiding businessmen to be honorable. However, the God of War should be the type of god sportsmen would honour. Did not the ancient Greeks dedicate their sports to Mars, God of War? The victory crown was made of laurel and was dedicated to Artemis the Greek goddess of war.

Yes, you may have to look at your trade or career for the right god to attach to. Like Saint Christopher for travelers.

The above Luck principles can be used in any game or venture. Try them - you will be surprised at the delightful results!

Get a good look at Feng Shui and astrology and all those old mothers' tales. There are many wonderful advice and guidelines there to generate better luck. In our modern world, with all those negative pressures, we will do with more luck. Friend, by reading this article you are already generating good luck for yourself!

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