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Luck Dragon gives plenty of luck

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Searching for the Luck Dragon

Gary Tan. 3rd February 2010

Luck is defined as an event which is occurring to a person by chance, fate or fortune. The event, good or ill, will affect an individual's interests or happiness. It is often a person's habitual or characteristic fortune. It has been said that luck is better than skill. GUI Management Centre's research has collated various prescriptions which have been recommended to deal with luck.

Many of these luck principles have Feng Shui and astrology origins. Ancient masters used them to treat problems in Feng Shui and astrology.

An important Feng Shui saying is "Xuen Lung, Zhei Xian" (Search for the Dragon, Establish the Terminus). The saying describes the overall method of determining the auspicious location where the qi or "dragon breath" accumulates. In such a location there will be good luck and fortune. Adonijah, my friend teacher, told me of another unique way to locate this "dragon breath".

The Blue Pavilions... Puncak gunung ialah kediaman dewa...

Enchantment in the Highlands

We used to roam Fraser's Hill. It is one of the beautiful cool hill resorts in Malaysia, others including Cameron Highlands, Penang Hill and Maxwell Hill. These hill resorts are near to cities and hence are popular local tourists destinations. Adonijah loves the natural settings and used to enjoy meditating among the natural scenery.

Fraser's Hill is a more secluded place than Cameron Highlands, which is very much developed. But Fraser's Hill is still not that developed. Its forests are still pristine and Fraser's Hill is a major bird watching center. Tourists often take jungle walk tours to watch the birds or catch butterflies.

It was Adonijah who drew my attention to a well known legend of Fraser's Hill. The locals know the place is an enchanted place. Adonijah always believes that there are fairies in the hill resorts. The indigenous saying is "Puncak gunung ialah kediaman dewa" (The mountain tops are the domain of the gods). The local legend includes the white spirit seen now and then by some of the locals. Adonijah calls him the benevolent "White Dato of Fraser's Hill" and leader of the spirit people there.


The area where the legendary White Dato of Fraser's Hill supernaturally intervened to save the lost boys

The White Dato

After a number of years visiting the hill resort, Adonijah then casually told me I should ask the White Dato for blessings. The people of Fraser's Hill are a friendly lot and that reflect the benevolent atmosphere of the hill resort. He said that I am a child of Fraser's Hill, someone the White Dato had seen growing up from childhood to manhood. Definitely the White Dato has grown to love the people of Frasers Hill. Adonijah said that if I have any wish I should ask the White Dato to help fulfill the wish. It does struck me that I have not thought of that. My friend teacher said he had asked the White Dato to help me. What a good friend I have!

The White Dato had been seen in a number of areas in Fraser's Hill. Places include the Jerau Waterfall, the way to the other golf course, the Paddock, the forests off Bishop House. Adonijah said that this White Dato is a high angel. The locals have often thought of "orang bunian" (the spirit people), but Adonijah said that this being is the guardian angel of the hill, a "malakait perlindung".

Adonijah pointed out how the White Dato had helped people. But that is another set of stories. Here we are going to show how the White Dato gave luck to some people.


There is a secret place where you can strike gold

Susie's Secret

It was Susie, one of my lady friends, who gave a lead to the White Dato. The night before we had a lovely party, enjoying our cooking. As Susie had came from Kuala Lumpur she had stayed in the same house as we. Susie was immensely interested in what Adonijah had to say about the strange events which used to occur in Fraser's Hill. It was the first time she heard that Fraser's Hill actually has a high angel, a "malakait perlindung".

Adonijah said that the Fraser's Hill people should ask this White Dato for help. The White Dato is a sort of father figure and the people like his children. As a father would love to give to his children the White Dato can be asked for assistance.

The term "strike a lottery" was even mentioned. It was then that Susie pointed out that there was a shrine at Singapore House to a local dato. This shrine was built by a couple who were saved in an accident at the spot. They saw the white figure and attributed their salvation to the White Dato and built him a shrine. That is another more detailed story. Susie wanted to take Adonijah to the shrine.

So, there was a leisurely drive along the natural scenic route to the shrine. We got down and walked to the shrine. Susie said that along the inner roof of the shrine there is a number. Some of the local people had visited the shrine to ask for lucky numbers. Yes, they did struck! That number along the inner roof may change according to the visitor. Thus, the shrine gained a local reputation as a source of lucky numbers. The couple maintained the shrine and there would be annual celebrations around August as thanksgiving to the deity.

We were excited that indeed the guardian angel of the place was helping our people. In fact, some did not even visit the shrine and also got lucky numbers which struck.


Beautiful scenes indicate the lucky place

Signs of the Luck Dragon

Every now and then we hear of places with strange happenings. Many feared those places which seem to be "haunted". Another friend said that the Subang Jaya area adjoining the Federal Highway has a dragon. Some say Megamall also has a dragon. There are rumours that a major road adjoining Sungai Klang also has a dragon. Well, it looks like Kuala Lumpur has many "dragons"! Is that not why Kuala Lumpur is such a bustling city and the economic capital of the country?

However, Adonijah said that we must examine the conditions of the places. Bad events in the place indicate that it is a place to avoid.

But, if the area is full of good things and the people especially friendly, then it is likely that the dragon is a good dragon and a "Luck Dragon". It is one of the local guardian angels who is human friendly and able to foster goodness in the area. You should take the opportunity to ask such a "Luck Dragon" for blessings and good fortune, especially if you stay in the area. A visitor should visit a local shrine and the "Luck Dragon" can be consulted there.

Adonijah said that it is possible to trace the good and bad sites in the region. Sometimes, people built local shrines to the local gods. These places are worth looking at.


Have all year round Luck!

Auspicious Luck Place

Remember the saying at the beginning of this article - the important Feng Shui saying "Xuen Lung, Zhei Xian" (Search for the Dragon, Establish the Terminus)? A site with the "Luck Dragon" would likely have the signs of the auspicious place. Adonijah said that besides the usual landform Feng Shui method of finding the auspicious site, we can actually used the presence of strange events to identify the unusual site. Should the conditions be good then the site is indeed equivalent to the "Terminus" in the saying "Xuen Lung, Zhei Xian".

It is like when you go house hunting. If you have a good feeling then buy that house. You should also examine the history of the locality to know more of whether the site is auspicious and lucky.

If you live in the area you are more likely to be blessed. If you are a visitor you should get someone from that area to accompany you to go to the local shrine to ask for assistance. The principle is that the god gives more to those he is more familiar with.

"Xuen Lung, Zhei Xian" (Search for the Dragon, Establish the Terminus) is not the only way to find the auspicious spot with the "Luck Dragon". This article shows another way of searching for the Luck Dragon... So, go and buy your lottery.

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