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"Diligence is the mother of good luck." Benjamin Franklin

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Issues of Luck in Feng Shui and Astrology

Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt. 1st February 2010

Luck is defined as an event which is occurring to a person by chance, fate or fortune. The event, good or ill, will affect an individual's interests or happiness. It is often a person's habitual or characteristic fortune. It has been said that luck is better than skill. GUI Management Centre's research has collated various prescriptions which have been recommended to deal with luck.

Many of these luck principles have Feng Shui and astrology origins. Ancient masters used them to treat problems in Feng Shui and astrology.

Look for what?

Do not Rush in Quest for Luck.

While it is recognised that talents are necessary for making money, people down the ages also look to Feng Shui and astrology obviously to improve their luck or good fortune, the general type and the more specific types in various issues in life. However, some, especially those seeking instant wealth, would complain that they were going nowhere with Feng Shui and astrology. Some may even deem it unlucky to have consulted the Feng Shui and astrology masters as they had wasted much money.

  • One lady told a doctor that she came to him as the other doctors' medicine did not work. The doctor asked her how she took the previous medicine. She pompously told the doctor that the medicine were so useless that she never finished the medicine and would throw them away. The doctor then said he would not treat her. She protested at why the doctor did not want to treat her. The doctor said that if he prescribed her a new medicine she would do the same thing and not follow instructions to finish the medicine. If she did not finish the medicine how was she going to get well? It was her fault that she continued to be sick.

    Many expect instant responses. But while Luck can often be dramatically instant, certain more major Luck can often take Time. People must have faith and be willing to give Luck time to generate effects.

Heaven Throw Down the Jujube, but You must Open Your Mouth

There is this well known Christian joke about the pious man crossing a river. The boat overturned and this man who could not swim was drowning in the water. He desperately prayed to God to save him. A boat came by and the boatman threw him a line. But the man refused to grasp the rope saying that God will save him. When the boatman tried to pull him up with his hands, the drowning man again refused, claiming that God will save him. Of course, he drowned. His soul went up to Heaven and he asked God why had not God saved him? After all, had he not been faithful to God? God replied that He had sent the boatman to save him but he had refused to be saved!

Well, have a look at another story, a Chinese one. A poor man saved a fox. One night in his shed he heard a knocking at the door. He opened the door to find a beautiful girl, who wanted to work for him. The girl also became his mistress. Then one day the girl told him she had to go. However, she had left a number of dumplings in the kitchen as a farewell gift. The poor man thought he could sell the dumplings to make money. Alas, the girl reappeared at his door. The girl told him that she was the fox fairy whom he had saved long time ago and she had came to repay his kindness. She told him that she had left gold ingots within the dumplings, which the man had sold off. She then told him that despite his kindness he was not destined to hold gold. So she directly gave him a basket of silver.

  • The Chinese proverb is,"Heaven may throw down the immortal jujube, but you still have to open your mouth to swallow it." It is like the Western proverb, "Opportunity knocks at the door" - but you still have to open the door.

So, Luck is something where you may have to work at it. Those who are too lazy will have less luck than those who are more hardworking.

The degree of hardwork or industry can be affected by Feng Shui or astrology.


Negative ions which are the natural form of qi invigorate the person and help him succeed.
Significance of Qi of Feng Shui for Luck

Through enhancing the qi in the physical location, Feng Shui will improve the Luck potential of the location. Feng Shui increases the qi or negative ions which will certainly increase your physical and mental well being. Feng Shui will also destroy the sha or positive ions which will reduce your energy and strength. Being more healthy and alert you will have more capable to achieve whatever you want to do. This way the Luck generates more lasting good fortune.

  • The proverb is "Birds of a feather flock together." Stay in a rich place, you are likely to become rich. Stay in a poor place, you are likely to become poor.

    How do you find a good place? Use Feng Shui to enhance the Luck of a place!


Jiang Da Hong's Luopan with only 4 rings. Its few rings contrast with the many rings in modern Luopans.

Cycles of Luck

Then, as any good businessman will know, opportunities have a time cycle. Dao Zhu Gong the God of Businessmen already pointed out that in rainy weather umbrellas would sell well. It will be crazy to try to sell umbrellas during the winter snow. Thus, if you sell the wrong things at the wrong time you cannot escape being poor.

This is why astrology can predict the best times for certain events. Astrology can also predict how your own internal qi and thus industriousness fluctuates with Time.

Use astrology to enhance realisation of your Luck!


8 Immortals They created Feng Shui and astrology means to foster luck.

Weapons of the Immortals

You may guess that the fortuitous combination of good Feng Shui and good astrology will greatly enhance your Luck . The greater the result desired the more likely you have to combine Feng Shui and astrology. The principle is that the more lucky conditions there are around you the better your Luck will be.

Yes, another way to increase lucky conditions is where the ancient masters would usually try to increase the potential by advising on placement of items termed "lucky objects". I call these "lucky objects" "Weapons of the Immortals" . They usually have to be made of the right materials, usually of the right metals or stones, to exert any effects - many plastic or fiber glass items can be useless. A sort of Five Elements concept is used. While there are general "lucky objects" some may have to be tailored to the person's Five Elements, which is what astrology can tell.

Use luck items (Weapons of the Immortals) to enhance realisation of your Luck!


Have all year round Luck!
The Wealthy Do Not Depend on Lottery

There is the fabled winning lottery ticket, which is actually not a good way to achieve wealth - it also very rare. The rich do not depend on this kind of luck to be rich as they usually work hard to accumulate their wealth. The riches accumulated through hard efforts can usually last down the generations, especially if descendants are trained to take care of the business. Good Feng Shui and astrology can help here.

Those who win lottery had got the wealth fast and they are liable to lose that wealth fast too, as they may not know how to handle the sudden wealth. There is a tendency for these people to spend and splash it away on their desires without giving a thought to how to nurture it and make it grow. Let us say a moron inherits his rich parents' wealth. What will happen? The wealth is likely to be spent away. There is little hope that the moron will be able to make the wealth grow.

  • You may try to wining the lottery. But you should also apply other Luck factors which aim more at improving your talents and capabilities.

By this time, you may realise that good Feng Shui and astrology can interact to enhance your capabilities and talents. They contain real Luck factors. Enhancement of real physical and mental energies are involved. Luck has to follow a scientific route of cause and effect.

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