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Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt. 1st January 2010

GUI Management Centre scientific research has finally unlocked the secrets of kingship in the ancient lores of Feng Shui and astrology. Powerful ancient mysteries are being unlocked!

Ziang Ziya
Strategist who helped found the Chou dynasty. Author of strategic manual "Six Ways." Reputed creator of Qi Men Dun Jia divination.

Destiny Called to a Strategist

This article is a riddle into the astrology and Feng Shui required to identify and make a king.

Suppose the emperor asked you to forecast his astrology. What do you think would happen if you had used the calendar to make astrological predictions for him? My friend, the emperor would order you to be beheaded!

Let us try to recapture the true stage of ancient astrology and Feng Shui from the legend of Ziang Ziya, the famous strategist who helped create the Chou empire back around 1126 BC, over 3,000 years ago.

Ziang Ziya failed to separate Chou Hsin from his famous mistress Tai Ji, the Fox Spirit. He fled to the wilderness where he languished for many years till he was over 70 years old. Then he diagnosed from the stars that he would soon meet the man whom he would help establish a new empire. The stars told him he had to go to the river bank.

King Wen
Compiler of I Ching.
Astrologers told him it was time to locate the person who would be his strategist.

Destiny Called to a King

It was along the river bank that people saw a strange sight. Ziang Ziya was sitting there calming holding a fishing rod. The strange thing was that his fishing line had no bait. Hence, a crowd gathered with many laughing at the old foolish man trying to fish without a bait.

Later, people exaggerated that Ziang Ziya was able to catch fish without a bait. His power was such that the fish literally jumped from the river into his basket! For this, modern Chinese culture dubbed him as the God of Fishermen.

Prior to this King Wen fretted at his palace, frustrated at the sad stage of things in the nation under the last Shang emperor Chou Hsin. His astrologers then divined that the time had arrived for him to meet the one person who could help him win the empire. But the king had to go out of his palace.

So, the royal entourage arrived at the river. They saw the a large crowd had gathered and there was a commotion. A guard reported to the king of the strange old man fishing by the river.


Qian Long touring the countryside.
Emperors had good reasons to make tours of the country. Find out these reasons!

The Fishing Riddle

King Wen dismounted form his sedan chair and walked down to the river bank. Yes, he could see that there was this old man fishing without a bait. The king actually recognised the former minister of Shang. Respectfully he approached Ziang Ziya and asked to ask a question.

"By all means!"

"Why is your fishing rod without a bait?"

"You have asked the right question," replied Ziang Ziya. Then the old man cried out, "Small men fish for fishes, Great men fish for the world!"

  • In other versions of the story, Ziang Ziya was asked by people why he fished without a bait. He had replied that he was not fishing for fishes but for a king.

At once King Wen realised this was the man whom Destiny had foretold for him, who could help him win the empire. Ziang Ziya was telling King Wen in a polite roundabout way that he was capable of giving him the empire.

King Wen respectfully begged Ziang Ziya to return to his palace and help him defeat Chou Hsin.


Small men fish for fishes...
Great men fish for the world.

An astrology fit for kings: Does it exist?.

The Quest

Ziang Ziya strove for many years. King Wen died without seeing the ultimate fruitful results. It was his son who became the founding Chou emperor Wu Wang. Even then Wu Wang lived only for a few more years, before the ascension of Wu Wang's son as the second Chou emperor.

Such was the famous legend of how Ziang Ziya met his master and won for him and his son the glorious Chou empire, whose dynasty was the longest Chinese dynasty at more than 900 years old. It is a delightful story well known to most students of Chinese culture and history.

  • Different versions of the story put the king as having to pull or push a cart till he could not walked anymore. Ziang Ziya had foretold that for every of the over 900 steps the king took, the Chou dynasty would last one year. When the king wanted to move further, Ziang Ziya stopped him and said it was all Destiny.

Yet, the story, in its simple original form, is filled with exciting hints of the type of imperial astrology and Feng Shui which were necessary for establishing kingship. People will marvel at the genius of Ziang Ziya, especially his strategic skills. They may also recognise his skills in astrology and noted that King Wen also used astrology to detect Ziang Ziya.


Quest for Kingship
Modern Feng Shui and astrology have lost the secrets of kingship.

Loss of Kingship Secrets

What kind of astrology was being used? Ba Zi Eight Characters divination emerged only during the Tang dynasty. Zi Wei Dou Shu emerged during the Sung dynasty. Ziang Ziya and King Wen could not possibly use Ba Zi Eight Characters divination or Zi Wei Dou Shu, despite that the later is dubbed the Purple Emperor Star astrology.

Such a view missed the essence of the legend. By the Tang and Sung dynasties, astrology was known to the Chinese in the form of Ba Zi Eight Characters divination and Zi Wei Dou Shu. Was it that around the Tang dynasty, a new form of astrology emerged in the shape of Ba Zi Eight Characters divination or Zi Wei Dou Shu? That whatever older forms of astrology gave way to Ba Zi Eight Characters divination or Zi Wei Dou Shu?

This masks the fact that the Chinese imperial astrology was always the same, from before the Shang dynasty to Ziang Ziya and then down to the Tang and Sung dynasties! Zi Wei Dou Shu was said to be practised even during the Han dynasty.

The Truth is that the ancient astrology was originally in the form of the 28 Lunar Constellations. Traditional history also shows that even in other ancient cultures the astrology was that of the 28 Lunar Constellations. Later, short cuts were devised, first in the form of the 13 and later 12 Zodiac signs. It is an illusion that the Heaven can be divided into exactly 12 or so divisions. Further short-cuts emerged in the form of formulas often seen in modern Ba Zi Eight Characters divination or Zi Wei Dou Shu. All these short cuts are only convenient approximations of the astronomical movements underlying astrology. Effective astrological effects are determined by the precise location of the planetary movements at a particular time and these effects can be distorted by over-generalisation when using the 12 Zodiac signs and related formula systems.

The astronomical movements are consistent through the measurable Time of Man. But the short-cut formulas changed all the time down the ages, thus spawning different astrology systems. These formulas are only approximations of actual astronomical movements and had to deviate with time. A particular formula system would deviate and become less effective, paving the way for emergence of new formulas. This was why changing astrological systems appeared through the ages.

As noted by Derek Walters in his book Chinese astrology, only the emperors were allowed to look into the sky and use actual celestial movements for their imperial astrology. The common people were forbidden to use planetary tables and had to rely on the faulty calendars. This way the imperial circle reserved for themselves an astrology far superior to the inferior astrology of the people.

The imperial circle further cemented their superiority by creating Ba Zi Eight Characters divination for the people. Instead, the emperors used Zi Wei Dou Shu.

However, the modern Zi Wei Dou Shu is a watered down version, purposefully falsified by the emperor. Much potent secrets of Zi Wei Dou Shu have been lost. Our research has identified how Ba Zi Eight Characters divination originated from a small inferior section of ZWDS. We have also recovered pertinent aspects of ZWDS related to kingship.


Down the ages, the talented and valiant seek to become kings. But who can open the seals to the scrolls of kingship?

Insights into the Kingship Secrets

Thus, the legend shows that Ziang Ziya and King Wen both used an original astrology potent enough to identify and make kings! How miserable are the modern astrology and Feng Shui which are incapable of making kings.

Look again at the legend. It was not astrology alone. An important Feng Shui was also indicated in the legend.

See also if you can identify the period of the year when King Wen met Ziang Ziya.

A previous article had noted that astrology and Feng Shui must be integrated in order to identify and create the kingship. Actually, the astrology and Feng Shui also have to interact with a third factor, vis certain pertinent rituals. The said legend of how Ziang Ziya met King Wen contains important clues about how this three prongs must be linked up. See if you can unravel the riddle of this true "San Pan Guas", a concept so ill-understood in modern Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

For those who are looking for kingship, it is useful to understand the person who was Ziang Ziya. For example, the legend above indicates that Ziang Ziya was a brillint strategist well versed in astrology. Historical traditions written by Confucius in the Shu King, Book of History, indicate that Ziang Ziya were among the small group of people who used Feng Shui to establish Luoyang, the future capital of the Chou dynasty and other dynasties down the line.

The ancient astrologers who established kings were also noted Feng Shui masters. One more thing - they were also brilliant strategists!

Can you imagine the modern roadside fortune tellers advising kings? That is the stage modern Feng Shui and astrology have fallen into. Modern practitioners are sticking like glue to outdated watered down systems.

If you want to be a king or top leader, look for that brilliant person who also has mastery of true astrology and Feng Shui! Get him and you can become top or the king. Become top or a king worthy of the legends!

Come and join us and learn in our courses. Be more than the current masters. Learn kingship Feng Shui and astrology far superior than any you may have known.

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