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Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 30th December 2010

Riddle of Tan Yang Wu Rejecting Xuan Kong Fei Xing

The contradicting Xuan Kong schools often use pairs of numbers in the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" to evaluate auspiciousness. This article provides insights from research into the ancient texts about the real basis of the method of the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers".

Tan Yang Wu was the well known Xuan Kong Fei Xing master in the early 1900s. Then came the bombshell, when Tan Yang Wu publicly renounced Xuan Kong Fei Xing in the newspapers in 1928. When he was still the highly respected Fei Xing master, people must have spoken highly of his cases. But Tan Yang Wu knew that the cases were in errors, otherwise he would not have rejected Xuan Kong Fei Xing.

Tan Yang Wu's rejection of Fei Xing is a proof that his Fei Xing cases were not accurate - the "accuracy" only grew by false reputation.

Perhaps, what is overlooked about the episode of Tan Yang Wu's rejection of Fei Xing was that Tan Yang Wu was puzzled about the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". He could not obtain a satisfactory answer and might have believed that Zhang Song Shan people had deliberately hid the secrets from him. Why should he want to know the real secrets? This was because he knew that his cases were not accurate and there was something seriously missing.

Tan Yang Wu must have suspected errors in the Fei Xing method of "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" owing to errors in his own cases.


Flight of the Stars

The Xuan Kong schools use pairs of numbers for interpreting the auspicious or inauspicious aspices. The "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is supposed to generate the two numbers for interpretations.

  • The conventional Fei Xing method is to pair "mountain star" with "water star". However, some pair the Yun star against either the "mountain" or "water" star.

When Tan Yang Wu rejected Fei Xing and took up Xuan Kong Liu Fa, he attacked the Fei Xing's use of the orientation of the physical door to start the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". In Liu Fa, the shift in numbers or trigrams and hence relocation of the "Jin Lung" is according to the Time periods of the Yuns.

Liu Fa actually refers to the historical testimony of the orientation of the ancient Chinese architecture where the main entrance was invariably towards the South and the Sun said to rise in the East and set in the West.


Ancient Texts

There are a number of ancient texts used to interpret the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". Main texts used include Zi Bai Ju, Xuan Kong Mi Zi, Xuan Ji Fu, Fei Xing Fu. All these texts, purported to date from the Sung dynasty and before, have similar interpretations of meanings for various pairs of numbers.

What these ancient texts say about the meanings of the pairs of numbers are quite clear and similar. But, the issue is that practitioners were unable to see from these texts how the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is to be made or started. Hence, there are disagreements about how the calculations should start.

Zi Bai Ju clearly shows that the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is derived from the use of the 3 cycles of San Yuan with its 9 numbers. Jiang Da Hong insisted that the true Xuan Kong must use the 3 cycles San Yuan 9 numbers concept:

  • Bagua three Yuans (inception) cum nine Yao (stars) by millimeter mistakenly dropping Kong Wang (emptiness). Tian Yuan Wu Ge 240

Jiang Da Hong especially attacked Pa Zhai (8 Mansions) which lacks any cycle concept:

  • 246. Up down three Yuan (inception) each having their suits, burying at Wang Lung (prosperous dragon) the immediate generation is blooming.
    247. These burying at the flat Lung the blooming are late, those burying at dead Lung failure records.
    248. Even if qualified also hard to support, it is not Pa Shen (Eight Gods) all reaching at the hsueh.
    249. Going out Yuan (inception) environment do not depending on it, Bagua San Yuan (three inception) the qi luck is weak or prosperous. Tian Yuan Wu Ge

Jiang Da Hong's emphasis on the 3 cycles (with 9 Yuns or numbers) will also reject the 2 cycles (with 8 Yuns) approach in Xuan Kong Da Gua and Xuan Kong Liu Fa. The 3 cycles 9 Yuns concept is also supported by other ancient texts, e.g.:

  • Investigate the sequence of the Bagua and 9 divisions to examine the aising evidence in the thread of sequence about the hidden secrets Fei Xing Fu 2


The "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is also drawn on a Sung document from the Tun Huang monastery (below diagram, top row):

Top row: Original Tun Huang document with 9 squares patterns of colors for Year and Months. ("torq" = blue-green)
Middle row: Decoding: Equivalent in numbers - with blanks for "white"
Bottom row: Decoding from current understanding: Filling in numbers in red for "white"

During the Sung dynasty, geomancers associated the Year or Month with a color (or number). The Tun Huang document shows that one way of the "flight of star" concept was to pair the Year number with the Month number. The "flight of the stars" is always a Time concept and has been wrongly applied to physical directions.

It is misleading to think that what Jiang Da Hong wrote about the necessity of the 3 cycles and 9 Yuns would support current Xuan Kong Fei Xing. There is more than that, as it is still not clear how to start the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". Should the flight be started with the direction of the physical door or from the Time Yun or what? Jiang Da Hong wrote in his Tian Yuan Wu Ge that the "flight of the stars" is always a Time concept and this is supported by the evidence of the Sung dynasty Tun Huang document.


Jiang Da Hong Speaks Out

Examining the texts of Zi Bai Ju, Xuan Kong Mi Zi, Xuan Ji Fu, Fei Xing Fu indicates that only Xuan Kong Mi Zi gives an hint of how to start the numbers. It is in the opening verse, which has not been well translated as follow!:

  • Translation 1: 1: If You Don't Know Where It Comes From (Chang-Change), Or How To Know Where It Gets In (Chang---All We Know Is That It Was Not Easy), The Trigram In The Center Of The Pan Ends Up Empty.

    Translation 2: 1: Without knowing the source road, how do you know the entering road; all trigrams in the Pan (chart) will be empty.

The above translators did not understand the opening verse! Such lack of understanding causes practitioners to argue about how the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" should be started.

  • Actually, one "where it comes from" source road is one number and the other "where it gets in" entering road is the other number! If you do not have these two numbers, the Pan cannot be analysed.

It is Jiang Da Hong who explained what are these "roads", which he termed "outer" and "inner" roads in his Tian Yuan Wu Ge:

  • 305. The inner road very often together with outer road to do the audit, premises is deep inner road examine the threshold.
    306. Outer road welcomes the Shen (god) cum boundary (stopping) qi, welcome Shen boundary (stopping) qi two layers of barriers.
    307. Again having wind door ventilating the eight qi, wall is hollow house is incomplete (missing corner/part) all are hard to avoid.
    308. If encountering with peaceful wind the Fu suddenly enhancing, if encountering with sha wind the disaster immediately reaching. Tian Yuan Wu Ge

Without going into too much details, Jiang Da Hong shows that one "outer" road is linked with the longer term period of the Yun, while the "inner" road is linked with the mcuh shorter term annual water dragon. Both are Time indices, one the Yun and the other the Year.

Thus, the Tun Huang monastery document begins to make sense. That document has a major diagram with the prevailing Year Time pattern, along with a series of smaller diagrams (indicating smaller Month Time indices) showing the different "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". It is quite evident that, in the Tun Huang monastery document the pairs of numbers are made by pairing the main number against the smaller numbers. Xuan Kong Mi Zi, Xuan Ji Fu, Fei Xing Fu are all Sung documents and they would likely harmonise with the Sung Tun Huang monastery document.

A larger Time factor is matched against a smaller Time factor!

The "fight of the stars or 9 numbers" is about Time. Physical directions have been wrongly used to start the "flight of the stars".

The solar radiation fluctuates through Time, especially in response to two main astronomical events, giving the "pair of numbers" in the "flight of the stars".


The Major Error

The major mistake of the Fei Xing school is to use the physical doors, when the opening verse of Xuan Kong Mi Zi actually refers to Time parameters! There is nothing in the ancient texts to show that the physical direction of a physical door is to be used to start the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers". Xuan Kong Liu Fa comes closest in using only Time indices to create the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" - unfortunately Xuan Kong Liu Fa did not use the 3 cycles 9 Yuns method.

  • It may be said that all these schools of Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Xuan Kong Liu Fa and Xian Kong Da Gua have it wrong all the time!

    In fact, within Xuan Kong Fei Xing, for evaluating annual auspiciousness, the Yun-mountain-water sequence can be paired against the annual sequence, where the later (the annual star) is treated as a transient star. This is closest to what Jiang Da Hong really wrote about how to start the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers".

Tan Yang Wu taught Liu Fa for some time and then disappeared. No one know where he went to hide himself, ostentatiously somewhere along a remote coastline. Why? He probably realised that Liu Fa was as much crap as Fei Xing and was too ashamed to face the Feng Shui world anymore.

However, not knowing how to start the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is only one major error in current Xuan Kong schools. There are other major errors in the use of the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" which have confounded the Xuan Kong schools down the ages.

  • Our exciting indepth scientific research has also discovered what are the astronomical planetary basis of both the 3 Yuans-9 Yuns cycle of the "flight of the stars" and why the numbers have the sequence in the Lou Shu. The explanation will be too complex for this article, as it requires good understanding of astronomy, but will be taught in our new course on the original Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

    The point is that one should have an astronomical understanding of what the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers" is about. Then, one can properly apply the methodology of the "flight of the stars or 9 numbers".

We have decided to start a course on the true original Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Not only the ancient texts noted here will be expounded, but the course will also reveal the true meanings of Yang Yun Sung's complicated texts of Tian Yu Jing and Du Tian Bao Zhou Jing. Contact us.


Scientific Feng Shui and Astrology

Both Feng Shui and astrology have real scientific basis like in the sciences of physics, chemistry, or biology, not just the mathematical calculations basis. The scientific evidence are out there. Skeptics are out of date and vastly ignorant!

There is nothing superstitious about Feng Shui and astrology and there is no need to believe in magical nonsense about them. They are just like the sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, where their causes and effects can be understood in a scientific way. The Feng Shui and astrology energies are real physical pulsating energies.

One thing sad about modern Feng Shui and astrology is that they tended to be applied separately and independently of each other. You should guess that a total qi effect will be the sum of both Feng Shui and astrology. The ancient emperors would not call just one person but usually a group of experts who would include not only the Feng Shui master and astrologers, but also the rituals priests. That is, there was a holistic science where Feng Shui and astrology are meant to be integrated together, even as Jiang Da Hong said:

  • Real Lung the vast land inclined towards Jiang Nan (southern river) also want Heaven timing power to add on it. Tian Yuan Wu Ge 345.

That is why in our GUI Management Centre, we teach and show that the Feng Shui and Zi Wei Dou Shu are meant to be used together. The courses teach not only the true scientific explanations but also what the ancient texts really say.

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Confucius was the first to write about Feng Shui and he had a very scientific approach to Feng Shui!