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3. Liu Fa in a Crux: Case from Tan Yang Wu.

Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 8th March 2008


Although the Liu Fa Feng Shui people like to try to keep their theories secret, it is not difficult to penetrate what they are doing. The 6 Methods of Liu Fa can be discerned in a case analysed by Tan Yang Wu in 24th September 1946 for a Mr. Li Dao-Ke.

Li has asked Tan for advice on a family who was suffering misfortune in recent years. Tan gave his diagnosis as follows:

  • "The premise is sitting on Xun/Si; facing Qian/Hai.
    With solid back and open front.
    The stream flows from KUN (SouthWest), across front of the house, to GEN (NorthEast).
    In front of the house, there are two mounds.
    From the landform configuration aspect, it is considered appropriate.

Tan also noted Mr Li's description that the owner is a man with virtue heart and wholesome conducts. His family was previous prosperous. However, for the last three to four years, the family encountered all sorts of misfortune. The parents and his youngest son passed away, female family member(s) remarried, someone drowned. Some suffered stubborn skin disease and some have been bed ridden. Owing to expenses for these misfortune, the man has spent all his savings.

Tan Yang Wu's Advice

Tan gave a short writeup of the pertinent aspects and advice for this case:

The front is facing North-West.
In Period-4, this setup causes conflict in Yin and Yang. Thus, illnesses damaged the good health.

  • In the year (Bing-Xu, 1946) and next year (Ding-Hai,1947), Tai-Shui will be in front. There will be more misfortunes to come.
  • The main door should not be used and be locked. It was advised to use only the side door in Kan sector of North East side. By doing so, this will invite the positive Qi and avoiding the negative Qi.
  • The South-East [external] wall should be opened with few holes aligned with rooms' windows to receive good Qi. The beds should be arranged to face South-East.
  • This recommendation should be maintained until entering Period-6 in year 1954. The best configuration for the present premise is Period-6. In Period-6, he should re-open his main door and this will bring his family bloodline and prosperity to flourishing again.

    Date Error in San Yuan Feng Shui!
    San Yuan practitioners have been using the 20 years "Yun" without realising it is now two Periods out of date! The 20 Years "Yun" is due to the Saturn Jupiter conjunction which has a cycle of 20 years. It is now no longer Period 8 but Period 1! The Xuan Kong "Yun" is now two cycles out of date! Find out why.
    The inability of the Xuan Kong people to understand the astronomical basis of their art is the main cause of the uncertainty and divisions among them. This inability was a major factor in Tan Yang Wu's frustration with trying to understand how the 9 numbers fly. When he could not understand, he gave up and fell prey to Xuan Kong Liu Fa's arguments.

    The 6 Methods in Tan's Advice

    The basic chart illustrating the 3rd principle of the Jin Lung (Golden Dragon), is as follows:

    - Mountain Dragon Water Dragon -
    Upper Yuan - - -
    1 Kan at N Li at S -
    2 Gen at NE Kun at SW -
    3 Chen at E Tui at W -
    4 Qian at NW Xun at SE -
    Lower Yuan - - -
    6 Xun at SE Qian at NW -
    7 Tui at W Chen at E -
    8 Kun at SW Gen at NE -
    9 Li at S Kan at N -

    Applying the 1st principle of Xuan Kong (Mysterious Void, Tai Chi), in Period 4, Mountain Dragon (Yin) is at NW, and Water Dragon (Yang) is at SE.

    From the 2nd Cixiong (Female Male) principle, it is found that the house, instead of sitting on a Mountain sector, sits in the Water Dragon (Yang) sector. This is in conflict from the Yin Yang principle and is inauspicious.

    In Period 8, the Mountain Dragon is at SW, while the Water Dragon is at NE.

    According to the 6th principle of Tai Sui (Jupiter), in the Dog and Pig Years, Tai Sui is at W-NW. Thus, the house will face Tai Sui and is inauspicious.

    Tan's advice about changing the door is based on this principle:

    • The 5th principle of the Cheng Men (City or Castle Gate) determines the alternative doors. The original layout is lost. This house apparently had another door at NE. As the NW door is not auspicious, the recommendation was to shift to another suitable door. In this case, in the Kan sector of the NE the door was used.

      The Kan sector was to activate the water.

      This SE is opposite to the direction of Tai Sui. It was also the Water sector in Period 4 and should be opened and having water.

    However, in Period 6 the Water Dragon is at Qian NW, which fits the original array of this house. The main door can be re-opened in this Period 6.

    It should be noted that the changes in the positions of the "doors" may be interpreted through the "7 Stars Robbery" theory of the 4th principle of the Ai Xing (Changing Stars). For the Period 4, the San Pan Gua is 1-4-7. Thus, Tan Yang Wu had recommended the shift of door to Kan (1) and opening holes at the SouthEast wall (4). Apparently, there was no way to activate "7".

    Is this Liu Fa Case Analysis Correct?

    The above case is quite simple and illustrative of how the 6 Methods are applied. Many would probably refrain from negative comments owing to lack of understanding of Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui.

    However, as the Lui Fa people like to claim they follow Yang Yun Sung's teachings, we will analyse from what Yang Yun Sung really wrote.

    Yang Yun Sung's hsueh and Ming Tang has the Four Heraldic Beasts format, which has a South facing. In Yang Yun Sung's Han Lung Jing and Yi Lung Jing, the East facing is an alternative but less potent than the South facing.

    • Hence, the premise already had an inauspicious facing, towards NorthWest. Thus the Lui Fa advice is only partly correct in that Tan advised the owner to shift the door away towards the East, which is less inauspicious than the NorthWest.
    • The advice to open along the Southwest wall is also correct in conforming more with the auspicious South facing.
    • All the rest of the advice about changing the doors again and again to conform to the Periods are not supported by Yang Yun Sung's Han Lung Jing and Yi Lung Jing .

    The Green Satchels and Tian Yu Jing have been badly misunderstood by Feng Shui practitioners. At the best, Tan's advice should be modified in that, instead of changing the doors, activation rituals should be performed in the said sectors.

    • The Green Satchels and Tian Yu Jing are about activation rituals and not physical changes for main entrances. The Luan Tou, as defined in the Han Lung Jing and Yi Lung Jing, cannot be changed. It is the Li Qi whose time periodicity changes and it is these Li Qi principles which have been wrongly used to displace Luan Tou principles.

      However, the Green Satchels and Tian Yu Jing are more complicated than that. Their true meanings need much more space for explanation.

    There is also a serious error in the computation of the Tai Sui. This is because, due the precession of the equinoxes, the stars and planets positions have changed over the past thousands of years. The last change in the Chinese astrological Zodiac signs was made in the Han dynasty, when the new year sign was changed from Chou to Yin. Now, 2,000 years since, the sign should be changed from Yin to Mao. As it is, the current Chinese calendars still use Yin as the starting of the New Year. The real positions of Tai Sui will have to be adjusted one sign.

    There is also an error in the computation of the Yun. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction has jumped 2 cycles since the time of Yao 4,000 years ago. Hence, the real Yun has to be shifted two places. It is no longer Yun 8 but Yun 1!

    This article shows that Feng Shui is much more complicated than either the Lui Fa group or Fei Xing group realised. As expounded by Tang grandmaster Yang Yun Sung in his monumental books, there are complex inter-relationships between the Form and Compass approaches. All will do well to cooperate and recover the original Feng Shui.

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