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1. Scientifically, which Feng Shui schools are right and wrong?

Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 3rd March 2008

The Maelstrom

Flying daggers and poison arrows thicken the sky of the Warring Kingdoms. In the end, Qin Shih Huang Di seized the throne, before swiftly collapsing, giving way to the glorious Han dynasty. Han Kao Tsu opt for Confucian humanity, as he learnt well the lessons of the vicious Warring Kingdoms Era and avoided the excesses of his fierce predecessors so bent on annihilating all oppositions.

The Xuan Kong schools initially looked down in disdain at the Ba Zhai 8 Mansions Feng Shui. The 6 schools of Fei Xing Feng Shui could not talk with each other, with only the wuchang school of Zhang Song San surviving to this day. The Feixing school had attacked the Xuan Kong Da Gua school. Now, both Fexing and Da Gua face a common enemy in Xuan Kong Liu Fa, the latest fad, like Qin Shih Huang Di rising across the horizon. The fierce Liufa army was inspired by the ex-Feixing master Tan Yang Wu, who is deemed as a traitor by some Feixing masters, like the Shaolin traitor who guided the Qing army to destroy Shaolin monastery.

  • It is like the Warring Kingdoms Era and the opening sentence of the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms": "Empires wax and wane, kingdoms rise and fall."

In general, today, Feixing practitioners suddenly are panicking that their Feixing is wrong and have been in one way or other turning to Liu Fa. Really, they should not be so hasty, as it may be just jumping from the pan into the fire. As a Feixing general should say, the battle is far from over

  • It is the author's analysis that Tan Yang Wu was too hasty in renouncing Feixing, as he could not crack the secrets of why the 9 numbers fly. He should have carefully evaluated Liu Fa. As it was, he was too quick to renounce Feixing so soon after hearing Liu Fa from a monk. He then went into silence over the years trying to understand Liu Fa, which indicated that he had not yet fully understood Liu Fa, making his renounciation of Feixing premature.

    If I am to believe in black magic, I would say the monk placed a charm on him!

Watching all these battles is the Confucian scholar, dismayed at the confusions tearing the Feng Shui world. Like Huang Shih Kung, the Hanlin strategist emerges from his serene Yellow Stone mountain retreat.

  • "Black clouds roll to the cave in the mountain,
    Calling the stalwart heart to the plain."

His weapons of research are formidable, including Han Lung Jing, Yi Lung Jing, Tian Yu Jing, Tu Tien Bao Chou Jing, Xue Xin Fu, Rui Di Yen, Qing Nang Jing, Qing Nang Xu, Qing Nang Aow Yi, Tsih King, Zhangshu, Huang Di Nei Ching, Xuan Kong Mi Zi, Ba Zi Jing, and the controversial Liufa bible, Xuan Kong Ben Yi. Unknown to his opponents, he also is well versed in the Confucian and Huai Nan Zi classics, especially where the other ancient masters had taken their Feng Shui passages. He has cracked the code of the King Wen I Ching and also knows how the I Ching has given rise to the war manuals of Sun Tzu Art of War and Wu Chi Art of War. He also knows the formidable secrets of the all encompassing "Heaven Sign", that ill-understood mysterious ceremony hinted at in the Han Lung Jing and Tian Yu Jing.

The Hanlin strategist is also a scientist familiar with climate, astronomy and geography. He will show that if the Liufa people claim that Feixing has a lot of holes, likewise Liu Fa has a lot of holes.

The Scientific Debate

First and foremost is that debate of the 180 years of Feixing 9 Yuns and the Liu Fa 8 Yuns, which should be more scientific. The Feixing Yun of 20 years has a scientific astronomical basis in the near 20 years periodicity of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, well known among the ancient cultures. Jupiter is the Nien Star, and Saturn is the Ancestor Temple Star and their conjunction has widespread significance in other ancient cultures like that of the Hebrews. Jupiter is the Priest Planet in the Hebrew culture and Saturn is the seat of Chronos, Father Time. There are modern astrophysics evidence that earthquakes and variations in solar radiation has a 20 years cyclicity. There is the Moon Saros cycle, where a solar eclipse will occur at the same geographical spot 18 years 11 days later. The combination of the 20 years Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and the 18 years Moon Saros cycle produce the Xuan Kong 180 years. Thus, the Feixing Yuns have very scientific basis.

  • Unfortunately, the Liu Fa unequal 8 Yuns, each Yun with a periodicity varying from 18 to 27 years, have no scientific basis. They are just near superstitious renderations of the yao lines composing of 6 years for a Yin line and 9 years for a Yang line. This is also a weakness with the Xuan Kong Da Gua.

    First blow for the Feixing faction.

Date Error in San Yuan Feng Shui!
San Yuan practitioners have been using the 20 years "Yun" without realising it is now two Periods out of date! The 20 Years "Yun" is due to the Saturn Jupiter conjunction which has a cycle of 20 years. It is now no longer Period 8 but Period 1! The Xuan Kong "Yun" is now two cycles out of date! Find out why.

The Liu Fa people have attacked the Feixing use of the magnetic north as readings. Most Liu Fa people claim to use the True North. The Chinese emperors did not use the magnetic readings but those of the gnomon shadow stick which read the True North. However, this is a small point in Malaysia, where the magnetic north is almost in line with the True North. But in northern China which is more towards the East and southern China which is more to the west there will be marked significant differences between the magnetic alignments and the True North. Bear in mind that astrophysics evidence also shows that the magnetic north shifts towards the True North at a rate of at least 1.35 o each 100 years. It means that a long term criterion should be the True North.

  • Essentially those who used the magnetic readings can never get permanent reliable tombs alignments.

    Round Two to Liu Fa.

When the warring schools appeal to logic and scientific rationale, they only have a smattering semblance, but no real solidness. They do not even know how scientifically the Wu Chi evolves into the Tai Chi, Yin Yang and the 8 trigrams. They can only murmur... "Nothing becomes One and One to Two and so on into the ten thousand things." The Hanlin strategist has known, as even Confucius knew, that the evolution of the Great Monad is a scientific flow chart of the seasonal variations of the solar shadow through the year which will form the Yin Yang image. The 8 trigrams of the Early Heaven Bagua are merely the 8 packages of solar radiation at eight equidistant Time points through the year.

  • There is no basis to the Liu Fa argument of their 8 Yuns that each trigram reflects a Time period based on the yaos, 6 to a Yin line and 9 to a Yang line. All that are rubbish, as the 8 trigrams, while having different proportions of energies, have equal time intervals in the Yin Yang diagram..

    The Feixing school wins again in this round.

The imperial rulers paid serious attention to the "Watching the Red Sparrow", i.e. the Sun, to trace the workings of the Yin Yang and 8 trigrams of the Bagua. The "Red Sparrow" is always at the South

Chou Kung Tower, Luoyang, was a gigantic sundial system used by the imperial family in "Watching the Red Sparrow", i.e. to detect the status of the qi at the different seasons of the year. It underscores that one essential feature of the Ming Tang is a South facing.

But, what concerns the Hanlin strategist is that the warring factions have not really studied the ancient Feng Shui texts, especially those of the Tang grandmaster Yang Yun Sung. The Liu Fa people often claim to quote from various texts of Yang Yun Sung. Tan Yang Wu quoted from the Green Satchels a number of verses in his Xuan Kong Ben Yi.

Yang Yun Sun had taken so much trouble to write down the pertinent Feng Shui philosophy into his texts such as Han Lung Jing, Yi Lung Jing, Tian Yu Jing, etc. Let us really study what he had to say. Otherwise, he will call us "Idiot masters"!

Members of the other schools are caught and brow beaten into silence because they and even their own masters have hardly read these texts in questions. They dare not speak further, for fear of exposing their ignorance of the ancient texts.

But the Hanlin strategist, who has studied in depth the ancient texts, can see that the Liu Fa people have been sly. For, they even attributed to Yang Yun Sung statements which he never made! There were also a few statements attributed to the wrong texts. No one who hardly read the classics can have spotted their errors.

  • The Liu Fa people have been quite slipshod in their reasoning.
    As for the Feixing school, they have not been presumptuous in quoting things, and therefore are a little better.

Yang Yun Sun's Definition of the Ming Tang as a Huge Area

It dawned on the Hanlin strategist that the Liu Fa people have concentrated on a few of Yang Yun Sung's texts but have not really read and understood Yang Yun Sung's Han Lung Jing and Yi Lung Jing They make a particular serious mistake also made by the other schools. All the Xuan Kong theory of Yang Yun Sung is based on the key landform known as the hsueh with its Ming Tang:

  • Big as city and town of the king's state, small as district and area of the lords and dukes. Secondly, in suburbs, and small towns, there are the rich and famous staying in them. Han Lung Jing

    The benefits of Lu Chun resting (dropping) into big water (ocean), big one as state (province) small one as town and district. Han Lung Jing

    Small Lo small lock and small barrier, one state one district must have barrier. Ten barriers 10 locks hundred over miles, for sure emperor, duke staying here. Lo star resting (dropping) in village to small barrier lock. Han Lung Jing

    When knowing the hsueh is not far [spacious], protect and sending not, use as temple. Han Lung Jing.

    The house and Yin place power have no difference (special). Generally Yang house fears that the hsueh is too small, the hsueh is small only suitable to use as tomb. Yi Lung Jing, Question 4.

The Ming Tang is a large area! The salient point about the verses above is that there are no real differences between Yang and Yin premises other than the size. Yin establishments like tombs and temples are located on areas too small for villages and cities. The Yang Gong's labeling of inner courtyards and other restricted areas in front of doors etc as "Ming Tang" is a violation of what Yang Yun Sung wrote.

  • As noted earlier, people cannot spot the mistakes of the Liu Fa group because they have not read and would be awed by the socalled quotations of the words of the ancient masters.

    It is not just the blind leading the blind. The blind make those who see blind!

Ming Tombs Complex.
The Ming Tang is always a very large area! The larger ones become states and cities. The smallers ones are used for temples and tomb complexs. They are always oriented to have the auspicious South facing. What a serious major deviation modern Feng Shui has from the ancient historical testimony of the imperial cities, palaces and tomb complexes!

Modern Feng Shui practitioners do not understand what is the Ming Tang and therefore have been misapplying Form Feng Shui.

Ming Tang must have a South Facing

A far more significant point is that all the Yang Yun Sung's hsueh and Ming Tang must fulfill the Four Heraldic Beasts format, otherwise that site is inauspicious and is the Kung Mang Death Zone:

  • having high mountain that is Xuan Wu, the Xuan Wu dropping (crouching) place is the four animals' gathering place. The gathering place is the place Lung gather star, where four animals do not visit is emptiness. On the Kung Mang Lung place do not go to find hsueh, even though having hsueh also easy to die and extinguish. Han Lung Jing

As confirmed by the Yang Yun Sung's passages, this Four Heraldic Beasts format always has a South facing.

  • The emperor controls the four directions. Control it by facing the position towards the South. Qing Nang Jing.

    The front star as if it was at the top of south, Zhou and Zhao kings reaching here to see the heaven sign. Han Lung Jing

It is dubious for the current Xuan Kong schools to advocate facings other than the South! The historical testimony is that the ancient Chinese palaces and tomb complexes had frontages facing the South. The one major well known deviation was that of the Qin dynasty where Shih Huang Di ordered the tomb complex to face West, the direction of the homeland of the Qin. He paid dearly for this violation of Feng Shui, for his Qin empire collapsed within a short term of about 40 years! Foolish Shih Huang Di.

  • It appears that Liu Fa recognises that the facing and sitting are fixed according to the sunrise and sunset. Liu Fa decries Fei Xing method of using the door to determine all sorts of facings and sittings. One Liu Fa practitioner says it is East and West. This is actually more scientific, but may not be fully correct.

    So, Round Four to Liu Fa.

Many Waters Enter Ming Tang, but only One Water Exit

The Four Heraldic Beats format also has another pertinent point - the water exit is always also at the South! The Yang Yun Sung's texts show that the Lung water flows can enter the hsueh at various different points, but they all must converge to the southern front of the Ming Tang and then exit out from the South. The 6 Siews regulating the water flows in the Tian Yu Jing and Tu Tien Bao Chou Jing have all been greatly misunderstood. I will not elaborate further on them here, as the explanations require a formidable course.

Traditional Hsueh, or Ming Tang.
Some of the features in the drawing do not conform to what Yang Yun Sun described in Han Lung Jing of the 9 Stars Mountains

Battle for "Dragon Cave"

The ancient legends narrate that powerful figures would fight for that auspicious premise known as the "Dragon Cave", or the hsueh and Ming Tang. This was because they correctly knew that such a Ming Tang would ensure "Eternal Fortune" for its residents.

This Ming Tang usually has a circular horseshoe shape, with a South facing (towards the top of the diagram on left). While there may be many water flows into the hsueh, there is only one major exit at the "water mouth" at the South.

The Mandate of Heaven

Remember the quotation earlier?:

  • The front star as if it was at the top of south, Zhou and Zhao kings reaching here to see the heaven sign. Han Lung Jing

It is the highly secretive "Heaven Sign" which unites both the Form and Compass approaches. It also has to incorporate astrology for the correct activation. This again will not be elaborated here as it requires formidable presentation in an extensive course.

In the meantime, foolish Feng Shui masters warred against each other. I think the Liu Fa people should not be too arrogant, as I can see that they have misinterpreted much of what Yang Yun Sung wrote. So far, in this article, I have shown that Feixing makes sense in 2 points, while Liu Fa in other 2 points. 2-2 is a draw, is it not? I have other scientific points to present, but that can remain for other presentations. I believe that a more scientific approach can improve both Fei Xing and Liu Fa.

The present Xuan Kong schools have fallen far short of Yang Yun Sung. However, even I myself can be wrong on certain points. The various schools have points to deliver. So, I respect all the different schools as I prefer to look at their positive aspects and learn from them.

The Feng Shui factions should all make their peace and pool together all the best points of their heritage. The foremost minds among them should be like gentle fathers leading the children back to the same homeland.

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