Startling research findings of the geographical reasons why areas are "haunted"
- these geographical features became parts of Feng Shui science.

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Article FS02/5

Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 1st May 2002

Modern science is beginning to find that ghosts and UFOs are manifestations of energies and radiation from bad Feng Shui spots. There are scientific explanations for haunting and ghosts!



Kuala Lumpur was founded by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy at the confluence of the Klang river with Sungai Gombak. As it was easily flooded and a muddy place, it was called "Kuala Lumpur", "lumpur" for mud and "kuala" for junction. It has grown to become the national capital of Malaya and then Malaysia.

This confluence of Sungai Gombak with Sungai Klang remains a modern factor in the flooding of the city. In the olden times, the confluence was predominantly the Malay settlements areas which still exist today and are still often major areas affected by flooding in modern times.

Inevitable with such a historic city, there are a number of places in Kuala Lumpur reputed to have its share of haunting.


28th April 2002, 1.15 pm. Jalan Berhala is a U shaped road with both ends joining to Jalan Sultan Ismail, off Jalan Brickfields. The northern junction of Jalan Berhala with Jalan Sultan Ismail is known to be haunted. Ghostly figures could be seen walking about. A new condomonium is established at the southern corner of this junction. Directly facing the junction along Jalan Sultan Ismail is a Hindu shrine, Sree Math Guru Thabo Vanaam. Coconuts used to be broken at this junction in connection with the shrine ceremonies.

From this junction north to the old Lido theatre end, the road stretch is also reputed to be haunted. At end of Jalan Sultan Ismail is the YMCA building. This YMCA building is reputed to be haunted.

At the other southern end of Jalan Sultan Ismail, across Jalan Brickfield, is the road Lengkok Tun Samanathan. Along this road is a several storey condomonium, which is reputed to be haunted. Mr Ikshan Sulaiman with his wife and friends occupied one unit. His friend said that he heard someone walking about in the flat. When he entered the flat he could see the window curtain flapping away.

The Jalan Sultan Ismail-Jalan Berhala roads have many churches, Hindu temples, and Buddhist temples. It may be said to be a religious area.

  • Observation: Next to the Sree Math Guru Thabo Vanaam Hindu shrine is the Methodist church. This church once had a sink hole which was filled up by repair work. This indicates that the region has subterranean holes.

    When walking pass the church, the compass needle swung N to NW in a 40 degrees anticlockwise swing.

  • To the east is Sungai Klang. The Jalan Brickfield to Jalan Sultan Ismail area is sandwiched between this river to the east and hilly region to the west. Thus, there used to be short stream flowing from the hills at the west to the east into Sungai Klang. Although this area has been cut by roads, underground water veins possibly remain.

Along along Brickfield road, is a row of new shops, directly oposite KL Sentral station which is the Kuala Lumpur major railway and LRT stations. This row of shops used to be an empty space with a large banyan tree. The banyan tree was reputed to be haunted by a dargon spirit. During a storm a group of people sheltered under this tree. However, the tree overturned and its falling trunks and branches killed a few persons.

The Buddhist temple at Jalan Berhala used to teach deep meditation. Students deep in meditation could often see spirits. The meditation gained a high reputation as being of a high order.

Junction of Jalan Berhala with Jalan Sultan Ismail. Looking towards Jalan Berhala from Hindu shrine Sree Math Guru Thabo Vanaam

JALAN CHAN AH THONG, western end. A house on the right was haunted with a jin spirit, while a house on the left, a wedding was disturbed by a demon possession.


28th April 2002, 12.20 pm. On the western side off Jalan Sultan Ismail are short roads joining to Jalan Brickfield. One of them is Jalan Chan Ah Thong, where the St. Marias family used to stay at number 49, from the 1960s to 1980s.

The parallel roads on either side of Jalan Chan Ah Thong form an area of government quarters for sub-professionals, narrow terraced two storey buildings.

There was this house in front of 49 Jalan Chan Ah Thong. Once it was inhabited by a Malay couple. The man was rumoured to practise the black art. The Malay lady staying next door to the St Marias told Mrs Stella St Maria that she was talking with the Malay lady of this house opposite. She saw a man stripped to the waist and asked the Malay lady how was "abang" inside. "Abang" was a honoric title for the man. The Malay lady said she was alone in the house. Realising it was a spirit that she saw, she kept quiet, broke off the conversation and hurried home.

Next to this haunted house was another house occupied by a Christian family. The inhabitants said that at times when they were looking out from the windows of the upper floor they felt as if someone wanted to push them off.

The most astonishing incident occurred when the daughter of the Malay couple next door was getting married. The bridegroom's procession party was approaching the house with the bridal gifts. Suddenly the birde went into a trance and began shouting. They called a Malay bomoh who could not pacify the girl. Then, the bride's mother called on Stella St Maria to help. When Stella said seh did no know anything, the Malay woman said Stella was a pious Christian and her prayers could help. When Stella held the possessed bride, the bride started screaming for Stella to release her as she felt it was so hot. After that the bride calmed down.

Jalan Chan Ah Thong was indeed a haunted short street!

  • Observation: The haunted houses were at the western end of Jalan Chan Ah Thong away from the junction with Jalan Sultan Ismail. Beyond that end there was a large field which used to be below the road level. This field used to get flooded in heavy rain. Now, this field was filled up to the road level.

    Along the edge of the field there are several large trees. These trees, with their underground water veins and electromagnetic fields, may be the source of the haunting.

The Jalan Chan Ah Thong area is also not far from the Jalan Berhala junction with Jalan Sultan Ismail. That is, there may be underground tunnels in the area just as at the Jalan Berhala junction.


28th April 2002, 2 pm. The old Kuala Lumpur railway station is located at the end of Jalan Bangsar north of the current ultra modern station at KL Sentral. There is a bridge at the southern end of this old railway station. The bridge spans over the railway lines leading south to Singapore. This bridge is reputed to be haunted. Strange figures could be seen at night walking about the place.

During World War Two, the Japanese were reputed to execute a lot of people in the vicinity. Their ghosts thus haunt the place. Mrs Stella St. Maria said that once when late at night they passed the road stretch in front of the railway station a lady was sprawled like a cross on the road. The lady apparently was trying to commit suicide by being run over by a vehicle.

  • Observation: The old railway station lies east of a hill spur, at whose foot is the former Majestic Hotel [which is also reputed to be haunted?], which is now a government information office. The bridge is directly opposite the hotel and is in line with the top edge of the spur to the west. The birdge then libks with another hill spur to the east. That is, the railway station is at the gap between two hill spurs. The area west of the railway station is a hilly area.

    Sungai Klang also flows through this gap, to the east of the railway line, with Jalan Lornie on the eastern bank.

  • Walking along the bridge from the former Majestic Hotel end, the compass needle showed large erratic swings, from NW to W (315 to 270), about 35 degrees anticlockwise.


ALONG JALAN SEMERAK One bungalow along this road used as an office was haunted.


28th April 2002, 2.30 pm. East off Jalan Pekeliling is Jalan Semerak-Jalan Gurney, leading to the Universiti Teknoloji Malaysia and the FELDA headquarters.

Dennis Lam said that he once worked in a two storey bungalow along this road. The bungalow was known to be haunted. Occupants used to hear funny noises upstairs. He himself did not encounter any strange happenings.

The family of my late uncle, Foo Eng Keng, used to stay in a double storey bungalow at then College Road (now called Jalan Maktab). He taught in the Technical College which is now the Universiti Teknoloji Malaysia. The servant was ironing clothes downstairs when she saw a dark figure at the window. She screamed. My father was there and heard the scream. My father nailed an iron nail to the window to keep the dark spirit off.

Nearby is the Jalan Dato Keramat Malay kampong area. Mr. Foo said that one nigth there was shouting in the Malay kampong area. A fireball was flying among the tops of the coconut trees. This fireball was deemed as the "hantu penanggalan", a flying ghost made up of a head with flowing hairs and flowing entrails. The excited kampong Malays shouted to the spirit to take the chicken and not to disturb the human beings.

Further east of the Jalan Gurney-Jalan Dato Keramat roads area is Jalan Damai, where there are several high class bungalows. A Malay family known to the author stayed in one of the bungalows. The wife got unaccountably sick and a Malay bomoh was called. The bomoh found that the wife used to burn rubbish at the back of the house and the location happened to be in the path of "orang bunian" (the small spirit people). These orang bunian had been offended. The bomoh arranged for prayers and apologies. Small copper coins were scattered in the area to appease the spirits. The wife got well. She no longer burnt rubbish at the spot.

  • Observation: The road to my friend's house is a short dead end one. As I was walking toward the end where my friend's house is, the compass needle swung N to W, in a 20 degrees anticlockwise direction.


Observation: Along Jalan Kia Peng, south of the Petronas Twin Tower, there once appeared a large sink hole during the construction of the Twin Towers. This sink hole reflects the limestone geology of the region which extends north towards the location of the tragic collapsed Highland Towers location

This underground limestone geology possibly has deep underground or subterranean hole and water veins which create weak electromagnetic fields.

At the Jalan Berhala junction with Jalan Sultan Ismail, there is the Methodist Church besides the Hindu shrine Sree Math Guru Thabo Vanaam. There was once a large sink hole which appeared below the ground of the church.

JALAN KIA PENG, view towards Petronas Twin Tower A sinkhole appeared near the Twin Tower area when the tower was under construction.

Methodist Church along Jalan Sultan Ismail. A sink hole once appeared in the grounds of this church.

The discussion thus indicates that the socalled "haunting" in certain areas in the Kuala Lumpur region may be associated with underground holes and tunnels, as indicated by intermittent appearance of sink holes. These sink holes prone areas of underground holes and tunnels appeared to be soft soil areas like limestone or alluvial soils between hills and rivers.

Such underground holes and tunnels could also be underground water veins or faultlines which radiate weak electromagnetic fields, which are the causes of strange feelings and ionisations giving rise to "ghosts".

  • There is no Feng Shui equivalent to the sink hole phenomenon. Of course, in Feng Shui and common sense, any suspected emptiness below the ground would be regarded as unstable and bad.

    The presence of a sink hole potential (and its underground water veins and faultlines) may be indicated by various signs like the inauspicious orientation of river courses (as in the Water Dragon Classic) or the hill geology of the region, especially sharp edges hill tops.

  • However, the electromagnetic field disturbances caused could manifested in erratic movements of the Feng Shui Lopan needle and this would indicate "spirits or ghosts".
BRIDGE AT OLD RAILWAY STATION is in line with tip of hill spur on which the former Majestic Hotel is (in centre of photo). Note tall building further up on the hill behind the hotel.

For some areas, like the old railway station, the hill spur could be associated with a faultline. Radiation seeping through the faultline will create weak electromagnetic disturbances taken as "haunting".

It is also possible that the large trees in the area contribute to the "haunting". This is because large trees create their own underground water channels, which could create weak electromagnetic fields.

  • Large trees are regarded in Feng Shui as yin objects. They would block yang forces and contribute more yin.