Startling research findings of the geographical reasons why areas are "haunted"
- these geographical features became parts of Feng Shui science.

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Article FS02/6

Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 2nd May 2002

Modern science is beginning to find that ghosts and UFOs are manifestations of energies and radiation from bad Feng Shui spots. There are scientific explanations for haunting and ghosts!



Fraser's Hill is a scenic cool forested mountain top place in the western edge of Pahang state, Malaysia, lying the western edge of the central parts of the Main Range runing north to south in Peninsular Malaya. It was developed in 1919 by the British as a cool resort not far away from Kuala Lumpur, fringed by vast expanses of natural forests. The natural vegetation around Fraser's Hill is one of the natural sites of interest to the World Wildlife Fund. It is a one and a half hours car drive from Kuala Lumpur-Petaling Jaya and is now a popular resort for the city people of Kuala Lumpur to run to over the weekends.

On 20th April 2002, Gary Tan and I drove up to Fraser's Hill. Gary was driving his father's blue Proton Iswara sedan, while I followed behind in Gary's blue Perodua Kancil. We were taking back home Mr.Tan, Gary's father, who was not well. We left Petaling Jaya around 9.30 am and reached Jerantut Bungalow, Gary's parents' home in Fraser Hill around 12 noon. As we were driving more carefully and slowly, it had taken us longer than the usual time.

I had taken the opportunity to visit Fraser's Hill, in order to enquire after the haunted places in Fraser's Hill. For many years tales of haunting at Fraser's Hill floated down to the urban cities of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Gary had previously told me some sketchy stories. I have been up to Fraser's Hill a few times and never encountered any haunting.


Jerantut Bungalow, a beautiful old style single storey building, lies in the northern part of Fraser's Hill on the top of a hill range running south to north, on the west side of the road leading up along this top of the hill range. From the main ground of Jerantut Bungalow, looking east, one can see far across the valley to the bungalows and Telekom tower in the hilly Jalan Girdle region which occupies the eastern part of Fraser's Hill.

JERANTUT BUNGALOW. One of those scenic quaint buildings in Fraser's Hill. They are often leased by the Pahang State government to the private sector.

JALAN GIRDLE HILLTOP. Scenic view of Jalan Girdle hills, looking east from Jerantut Bungalow.
The Jalan Girdle area is reputed to have a number of haunted spots. The locals attributed the haunting to executions of prisoners by the Japanese during World War Two.

Gary said that a number of bungalows in the Jalan Girdle area have strong haunting. Fraser Hill was used by the British, and also by the Japanese during the war, as a communication centre. It appears that the Japanese took prisoners to the Jalan Girdle area and executed them there. Hence, the ghostly haunting there.

In fact, in Malaysia, hauntings in a number of places are often attributed to killings of people by the Japanese during the World War Two.

There are about one dozen areas in Fraser's Hill which are reputed to be haunted. We visited the various areas to study the terrain to find out what possible natural reasons there may be for the mysterious events which occurred. We also try to monitor the compass' needle movements in the vicinity of the socalled haunted places.

RASA BUNGALOW, JALAN GIRDLE 20th April 2002, 1.45 pm. Immediately after lunch at Jerantut Bungalow, we set out for our tour of the socalled "haunted spots".

The unoccupied damaged multi-storey modern design Rasa Bungalow was built at the end of a hill spur, on the down side east of and below Jalan Girdle. The building actually clings to a rather cliff-like steep slope. There was a landslide where the ground under the main building gave way and fell into the ravine below. This tore and pulled down the middle of the main building into the deep ravine below. The caretaker still stayed in the quarters next and east of the main building, whose ground was not affected by the landslide.

People who visited the bungalow used to feel uneasy. (This could be due to the steep slope visible from the building).

A few years ago, there was a prayer ceremony during the Hungry Ghosts Festival (7th Moon - around August), where the burning joss papers set fire to the building. Everybody fled the house and there was no casualty. The house was retouched up.

It was a few months after the burning incident, that the bungalow was damaged by the landslide, in early 1998, just after the 1997 recession. It apperently occured due to the heavy rains period. Since then the building was not repaired and is thus unoccupied except for the caretaker's family in the quarters east of the main building.

A few months after the landslide, a van was passing in front of the burnt building when the van suddenly burst into fire. No one was killed.
RASA BUNGALOW, JALAN GIRDLE, unoccupied. Middle of bungalow disappeared owing to landslide in 1998.
Some months before the landslide, a fire broke out in the building. Note burnt wreck of van at left, in front of bungalow. The van burning incident occurred a few months after the landslide.

  • Observations: The bungalow was built in the steep slope right at the corner of a hill spur, which points north-east. The slope was very steep and evidently unstable, giving rise to the landslide incident. When walking in a straight line from the car (south-eastern) to the north-western side of the bungalow, the compass needle was observed to swing about 20 degrees clockwise [30 to 50].


Almost all the socalled one dozen odd "haunted" buildings or spots are located at the U-shaped road bend at the end of the spur of a hill. About half the spots are located below the U-shaped road bends and the other half located on top of the spurs.

Thus, the socalled "haunting" could be due to the physical geography of the hill spur, which likely indicates a faultline emanating electromagnetic fields.


20th April 2002, 1.55 pm. Another large multi-storey modern design bungalow was also built at the end of a hill spur, on the down side of and below Jalan Girdle. The owner would occasionally use the bungalow. The one dog ocassionally used to bark and howl in the day and nights.

The upstairs would have sounds, like doors opening and people running around. The caretaker told us that he himself was slapped on the head by an unseen spirit in the main hall of the bungalow in the day time.

  • Observations: The bungalow was also built in the corner of a hill spur, which points north-east. It was built on the eastern slope of the spur, and the multi-storey building was built to fit into the sloppy terrain.


20th April 2002, 2.05 pm. The Tamil school for boys and girls lies at the flat bottom of the eastern hill slope of a hill range which is oriented south north, with the Lodge at tip at the north. The school thus faces east.

Further north along Jalan Quarry is Corona Hostel. This place used to be a plant nursery cum fish pond cultivation area. But the business had failed.

It is said that the area along the road stretch between the school to the Corona Hostel is haunted and people had seen a female ghost. A girl had committed suicide by hanging near the Corona Hostel area. It is presumed that it is this girl's ghost.

  • Observations: The electric transmission line and its towers run from a spur of Jalan Girdle westward over the school to just opposite the Jerantut Bungalow on the hill range. The area between the school and Corona Hostel is also at the foot of the end of the hill spur.

SCHOOL, JALAN QUARRY, at bottom, right to the centre. To the right (not seen) is the end of the hill spur and Corona Hostel.


20th April 2002, 12 noon. The single storey bungalow is located on flat land near the northern tip of a hill range which is oriented south to north. The building is in the classic old fashioned Fraser's Hill design of grey granite blocks and black wooden pillars and roof. It lies almost at the blind end of the road along the eastern side of the top of the hill range. The caretaker's family stay in the quarters at the western back of the main building.

A few years ago, a visiting relative, said that there was a spirit roaming the main hall of the bungalow. He saw the spirit walking in the main hall.

  • Observations: The electric transmission line and its towers run from a spur of Jalan Girdle westward over the Tamil school to just opposite and east of the bungalow on the hill range. Does the electromagnetic field of the transmission line cause the appearance of the haunting which was previously not reported?


20th April 2002, 2.20 pm. The unoccupied abandoned rundown double storey Bishop's House lies along Jalan Lady Maxwell, on the north-western side of a hill spur. The building is in the classic old fashioned Fraser's Hill design of grey granite blocks and black wooden pillars and roof.

After the English occupants left the house in the mid 1960s, no one stayed there anymore. It is reputed to be haunted for quite a long time.

  • Observations: The bungalow was built at the corner of a hill spur, which points north. The bungalow itself is on the western slope of the spur. The ground here is reasonably flat. When walking in a straight line down the trial to the house. from south-eastern to north-western, the compass needle was observed to swing about 30 degrees anticlockwise [30 to 360].

BISHOP HOUSE, JALAN LADY MAXWELL, unoccupied and abandoned..

ROAD WEST OF UNOCCUPIED DOUBLE STOREY BUNGALOW. About 10 meters along the road before reaching the yellow hydrant, the compass needle would swing strongly.


20th April 2002, 2.40 pm. The unoccupied rundown double storey bungalow, built in 1939, lies at a junction off Jalan Lady Maxwell, on the western side of a hill spur oriented to the north. The road breaking off from Jalan Lady Maxwell passes west of this bungalow and leads to Jerantut Bungalow and the Lodge. The western side to the road is a steep slope.

At this first visit, the crows were cawing away very loudly. So much so, that Gary felt the ghosts of the bungalow were crying out. This cawing of the crows disappeared when we revisited the site about an hour later with Mr Durai.

20th April 2002, 3.30 pm Mr. K. Sanadure @ Durai is a tour guide for the Perbadanan Majlis Fraser Hill said that this bungalow was originally built in 1939 by the British as a Red Cross centre. The Japanese took it over during the war and is believed to have kill people in the bungalow. From 1960 to 1964 it was used as a Tamil school. But the students heard funny things in the building and fled the school. Mr Durai himself heard funny knocking sounds at the top floor.

The school was shifted to its current location in Jalan Quarry.

From 1987 to 2002 the site changed hands a few times but nobody succeeded in staying. In 1982 it was used as a mushroom factory but the venture failed.

  • Observations: The bungalow was built on the southern corner of a hill spur, whose other end points north. This southern edge of the spur itself is at a road junction. Two tall trees grow right at the tip of the ground at the junction.
  • Walking along the road passing the junction produced no abnormal movements in the compass' needle. However, as I walked from the junction up the road to the west of the bungalow, the compass' needle swung 50 degrees anti-clockwise. It was the most powerful movement of the compass' needle in the 20th April 2002 trip. This powerful movement was also noted by Gary. In fact, there was a strong erratic movement of the compass needle about 20 feet before reaching a yellow water hydrant on the left side of the road.


20th April 2002, 3.15 pm. Mr. K. Sanadure @ Durai, a tour guide for the Perbadanan Majlis Fraser Hill, took us to the unoccupied single storey Rompin Bungalow. The building is in the classic old fashioned Fraser's Hill design of grey granite blocks and black wooden pillars and roof. The bungalow lies east of Jalan Semantan, on the eastern side of a hill spur oriented to the northeast. The ground here was quite flat.

Rompin Bungalow is reputed to be haunted.

  • Observations: When walking from north to south towards the main gate of the bungalow's ground, the compass' needle moved 20 degrees anticlockwise. The needle movement seemed to be erratic along the entrance trial at about where a tall tree grows on the right.

ROMPIN BUNGALOW, . A quaint old style building which was unoccupied for some time as of April 2002.

GOLF COURSE, FRASER'S HILL, in the center of Fraser's Hill. Are there ghosts or only localised floating mist?

The golf course, lying in the centre of Fraser's Hill, is the venue of one of the recent highlights of the community life at Fraser's Hill - the golf tournament. Young and old members of the local community, their outside friends and other outsiders would participate in the annual golf tournament.

Some of the local people said that at certain nights one may see some white figures walking around in the golf course. These are the ghosts of the golf course.

  • Observations: The golf course lies in a large valley, oriented south-west to north-east. A possible reason for the "ghostly white figures" could be localised mist clouds floating at ground level.
  • As the area was a former tin mine, it would be the location of a geological vein line or a faultline. There are probably underground water veins which could cause electromagnetic fields and ionisation, which give rise to the "ghosts".


There are more than 100 buildings in Fraser's Hill. Practically all the one dozen odd haunted spots we visited are located on the steep slopes of hill spurs. Where tested, disturbances in the compass needle were found at all the haunted spots.

  • Hill spurs indicate potential faultlines through which radiations would seep from the interiors of the earth. They could cause electromagnetic fields and disturbances, which give rise to "haunting" incidence.

    • In Feng Shui, tops of hills are bad Feng Shui spots. Locations outside and below road (and also water course) bends are also bad feng Shui spots. Such bends are usually caused by geological formations like hill spurs (or outcrops in other places).

  • However, there are buildings on other hill spurs which appear to be free from haunting. Hence, another pertinent point about the haunted buildings we visited is that we noticed that almost all of them were located on the sides of the hill spurs facing north-east, or on tops of hill spurs also exposed to the north-east.

    • "North-east" is the evil malevolent Feng Shui direction of "kuei-meng" (Devil's Gate). Cosmic radiation, which are positive ions, come in from the north magnetic pole (and also south magnetic pole in the southern hemisphere). This north-magnetic pole is oriented north-east with respect to the true north. Hence, hill sides, rocks, trees and buildings facing the north-east are liable to collect the positive ions.

  • If sufficient, the accumulated positive ions could be seen as formless white masses - the "ghosts". They usually lack legs and would seem to be without legs and would float. While some people would say these ghosts have long flowing hairs, the ghostly faces are seldom sharp.

  • The positive ions could cause electromagnetic disturbances, and cause lights to flicker off and on. They may also cause explosions and fires (something like Saint Elmo's fires, which occurred in olden days from the points of masts of ships).

  • The haunted golf course is in a valley oriented south-west to north-east. It could thus be exposed to the positive ions of the oncoming cosmic radiation from the north magnetic pole.

    • Human beings have nerves which transmit electrons to drive human bodily functions. If a human being touches a mass of positive ions his energy would flow into the mass of positive ions - he would feel cold. That is why, the Chinese say that ghosts eat up the energy of human beings!

  • There may be additional causes of haunting from other electromagnetic disturbances. At one bungalow, the strong electromagnetic disturbance detected with the compass is evidently due to an underground source, which could be a water vein or a faultline. Such an underground source could also operate in the golf course.

    • Feng Shui practitioners say that erratic movements of the needle of the Lopan indicate there are spirits or ghosts nearby!