Startling research findings of the Biblical evidence for astrology and geomancy
and that the Biblical patriarches practised astrology and geomancy.

on Feng Shui
on Feng Shui

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Hebrew Traditions Supporting Feng Shui and Astrology

Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt 20th January 2008

You will be surprised what the Holy Bible really say about Feng Shii and astrology! Hebrew traditions state that Abraham and many other Biblical patriarches were master astrologers! It is foolish for certain groups of Christians to label astrology and geomancy as demonic! It is doubtful if these Christians are really inspired by God.

Christians Writers on Biblical Astrology

A number of Christian writers (Flemings, 1981; Seiss, 1972, Bullinger, 1964; Adam, 1937, Ong, 1995) demonstrate that the Holy Bible uses many astrological terms favourably. These writers are aware of the historical testimony that ancient cultures, including the Hebrews, had universally recognised astrology and geomancy-Feng Shui as divine knowledge from God.

The author is a fundamental and prayer conscious devout Christian who has experienced much blessings and supernatural signs from God. Even up to now, the author continuously studies and researches the Holy Bible, and writes some Christian theology books. Initially, the author was against Feng Shui. But, after much scientific and historical research, the author had been led by God to realise that many Christians are very wrong in claiming that Feng Shui is not Biblical.

Feng Shui is very Biblical and God-given. About one-third of the Holy Bible are prophetic passages. In comparison, passages in the Holy Bible supporting Feng Shui principles amount to about 5% of the Holy Bible. We will discuss the evidence.

  • Divination by lot was used by Joshua to identify the guilty person (Joshua 7:13-26). Divination by lot was also used by Saul to identify who had betrayed the oath of Saul (1 Samuel 14:24-45). The Urim and Thummin (Lights and Perfection) of the high priest of God were a divination method used to divine the Will of God. Divination was one of the functions of the prophets of God (Micah 3:6-11).

  • The Holy Bible is not against divination per sec. What the Holy Bible warns against is the use of divination to subjugate the Will of God.

  • The Holy Bible narrates about Joseph and his prophetic dreams. It has to be pointed out that a number of the dreams were interpreted according to well known astrological symbolism.

Thus, the stand of some Christians against astrology and Feng Shui is hypocritical, as the Holy Bible shows that both God and men of God used divination.

Abraham the Master Astrologer

Abraham, the "father of nations" and the man whom the apostle Paul stated to be the source of the Christian faith, was himself a master astrologer:

Many do not realise that Hebrew traditions created Abraham with the invention of astrology! This is what is meant in Matthew 8:11-12 (see comment to right and below).

  • The Midrash stated Terah, Abraham's father, was an astrologer and that both Midrash and Talmud described that Abraham wore a large astrological tablet on his breast. Each morning the kings of the East and West would gather before him to seek his advice (Joel 1977. p.150-158)

  • Cassini refers to Philo who noted that Terah, the father of Abraham, who lived more than a hundred years with Noah, studied astronomy and taught it to Abraham, who according to Josephus and others, taught it to the Egyptians during his sojourn in that country... (Seiss 1972 p.149).

  • The Jewish traditions say that Adam wrote a book about the creation of the world and another on the Deity. Kissaeus, an Arabian writer, says it is the teachings of his people that Abraham possessed certain sacred writings of Adam, Seth and Enoch, which describes laws and promises, threathenings from God and predictions of many events and that Abraham taught astronomy to the Egyptian priests at Heliopolis... (Seiss 1972 p.150).

The Midrash's statement that "Each morning the kings of the East and West would gather before him to seek his advice" is what is meant by the Lord Jesus Christ in this passage in the Gospel:

  • And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 8:11-12).

Thus, one mystery of the Holy Bible is answered; the question of why the ancient leaders treated Abraham so well. It was because the ancient leaders knew that Abraham was the master astrologer of God and therefore they sought him out for his advice.

The Astonishing Sefer Yetzirah written by Abraham

Hebrew traditions recorded that Abraham wrote one fanastic book.

  • early sources, including the Hellenistic Jewish writer Eupolemus, credited Abraham with the invention of astrology. Likewise, Abraham is said to have written The Book of Formation (the Sefer Yetzirah) (Janice Barsky 2001)
Astonishing Similarities of Sifrot Two-Fold System in Abraham's Sefer Yetzirah and Feng Shui Ganzhi Two-Fold Division:

The very remarkable thing is that the Ganzhi system used in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology finds strong, almost mirrored, parallels in the powerful magic of the Hebrew Kabala system. The Ganzhi system has 22 symbols, ten of the tiangan or Heavenly Stems and 12 of the diazhi or Terrestrial Branches (the 12 Zodiac animals signs).

The Hebrew language has an alphabetic system of twenty letters. The Hebrew Sefer Yetsirah (Book of Creation), said to be written by Abraham (Janice 2001) groups the twenty two letters as follows (Sharf, 1976 p.25-26):

  • First book: alef, mem, shih. The three mother letters meaning the elements of air, water, fire.

  • Second book: the seven doubles letters of beit, gimmel, daled, kaf, peh, resh and taf. They represent the seven necessary qualities and possible situations.

  • Third book: the twelve simple letters covering the twelve minor compass directions and also the twelve months and twelve organs of man. They also are equivalent to the twelve constellations.

These arrangements of alphabets are used in the powerful magic of the Kabala. Note that the Kabalic third book of twelve letters are very alike the Twelve Terrestrial Branches of the Ganzhi system. The combinations of the first and second books of the Kabalic letters are also rather similar to the Ganzhi Ten Celestial Stems, both involving also the elements!

The Ganzhi system is said to influence the whole Universe and this is the same significance the Hebrew Kabala gives to the Hebrew letters:

The sifrot, which are the numbers one to ten inclusive and the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet together tell the story of the universe ...the sifrot are the tools or processes which God used in the making and establishing of His universe, the letters, also His prior creation, are the material out of which He made it: they are 'otiot ha-yesod' - the "foundation-letters."

It is likely that the Chinese Ganzhi system and the Western Hermetic science originated from common sources.

Astrology Transmitted Through Adam, Seth and Enoch

From whom did Abraham and his father Terah receive the astrology and geomancy teachings?

Seiss (1972, modified) mentions a number of Jewish traditions which may help explain why Middle East astrological knowledge have several common aspects:

  • Albumazer attributed the invention of both Zodiacs to Hermes. Hermes, according to Egyptian and Arab authorities was the patriarch Enoch. Josephus and Jewish rabbis claim that the starry lore originated with the antediluvian patriarchs Seth and Enoch... p.22.

  • Baleus wrote that Adam started all good arts and human wisdom Adam was the first to discover the motions of celestial bodies and all other creatures. From Adam came whatever good arts and wisdom afterward propagated by our fathers unto mankind. Whatever astronomy, geometry and other arts contain in them Adam knew. Keckerman believes that our first parents delivered over to their descendants together with other sciences, even logic also. Seeing they were the nearest the origin of all things they would have an intellect more excellent than ours by how much they excelled us in length of life, formitude of health and in air and food... p.150.

  • Seth, the son of Adam, and his descendants, according to Josephus and more ancient records, followed his father in the pursuit of wisdom. They invented that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies and their conditions and indications. Hornius says that the first mention of letters was in Seth's times, who, mindful of his father's prophecy of the universal dissolution of things (one by the Deluge and the other by fire) not unwilling to lose the famous inventions concerning the stars, thought of some monument to which he might concredit these mysteries... p.150.

  • Enoch is specifically credited with special wisdom and writing, especially related to astronomy and prophecy. Bochart accepts what is found concerning the same Enoch in Eusebius, out of Eupolemus of the Jews that Abraham when he taught astrology [astronomy] and other sciences at Heliopolis, confirmed that the Babylonians put the invention of the same to Enoch; and the Grecians put the invention to Atlas, the same with Enoch. Macinus, Abulfaragius and other Arab writers note Enoch was called Edris the sage, the illustrious and was skilled in astronomy and other sciences. Baleus tells he was famous for his prophecy and is reported as having written books on divine matters. The Jews call Enoch the Great Scribe who he wrote books on sacred wisdom, including astronomy and record certain prophecies. The Epistle of Jude gives a quotation from him. Origen asserted the book of Enoch shows that in the time of that patriarch the constellations were already named and divided. Egyptian and Arab authors make him the same as the older Hermes- Hermes Trismegistus, the triply great Shepherd, through whom the wisdom of stars and other sciences were handed down... p.150-151.

A long line of Biblical patriarchs transmitted the traditions of astrology and geomancy. These traditions were present among the ancient cultures in diverse forms. Astrology and geomancy or Feng Shui are highly Biblical!