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Lectio divinia Bombshell finding!
Four Pillars Dating is Fake: Ancient Winter or Summer Solstice always "Jia Zi"

Dr Ong Hean-Tatt Ph.D. 25 May 2022
For centuries, practitioners are using wrong "Four Pillars" Dating based on 365 days. This gets fake Ganzhi signs of "Day" and spurious predictions!


The startling information here was found by our "Wang Ziqiao Lineage" intense science based reasearch.

Tang dynasty Li Xu Zhong "Three Pillars of Destiny" assigned two sexagenary characters to a person's birth year, month and date. Song Dynasty X Zi Png added "birth hour", giving Four Pillars of Destiny. Only, Xu Zi Ping did not use a 365 days counts for Four Pillars but a 360 degrees count, where Winter Solstice will always be Jia Zi

Key Passage: In AD 250, Ge Hong noted how, in Qi Men Dun Jia, Ganzhi signs were attached to days of the year:

  • Ge Hong says, those in combination in the middle palace. Calling it Yang Dun Yang officer. Dong Zhi upper Yuan Jia Si day forming I midnight. Jia Zi early Chen (morning) starting at 1 palace. Lasting 5 shi (10 hours) also reaching Wu Chen. At middle palace, Yin officer starting 9 palace traveling in go against direction. Lasting 5 shi (10 hours) also reaching Wu Chen.
    Also at the middle palace Yin Dun Yin officer Xia Zhi upper Yuan Jia Si day forming at midnight. Jia Zi initial starting 9 palace. Lasting 5 shi (10 hours) Wu Chen at middle chamber. Yang officer starting on palace. Yang officer starting one palace. Lasting 5 shi (10 hours) Wu Chen also at middle palace. That is why said it is in combination.
    Jing You Dun Jia Tally Application Classic Compilation 1 Note: Text was written during the time of Sung Emperor Ren Zong, Zhao Zhen. Jing You 1st Year, Jia Xu year 1034 AD. "From evolving epoch (put down in writing record) upper Yuan Jia Zi, from Sung dynasty Jong You 1st year Jia Xu year"

Figure 1 "Flight of 9 Numbers" Known Since Han Dynasty
a. Left: If Dong Zhi, Jia Zi placed in Palace 1 (Kan). Rotating signs forward, 5th sign will be Wu Chen in middle palace
b. Right: If Xia Zhi, Jia Zi placed in Palace 9 (Li). Rotating signs backward, 5th sign will be Wu Chen in middle palace

Flight of San Yuan Numbers

  • As shown in Figures 1,a,b, Ge Hong meant that Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) and Xia Zhi (Summer Solstice) always have sexagenary sign "Jia Zi". Their flights of numbers end with "Wu Chen" in center Palace. The sexagenary signs will be exactly 6 cycles in year, leading to both Winter and Summer Solstice to be always "Jia Zi".

  • Counting signs according to a 365 days year, Winter or Summer Solstice will not be always "Jia Zi". So, Ge Hong saw the year as having "360 degrees", each sexagenary cycle covering 60 degrees, repeated 6 cycles.

    This explains the puzzle why the ancients talked of "a year with 360 days" they meant a year of 360 degrees!

Chinese history recorded that the Winter Solstice was always "Jia Zi"!:

  • Wechsler, Howard J., (1985, in his book "Offerings of Jade and Silk. Ritual and Symbol in the Legitimisation of the Tang Dynasty. Yale University Press. New York and London"), noted certain days' sexagenary signs:

    Dec 24 105 BC was a winter solstice and the new moon and 1st day of the eleventh month and had the sign jiazi. This date was the beginning of the Han "Great Inception" calendar.
    On June 12, AD 618 the Sui dynasty handed over the imperial emblems to the founding emperor of Tang dynasty. It was a jiazi day and the 14th day of the fifth month.
    Dec 24 AD 640 was also a winter solstice and the first day of the eleventh month. But according to the Wu Lin calendar the 2nd day of the eleventh month had the sign jiazi. The Tang emperor shifted the jia zi sign to the first day of the eleventh month.

Any day of a year, reflecting the position of planet Earth along the orbit around the Sun, will have the same Ganzhi status as in previous or future years! The modern conventional 365 days calendar based Four Pillars is wrong!

Eastern Jin Dynasty Taoist Ge Hong was involved with Qimen Dunjia. Liu Bowen showed that, in ancient Qi Men Dun Jia, Winter Solstice is always Jia Zi

  • Originally devised to help form military strategy and tactics, Qimen Dunjia was in use as long ago as the period of Chinese history known as the Warring States, and is believed by Chinese scholars to have been used at the Battle of Red Cliffs in the defeat of Cao Cao's ship-borne army. Liu Bowen is believed to have secured the throne for the Ming dynasty's Hongwu Emperor by applying Qimen Dunjia to his strategic planning (Qimen Dunjia, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    The famous Battle of the Red Cliff occurred just after the Winter Solstice. Note the Qi Men Dun Jia chart Liu Bo Wen recorded of that battle the day after Winter Solstice was recorded as "Yi Chou". Before the final battle, where the greatly outnumbered Allies will face the mighty forces of Cao Cao, the underdog rebels celebrate the winter solstice with the ritual food of the Lantern Festival, Chinese Rice Balls, symbols of the moon and a happy future. Of course, their future is certainly not assured and happiness, even life, hangs in the balance, like the celebrated moon, which is nowhere to seen, since their celebration is at midday. 2005-2021, Kathy Borich.. Red Cliff, Parts I and II, Lantern Festival Rice Ball.

Figure 2 Liu Bo Wen Case:
Zhuke Liang Borrowed Eastern Wind

Left: Qi Men Dun JIa Chart
Bottom. FOUR PILLARS (solar)

Day 21, Month 12, AD 208
1.00 to 3.00 am (CHOU)

Ding - Yi - Jia - Wu
Chou - Chou - Zi - Zi

Day "Yi Chou" was second sign of sexagenary cycle. Thus, the previous day, Winter Solstice" was "Jia Zi"!

Jiang Da Hong (AD 1600) actually wrote that most fortune telling was wrong, as they used current Four Pillars timing not meant by Xu Zi Ping:

Various books that can choose from are completely ridiculous, head of north pole stars loosing its idea.
Qi Dun Yan Qin [books of fortune telling] all are upside down, not through the god passing do not guessing outside of the texts.
Present people can choose to taking importance of Ganzhi birth star nature Fate both mutually support and maintain.
Causing the sons grandchildren clashing and offending all others, many years not burying go against the filiality.
Not knowing the dead already without Fate, the reversed qi entering into the earth as the repeated [cyclic] Fate.
Repeated [cyclic] Fate able to provide the luck authority, those living Fate are fixing following those who were buried.
That why having previous people [ancestor] Building the Fate method, it is not Ganzhi mentioned by Zi Ping.
Tian Yuan Wu Ge 5.12-18

Xu Zi Ping did create "Four Pillars of Destiny", but did not use 365 days count He used a 360 degrees count, where Winter or Summer Solstice was always "Jia Zi".

Despite vaunted claims, the wide spectra of current Ba Zi and Qi Men Dun Jia practitioners are using wrong Day Masters. The error is also found in arts like Xuan Kong Da Gua and Mei Hua Divination. The error also affects many applications of Yin Feng Shui. These people are in kindergarten with poor grasp of mathematics, blissfully unaware they use wrong mathematics!

Stop the massive error!
Our courses teach how days in any year equate with 6 cycles of sexagenary signs, and preserving principle that Winter or Summer Solstice will always be "Jia Zi".

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Many Chinese divination arts used the error filled Four Pillars system to get their dating. Read this article of how the emperors caused the emergence of Ba Zi Eight Characters divination from Zi Wei Dou Shu:


Jiang Da Hong directly condemned the calendar based dating method for Four Pillars. He was acknowledging a serious mistake which Yang Yun Sung also saw 600 years ago!

Down the centuries, practitioners keep using the wrong dating timing!